Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
Mets 10, Yanks 9
2004-07-03 19:36
by Alex Belth

I'm ashamed to admit that a two-game losing streak to the Mets is enough to get my blood boiling. But there it is: today's loss had me rampaging like a four-year-old. The Yankees and Mets played an exciting game with the Mets coming out on top by a single run. Tony Clark had four hits, including two homers. Jason Giambi had a pinch-hit double. But I'm more fixated on what went wrong. Jose Contreras was nothing short of putrid (I have no idea why Torre had him out there to start the sixth inning), and Alex Rodriguez was a bust offensively. I don't even want to re-live Posada's at-bat against John Franco in the eighth. It wasn't an exciting game, it was garbage. And Schilling is pitching tonight for the Sox. Bah-fuggin-humbug.

Anyhow, while I cope with my anger management issues, it was a terrific win for the Metroplitans. Luckily, Javier Vazquez is going for the Bombers tomorrow, who will try to avoid being swept, and losing a season series to the Mets for the first time since Inter-league play began in 1997. However, erstwhile Yankee, Shane Spencer is thinking big:

"To sweep 'em would be pretty sweet."

You said it superstar. But hey, no matter how immature and furious I am, at least I can take comfort knowing that George Steinbrenner is even more immature and more furious than me. And that's the truth: tttthhhppppt.

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