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Looking After My Bulldog
2004-02-12 22:04
by Alex Belth
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I won't be available to post on Friday the 13th on the count of I'm going to spend most of the day at New York Hospital with Emily, who has an examination under anesthesia first thing in the a.m. Good thing I'm only superstitious about important things like baseball games. It's not an operation, just an exploratory exam. Still, she'll be knocked out something good. Those of you who have been reading the old Banter here for a minute know that Em had a major surgery last spring, which made nine since 1996. She originally suffered from Crohns; her current problems remain somewhat of a mystery, but they stem from complications that occured during her initial procedure if you can believe it.

Anyhow, Emily is a more than a trooper. She's down right inspirational. I don't know that I've ever met anyone as brave or willing to do the work she needs to do to get better. She may appear dainty, but let me tell you: the goil is tough. She's a bulldog, for cryin' out loud.

I'm sure everything will work out OK tomorrow. We're hoping that the doctors will have some concrete answers this time round. We'll be back in the Bronx for a chill weekend. I'm happily playing the role of caretaker—got a nice Valentine's Day planned and all. I'm sure I'll find the time to check in with a post—or at least an update on Em's situation—over the weekend.

In the meanwhile, I know most of the Yankee fans who stop by here are familiar with The Futility Infielder as well as Replacement Level Yankees Weblog, and Clifford's Big Red Blog. But do yourself a favor and peep the new Yankee buttas: The Greatest Game, Yankees, Mets and the Rest, and The Midnight Hour. Tell 'em I sent you.

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