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That Time of Year Again
2004-09-14 19:33
by Alex Belth
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It's about 45 minutes before the Yanks and Royals start tonight's game. I'm at home in the Bronx and there is a distinct chill in the air. The temperature has cooled and it feels like the playoffs, man. You know how you used to associate the smells and sounds of spring with the end of the school year, anxiety about tests, and just wishing you could be outside, back when you were a kid? Well, these days Yankee fans can only think of one thing when the cooler autumn weather rolls around: their team will be in the playoffs. Of course there is a slight chance that they won't make it this year, but let's not dwell on the negative. The weather in New York City tonight reminded me of just how fortunate we've been—spoiled really—to have the Yankees in the post-season year after year. Especially considering the fact that I grew up in the eighties. After all, across town, the Mets are dwelling all too close to last place for the third consecutive season. Their fans are going through tough times. Most of them have hung it up for the year and have turned their attention to football. The Yanks may be far from perfect this year, but they are still better than most teams. For that, I am thankful.

You want a reason to be excited about tonight's game? Jason Giambi will be the starting DH for the Bombers. It'll be great to see him back. I'm not going to be able to post at my regular time tomorrow, but I should have something up by the middle of the day. Hopefully, with good news to report.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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