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Woo Hoo! Ray's Send Sox Down Lonely Avenue
2008-10-20 05:55
by Alex Belth
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Mr. Charles...

Emily and I listened to the last couple of innings of Game Six on Saturday night driving home from a black tie function upstate.  By the time we returned to the Bronx Em made me promise that we were not going to watch Game 7.  So I had movies on Sunday afternoon--first The Pope of Greenwich Village and then Charlie Wilson's War.  I watched Rourke and Roberts ham their way through the old Village and then made it through the first hour of Charlie Wilson's War with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and his mustache chewing up the scenery before Em asked how to check the score on-line. 

We turned on the TV.  The Rays were up 2-1 in the sixth, so it was safe to watch.  And we didn't turn the tube off until past midnight, until the dopey post-game celebration and interviews were finished.  We sat there, our hearts beating, especially during the top of the eighth, into it.  Em complained that her stomach was hurting.  Welcome to Baseball, lady, you asked for it.  Of course, when it was all over, we went to bed heppy kets. Matt Garza was terrific, just that much better than Jon Lester, who was solid once again.

So much for momentum.  So much for experience.  The Future is Now and David Price saved the Rays' bacon and helped them advance to the World Serious.  The Red Sox defended their championship admirably--the Rays had to beat them.  And that's just what they did.  Now, all the Red Sox fans littered throughout Manhattan can go home, go back to where they belong---they can go back to Brooklyn.

2008-10-20 06:25:58
1.   williamnyy23
Sorry...Brooklyn doesn't want them either!

First Torre and the Dodgers were bounced, and now the Red Sox have followed them out. What was shaping up as a Yankees fan worst nightmare has now turned into a very pleasant World Series match-up. I think I am going to root for the Phillies because I like so many of their players, but wouldn't mind if the Rays won. Regardless of the outcome, I think I'll just enjoy what remains of the baseball season. Even though it seems as if the Yankees season ended months ago, the reality is the long off season still awaits.

2008-10-20 06:32:22
2.   ms october
winter in new england just got a lot more bearable.
this world series should be enjoyable - i would be okay with either team winning and there are some interesting players/matchups to watch.
hopefully the yanks offseason will be fruitful and will have no more major negatives, cause william's right - it's already been a long time since moose's 20th win game and a long way to go til the yanks start playing again.
2008-10-20 07:01:51
3.   rsmith51
So are you saying Charlie Wilson's War isn't worth watching?

I didn't want the Red Sox, Angels, White Sox, or Dodgers to win so I am happy with the matchup.

I think I would prefer the Phils to win, but expect the Ray to.

2008-10-20 07:05:18
4.   Alex Belth
No, I was actually enjoying Charlie Wilson's War. I'll let ya know how it turns out.
2008-10-20 07:07:43
5.   dianagramr
My stomach was in knots too Alex! Wow ....

David Price .... what can you say about the kid. Great job in a very tough spot.

And congrats to the Red Sox for a valiant comeback in the series.

But .... GO RAYS!

2008-10-20 07:12:37
6.   das411
...did we just see Price become the best pitcher in the AL East?
2008-10-20 07:17:10
7.   The Hawk
1 Seriously! Why does Brooklyn have to get stuck with the Boston fans? To hell with that! Send em to Staten Island ... or probably more realistically, Manhattan.
2008-10-20 07:20:02
8.   ny2ca2dc
6 Predictions on when the heads will start calling for leaving Price in the bullpen permanently? He could be, like, a left handed Joba!!!1!

I think this will be an interesting case study - the Rays could actually use a lock down closer and have lots of starting pitching, so a Price to the BP move might be good for the team. Whereas the Yanks weakness has been starting pitching since '04, and have Mo in the BP, so Joba the starter is critical - so lets see what the heads say...

2008-10-20 07:29:05
9.   Noam Sane
I feel you Alex,

My Vermonter wife also rues the day she allowed me to get her to start caring about Yankees-Red Sox. "Being a sports fan HURTS", she says, wondering how she ended up here. But she was almost as excited and relieved as I was after Iwamura recorded the 27th out last night.

2008-10-20 07:31:15
10.   YankeesfaninBoston
Tough week to be in Boston as a Yanks fan. Thank goodness it turned out OK

Game 1 at the bar, sox win. Game 2 at a buddy's place sox losing, go to a bar and the sox come back, leave the bar sox lose in extras. games 3-4 i was not at a bar, the sox lose. game 5, i'm not at the bar sox go down 7-0 i get to the bar and within 15-20 minutes they're coming back. game 6, i'm at a bar sox win. game 7 i stay home, sox lose.

2008-10-20 07:33:59
11.   JL25and3
0 Is that anywhere near Lonely Street? I hear there's a pretty popular hotel there.

Although the DRays (silent D) haven't won a championship yet, this series did suggest that pitching isn't the only thing that wins in the postseason. Despite game 7, Tampa Bay won this series with offense. And it wasn't by manufacturing runs, either - it was by hitting lots of home runs.

2008-10-20 07:35:29
12.   JL25and3
6 I was thinking that also. He's got super-nasty stuff, great command, complete poise.
2008-10-20 07:47:57
13.   Just fair
I sure do want the Phils but I'm not going to lose sleep if the Rays win. The city of Philadelphia has gone 25 years since its last championship. Their fans are going to lose their minds for the umpteenth time if they lose to an expansion team.
Carl Craword is the only guy that's been on the team since day 1. He has gotta be outta his mind. : )
2008-10-20 07:59:38
14.   vockins
7 There's a guy a block away from me that has a Red Sox neon sign in his window. He's getting a David Price baseball card in his mailbox this afternoon.

