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Big Unit Movin?
2004-07-13 08:46
by Alex Belth

Randy Johnson told reporters yesterday that he would consider being traded. Who knows where Johnson will land should be leave Arizona. Ah, let the New York-Boston hysteria continue.

If he lands in New York, expect to see a lot of wailing in the press. (Never mind talk radio.) Mike Lupica is sure to lead the charge, but Murray Chass already isn't nuts about the idea:

The Diamondbacks' fans deserve something. With their team in last place, they have little to root for. Leave them with the expectation that every fifth day they can look forward to an exquisitely pitched game, maybe even a no-hitter, certainly one with a bunch of strikeouts.

The fans, after all, made it possible for Johnson to play in Phoenix, turning out in large enough numbers to help finance the lucrative contracts Johnson has signed with the Diamondbacks.

As for the Yankees and their needs, if they can't win with a $183 million payroll, shame on them. If they guessed wrong on some of their pitchers, if Josť Contreras isn't the consistent winner they expected him to be, if Kevin Brown is living up to his recent reputation for being injury-prone, let them live with their mistakes. Other teams have to do it, and it's time the Yankees found out how others live.

For more on the Big Unit, head on over to The Futility Infielder. Jay Jaffe provides a telling excerpt from a profile that Pat Jordan wrote on Johnson several years ago.

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