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Yankees 12, Royals 4
2004-05-01 16:55
by Alex Belth
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Back in Business

Jon Lieber pitched seven solid innings against the Royals in his Yankee debut on a warm Saturday afternoon in the Bronx. The Yankee offense provided him with plenty of cushion for his first win in almost two years (it was the fifth consecutive win for New York). Derek Jeter had three hits, and Alex Rodriguez added two, as did Jason Giambi, who also walked twice and was hit by a pitch. Rodriguez has a twelve-game hitting streak working. Hideki Matsui homered, scored three times and collected three RBI, but it was Ruben Sierra who was the slugging star of the day, hitting a three-run homer in the third and a grand salami in the eighth.

Two night ago my girlfriend scolded me for regularly cursing Sierra out. It's not so much that she likes Sierra--which, incidentally she does--but she hates to hear me dog any of the Yankees. She thinks it's negative karma. I tried to convince her that Ruben, Ruben is all warshed up as a player, and she said "Well, what about the hit he got the other night to win the game?" Doesn't matter, he's still garbage, I reasoned.

Well, I'm sure Emily is pleased that her boy had such a good day, and so are most Yankee fans I figure. The only people who should be upset are Royals fans who have to stomach getting killed not just by Rodriguez, Giambi and Sheffield, but old man Sierra as well.

I didn't get a chance to watch the game, so if anyone has any impressions--particularly of Lieber--that they'd like to share, I sure would appreciate hearing from you.

Strictly Business

Oh, I almost forgot to mention ol' Rocket Clemens, who won his major league-leading fifth game of the season last night. His ERA this year is 1.95. Here is the quote of the night:

"It's amazing how a man his age still throws 94 or 95 [mph]," said Cincinnati's Jacob Cruz, who struck out three times against the 41-year-old Clemens. "I'm upset that he didn't retire. We all are."

Bet the Astros would beg to differ.

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