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Deja Tue: Yanks 10, A's 8
2004-05-05 09:38
by Alex Belth
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Jose Contreras got his tits lit but good last night, and didn't make it out of the third inning. But that shouldn't come as a great surprise. However, the full moon must have been in effect anyway, as Ruben Sierra once again had the key hit in a Yankee comeback against Oakland (like last Tuesday, the knock came off of Ricardo Rincon). Shoot, how often does Mark Mulder have two bad starts in a row? I don't know, but the Yankees sure will take it. How about Donovan Osborne getting the win again, as he did last Tuesday in the Bronx? Yeesh, that was a game worth staying up for, huh?

The Bombers pounded out 17 hits against A's pitching. Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player in history to reach 350 career dingers, had three hits and four RBI in his best offensive game as a Yankee. As good a win as this was for New York, is was a terrible loss for the A's. Head on over to Athletic's Nation for plenty of hard feelings:

I don't want to go overboard and say that this is a fatal blow to the A's season because we're still so early in the season, but maybe a new catcher behind the dish and a new pitching coach have been too big an adjustment for the Big Three to make. When do we see Zito, Hudson and Mulder give up, in order of their starts...six earned runs in six innings (Zito), six earned runs in seven innings and eight runs overall (Hudson) and then seven earned runs in six and a third (Mulder tonight)?

...Watching those pitchers get shelled the last three times out is like watching Superman get kicked in the privates with a kryptonite-tipped steel toe. You know that there isn't any better way to inflict damage on the psyche of an A's fan than to shell the Big Three.

The Red Sox lost their fifth straight and are now tied with the Yankees for first place in the east.

Finally, looking for a good quote? Then check out Tom Verducci's recent interview with George Steinbrenner.

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