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Let's Get This Party Started Right
2004-02-17 09:16
by Alex Belth
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Right On

Alex Rodriguez will be announced as the newest member of the Yankees today at a noon press conference in the Bronx. It is a sweet moment for Yankee fans, a glorious day for Washington Heights, and a sickening affair for Red Sox, and Mets fans. There are some baseball fans who are even more upset by the fact that Rodriguez--who is widely considered to be the second greatest shortstop in baseball history--will move positions and not Derek Jeter. But for now, like it or not, Jeter will remain the Yankees' shortstop. (I don't think sabermetricians necessarily hate Jeter personally--although some might, of course--they just hate the perception many fans and mainstream media types have of Jeter's defense.) Jeter needs to stay healthy though. One trip to the DL and he could be the modern-day Wally Pipp.

Jeter and Torre will be in New York for the A Rod press conference today, while pitchers and catchers report to camp in Tampa. (Gary Sheffield and Bernie Williams have already reported).

I'll be back later this afternoon with more. The schmaltz should be pretty thick today. But before I forget, make a point to check out George Vecsey's nice piece in The Times today on Lawrence Ritter, the baseball historian who passed away on Sunday in his Upper West Side apartment.

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