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How High the Moon
2004-05-04 22:06
by Alex Belth
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My apartment is between 236th and 238th street in the Bronx. What happened to 237th street, I'll never know, but that's how it goes sometimes in the boroughs. Em and I live on the top floor (7th) of one of those aparment houses that was built in the sixites. The main attraction of our place is the terrific eastern view that looks down onto Broadway, and up onto the Kingsbridge hill. We get a natural horizon, with lots of buildings and roads in the middle. Every morning, we are greeted by the sunrise. It is serene and quiet up here, but we can see the constant motion of the city--the Major Deegan Expressway, the subway, the Metro North, almost a dozen side streets, as well as helicopters and airplanes and other assorted winged creatures overhead. It is reassuring to know that even when we are tired and peaceful, the city is still moving.

Tonight, we were treated to the full moon, a huge yellow ball. I turned off all of the lights and smooched my girl for a while, and then we watched some of Steve Trashcan pitch for the Mets. It's cool outside, but man, what a gorgeous spring night to be out at the ballpark. Barry Bonds is out of the line up tonight with a cold. I've got plans to be at Shea tomorrow with Jay Jaffe and Alex Ciepley. It is supposed to rain all day, but hopefully, the game will get in, and Barry Bonds will be feeling better. Imagine schlepping all the way out to Flushing to see Bonds and he's not playing? Considering the fact that I've never seen him play live before, it's a chance that's worth taking.

I've got to be up mad early for work in the a.m., so my old ass won't be staying up for the Yankee game. I assume they'll have a full moon in Oakland too. Wonder if anything strange will happen. Maybe Mulder flirts with a no-hitter, or perhaps Gary Sheffield hits a couple of homers. And who knows just how a full moon could effect our boy Contreras. Two good starts in a row, against the same team? Ya think?

Anyhow, if any night owls are up watching the game tonight, feel free to start a thread in the comments section below and leave your observations and impressions. I sure would appreciate it.

And now for something...

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, if anyone ever gets a chance to see an exhibition of Lucian Freud's paintings, I suggest that you not let it pass you by. Freud's portraits are fascinating, difficult, and memorable. You've never quite seen flesh painted the same way before. He's first-class and there is a good article on him in the Times today.

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