Have they made David Price baseball cards yet?

2008-10-20 08:09:39
15.   Mattpat11
1 I have no issue with the Dodgers.
2008-10-20 08:18:09
16.   rbj
I'm happy. Boston bounced out. I've got no real rooting interest anymore, it's ok for either the Phillies or the Devil Rays to win.
2008-10-20 08:22:36
17.   Alex Belth
I'd be happy with either team winning to be honest, though I'll be pulling for the Rays big-time. I just hope it goes at least 6 and hopefully 7. With months and months of nothing but football, hockey n hoops, more baseball please.
2008-10-20 08:34:09
18.   Saburo
Agreed, Alex! It's bad enough that a random NFL game trumps the baseball post-season on every TV sports report. Six or seven games, puhhleeze!
2008-10-20 09:47:01
19.   kylepetterson
18 Last night I was watching the news to catch some highlights (I don't have cable so I listened to it on the radio). I turned on the news' sports show and what's on for the first 10 minutes? (Keep in mind that I'm a Yankee fan in Phoenix) Cardinals football. The Cardinals had a bye week. They didn't play. What's sad is that if the Boston town had won, I can guarantee you that they would have led the broadcast. And to reiterate what I've been saying all postseason....GO RAYS! Garza and Price are studs!
2008-10-20 09:54:19
20.   JL25and3
15 I can't stand the Dodgers on principle.
2008-10-20 10:16:18
21.   buffalocharlie
First Torre and the Dodgers were bounced, and now the Red Sox have followed them out. What was shaping up as a Yankees fan worst nightmare has now turned into a very pleasant World Series match-up.


I am rooting for a seven game series, no matter to me who wins

2008-10-20 10:17:03
22.   buffalocharlie
Above post was in reference to 1 , my first sentence are williamnyy23's words....
2008-10-20 10:23:54
23.   Sliced Bread
Lots, and I mean plenty of Yanks caps at the NY football Giants game yesterday, mine included. If you closed your eyes, and focused on the voice, THAT VOICE of Bob Sheppard, the anxious groans of the crowd (fuggin' blocked kick returned?!), then the stadium-rattling cheers (SAFTEY!) - it almost sounded like an October afternoon in the Bronx. Remember when we had those afternoons?

More than a couple "Brooklynites" flaunting their Red Sox gear at the game, too. Couple times I almost felt bad for them, the nastier-than-fun-loving shiz they were taking from the loud drunk Jints fans - but of course the bums asked for it.
Why wear a bloody Boston pullover into this raging sea of blue?

2008-10-20 10:25:37
24.   rbj
To me, the only pluses for a Dodger's WS win would be for Torre (can't argue with 12 straight years of postseason baseball) and especially Don Mattingly finally getting a ring.

Still, as a Yankees fan I couldn't root for the Dodgers over anyone but Boston. (Heck, I'd rather the Orioles or Blue Jays win.)

2008-10-20 10:33:24
25.   jdsarduy
Every so often comes a team that defies the so called experts and logic, like the Tigers did a few years ago.
The Rays are that team. They were not picked by anybody to finish higher than 3rd in the AL East.

They don't have a high power offensive, they don't manufacture runs, they don't have a 15 game winner, they're very young, have no high priced free agents and they finished in last place in 2007.

The Rays are very similar to the Marlins who won the WS against the Yanks and the Tigers who went to the WS a few years ago.
So, will these Rays have similar success in 2009 and what is the main reason for their success this year?

They way I see it, is their overall pitching is excellent and luck. Baseball is just so unpredictable, it's enjoyable as it is frustrating.
2008-10-20 10:49:43
26.   Bob B
What a sweet win for the Rays. I was ready to shoot myself if the Sox had another miracle comeback. Didn't Matt Garza pitch great? Unfortunately, watching these two teams play each other over seven games really exposes the Yankee weaknesses and why, unless wholesale changes are made, the Yanks may not be going to the playoffs anytime soon.
2008-10-20 11:05:18
27.   AbbyNormal821
1 *Even though it seems as if the Yankees season ended months ago, the reality is the long off season still awaits. *

...come on, now William - only 4 months till pitchers & catchers report!


2008-10-20 11:09:53
28.   Shaun P
I asked this after Game 3 and I'll ask it again - anyone else think the Twins wish they could undo that Garza for Delmon Young deal?

Watching the AL East is going to be fun the next few years. It will be so nice for it to be more than just Yanks-Sox.

2008-10-20 16:06:46
29.   horace-clarke-era
28 I think both the Yanks and BoSox will have to do some stuff to keep with the Rays next year. Pena and Crawford both had off-seasons. Longoria wasn't around for first month and then was hurt. Of course he may do a sophomore slump, but is anyone betting on it? And I have a guess the Rays ownership will actually make a move themselves, not dramatic, but a better RF would help them. The pitching (with Price added, too) is young and excellent. I'd be astonished if they made Price a reliever, by the way, though I haven't looked at his innings from last year - would he be on a 140 inning cap? THAT could create a Joba scenario.
2008-10-20 18:53:41
30.   Chyll Will
7 Now now, Hawk, Staten Island's too good for a Red Sux phan...


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