Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
Building a Better Bomb Squad
2004-06-03 13:55
by Alex Belth

David Pinto checks in on the Yankees and thinks they could be a regular menace to rest of the league this summer:

If they can score like this with their offense not hitting on all cyliners, what are they going to be like when everything is in place? What if Mussina regains his form? It's doubtful that even the return of Nomar and Nixon will be enough to overcome this juggernaught.

Derek Jeter laid down a sac bunt in the first inning against the O's today. The Bombers scored one run (on an RBI single by Alex Rodriguez); Javey Lopez hit a solo shot in the second. That's all I caught during my lunch hour. Feel free to chime in with thoughts or comments on the game for those of you lucky enough to be at home watching.

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