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Yanks 9, M's 5
2004-05-15 11:33
by Alex Belth
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On the night that I became an uncle for the very first time--congrats to my bro and his wife and the newest Yankee fan in New York, Lucas William Belth--the Yanks beat the Mariners 9-5, in a long, sometimes painful affair at the Stadium. It remains humid in New York, and last night's game was a deliberate and slow as the previous two games against the Angels were brisk, and quick. Though Mike Mussina was far from sharp, he hung around to earn the victory. Everything equals out in the end, right? For all those 2-1 gems that Mussina has lost, he's entitled to win a stinker every once in a blue moon.

The Yankees offense wasn't explosive, but they were patient, and the Mariner's simply could not throw strikes, walking ten in all. (My man Bernie had two solid hits and a couple of RBI.) This was a brutal game to watch if you are a Seattle fan. I'm sure the Mariners can't wait to get back to the ballpark this afternoon for some more of that cherce bp that Donovan Osborne served up last weekend.

Old man Moyer goes for Seattle. Anyhow, I'm giddy about being an uncle, and still reeling a bit from the Nets' exciting triple overtime win against the Pistons. Veal Scalabrine—winner of the Michael Rapaport look-alike contest—This is your life!

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