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First Taste (mm, mm Good)
2005-03-11 10:47
by Alex Belth
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So last night, Emily and I were sitting on the couch filling each other in on the events of the day. After awhile I clicked the TV on and discovered that the Yankees and Blue Jays were on YES. Our first game of the year. Em promptly announced, "Time to knit," which is what she does while we watch baseball. We watched the last four innings and saw Godzilla hit a three-run homer. I don't know why, but it was especially comforting to see him again. It was good to see all of the guys, and curious to see some of the new faces too. (Giambi looks really big again.) I have to admit, it was disorienting to see Tino Martinez in the line up. Talk about back to the future. It's going to take a minute to get used to seeing his coiled, intense self on this version of the Yankees. It was also nice to watch Joe Girardi, looking trim, hair buzzed low, sitting next to Joe Torre. Most of all, it was just great to see a baseball game, no matter how meaningless. And I was reminded of how lucky I am to have a partner who not only tolerates my love of the game, but actively enjoys it herself.

2005-03-11 13:24:44
1.   rsmith51
My wife loves sitting in front of a baseball game as well. She normally does homework or writes during the game, but does look up regularly to check out what is happening.
2005-03-11 13:37:52
2.   Oliver
My wife is also a ballgame-knitter. Actually it looks like a really good idea, since having your hands and a certain part of your brain occupied probably helps get you through the more excrutiating moments of anticipation. Maybe I should take it up.

There was a game last postseason when I realized that she was more nervous at that moment than I was; I think that was a first. Ha, I'm leading her down the garden path of caring too much about something you have absolutely no control over...

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