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Yanks 4, Royals 2
2004-05-03 08:55
by Alex Belth
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Sweep Dreams

What could be finer than the Yankees sweeping a series at home? Oh, the Red Sox getting swept in a three-game series against the Texas Rangers? Sure, that's a start. Mike Mussina struggled early again yesterday, but a 4-6-3 double play saved his bacon in the third, he gained his composure--retiring the last eleven men he faced--and only allowed two runs in seven innings of work. Down 2-0 in the third, Hideki Matsui doubled and advanced to third on Ruben Sierra's flyout. Then he tagged and scored on a shallow pop fly to left.

Jason Giambi (2-4) nailed a solo homer into the right field upper deck to tie the game in the fourth. The game remained tied in the seventh, when Jorge Posada led off with a double. Matsui followed and singled to right. Posada was waved home by Luis Sojo and scored. Juan Gone's throw missed the cut-off man and Matsui alertly moved to second. Godziller moved to third on wild pitch and scored on a sac fly by Ruben Sierra.

Tom Gordon and Mariano Rivera finished the Royals off and the Yanks have now won six straight. For the last couple of years friend Greg G has been saying that Rivera needs to hit more batters, just to keep them honest. Well, after giving up a single to start the ninth, Rivera did just that, plunking Joe Randa, and putting the tying run on base. Next, he blew away Matt Stairs and Desi Relaford, then got a ground out to end the game.

Joe Torre, who missed Saturday's game to attend his daughter's communion, notched the 800th win of his Yankee career.

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