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Yanks 18, O's 5
2004-05-28 08:14
by Alex Belth
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Is it over yet? Good gosh. The Bronx Bombers made like the Gashouse Gorillas last night and had the conga line rolling as they creamolished the Orioles. Derek Jeter, Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui each had three hits, Tony Clark (who had three hits as well) and Enrique Wilson each collected 4 RBI, Alex Rodriguez hit a home run...well, you get the pernt. It wasn't pretty for the home town team as New York compiled 21 hits in all. According to Tyler Kepner, "The Yankees have not scored more runs in a series in 53 years, since they dumped 42 runs on the St. Louis Browns from May 3-5, 1951."

Jose Contreras worked out of jams in the first and fourth and allowed three runs in the third, on home runs to Miggy T and Raffie P. Sidney Ponson cruised for the first four innings and then got his tits lit in the fifth. By the time he was yanked, the Baltimore ace was smiling. I suppose he was laughing to keep from crying, but YES announcer called Ponson's cavalier attitude "inexplicable and inexusable." If I were an Oriole fan I would not have taken kindly to Ponson's "Oh well" display either.

The A's torched the Red Sox at Fenway Park, 15-2--Eric Chavez hit an absolute bomb to straight away center--reducing Boston's lead over the Yanks to a half game.

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