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A's 7, Yanks 4
2004-05-07 08:42
by Alex Belth
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Eight is Enough

Javier Vasquez had his worst outing as a Yankee and after a rough start, the young Rich Harden handled the Yankees to earn his first win of the year, as the A's avoided being swept at home. The A's bullpen didn't blow the lead, and Mark McClusky can digest again. He isn't alone either. Even Yankee fans like the new and improved Steve Bonner weren't too upset over the loss.

Kenny Lofton returned to the line-up and played well for the Yankees last night. Jason Giambi missed the game with a quesy stomach, and his back-up Travis Lee will be out for the rest of the year after he has surgery on his shoulder next week. Hand it to the Post for getting the scoop on one of the secrets to Jorge Posada's success.

Elsewhere, after a tough first inning in Cleveland, Pedro Martinez was his usual stingy self, as the Sox beat up on the Indians. Boston finds themselves in sole possession of first place going into the weekend.

Finally, future Hall of Famer Michael Piazza hit a game-winning dinger in extra innings as the Mets swept the Giants. (Hey, you gotta believe, baby.) Barry Bonds played, and didn't get a hit. But that hasn't prevented him from expressing himself.

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