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Did You Hear the One About...?
2005-03-11 11:00
by Alex Belth
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Patrick O'Keefe IM'd me yesterday afternoon and asked if I heard anything about Mariano Rivera. O'Keefe told me that his site devoted to Mariano Rivera had it's all-time record attendence due to a bogus story that was making the rounds about Rivera being involved in a car accident. There was no truth to the story, and Rivera pitched one solid inning against the Blue Jays last night. In case you missed it, Jack Curry's story on Rivera earlier this week in the Times is worth checking out.

2005-03-11 13:13:21
1.   Patrick
Thanks for the mention. Yeah, traffic was double our previous best day (which coincided with the Rivera family tragedy last year, sadly). Our high days are all because of bad news! :(

It was definitely an odd thing. Spread pretty quickly. Although I thought it was probably nonsense, I felt it was more or less a responsibility (with the site) to find out for sure as soon as I could and to keep people up to date. Unfortunately, due to my limited contacts, that took until the evening until I saw that he got into the game.

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