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Even Fruit I Like Room Temperature
2008-10-23 06:04
by Alex Belth

Did you ever suck the jelly out of a jelly donut and then fill it with chocolate-swirl ice cream?

Mm'eeeh, could be.

2008-10-23 07:03:11
1.   Todd Drew
Great, now I'm going to be thinking about a chocolate-swirl ice cream filled donut all day.
2008-10-23 07:49:22
2.   Alex Belth
I remember seeing the movie posters for "Fatso" when I was a kid.

Ann Bancroft directed that movie. I don't really like it, I just like this one scene.

"I like a cold apple..."

2008-10-23 14:42:24
3.   Nick from Washington Heights
It's random, but this is the second mention of Chubb Rock I've seen at a baseball-related site this week. At the other one, I found out that he dropped out of Pre-Med at Brown University. I did not know that.

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