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A Litle of This (and a Little of That)
2004-03-19 13:49
by Alex Belth
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Here's a couple of cherce cuts for you before I break for the weekend...

Congrats go out to fans of the Oakland A's, after Eric Chavez signed a six-year extension the other day. Christian Ruzich and Aaron Gleeman cover the story well.

Tyler Kepner has a puff piece on Joe Girardi this morning that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Yankees are meeting with Mariano Rivera's agent today. Rivera would like to sign an extension before the season starts.

Gordon Edes reports on MLB's reaction to critical comments made about their drug-testing policy by Curt Schilling and Johnny Damon. (Meanwhile, Nomie and Trot are hurt and both could miss the season opener.)

Finally, Scott Miller has a good piece on one of my favorite pitchers, Greg Maddux, who has always been an interesting quote:

"I still believe if you do everything mechanically correct, it's impossible for the ball to not go where you want it to," Maddux says. "Like in golf. If your swing is mechanically correct, the ball is going to go where it should -- or, at least, where you're aiming.

"Things will change, and your mind will do things funky that you don't want it to do."

..."Coaches, if they tell you 10 things, one or two maybe will work," Maddux says. "Very rarely will all 10 things work for everybody. I see it. I've worked with kids before. You tell one kid the same thing you told another kid yesterday, and the kid yesterday didn't get it but the kid today does.

"I do it with my own kids with their math homework. I tell them one way, and they have no clue. I tell them another way, and they get it. Pitching is no different."

I'm headed to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn with Emily tomorrow. We both love the New York Subway system and its history, plus Em's never been to the Museum, which recently reopened after a long over haul. The two of us will be sitting on our fat asses watching the Yankees exhibition game on Sunday. I'll be talking trash at the TV, she'll be knitting. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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