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Yanks 7, Mariners 6
2004-05-10 13:43
by Alex Belth
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Donovan Osborne did his best Jose Contreras impression on Sunday afternoon, and was hammered by the Mariners in front of the largest crowd in Safeco Field's history. He allowed six runs and didn't make it through the second. But the Yankee bullpen held Seattle in check for the rest of the game, allowing the Bronx Bombers to catch up.

Alex Rodriguez hit a solo home run in the fourth and Jason Giambi added a three-run job in the sixth. The Yanks tied the game on Derek Jeter's two-run homer in the seventh and took the lead for good on Hideki Matsui's sac fly in the eighth.

Giambi's home run was especially impressive. Going into his third at-bat against Seattle starter Jamie Moyer, Giambi had whiffed twice. With the count 1-1, Giambi fouled a ball towards first and broke his bat. He got a new stick and then took an off-speed pitch, off the plate to even the count at two. Moyer placed the following pitch right on the outside corner, but Giambi didn't bite, and neither did the home plate umpire: full count. Moyer left the 3-2 pitch up in the zone and Giambi took a terrific cut and fouled the ball directly behind the plate, a sign that he narrowly missed clobbering it. Ah, there was his chance, the announcers said. Then wouldn't you know it, Giambi smacked the next pitch into the right field stands. You can fool some of the sluggers some of the time, but you can't fool all of 'em all of the time.

Jeter's home run was a shot to dead center, and it sounded great off the bat. Oh, and Matsui's sac fly came on a 3-0 pitch! The Yanks moved to within a game of Boston, who fell at home to the Royals yesterday. Today is an off-day, then the Yanks host the incredibly hot (and hurtin') Angels at the stadium. It will be interesting to see how they fare against the team with the best record in the league.

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