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2008-10-19 07:23
by Alex Belth
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Joba Chamberlain makes his first boo boo. Glug, Glug.

2008-10-19 08:41:39
1.   rsmith51
Take a freakin' cab, call a friend or acquaintance, or get a driver.
Hopefully he learns from his mistake and can stay out of the Furcal class, two DUI convictions. I don't understand why people don't understand how dangerous it is to drive while drunk.
2008-10-19 09:30:30
2.   Simone
I hope that the Yankees take this situation seriously and really address this problem with Joba. If Joba is an alcoholic, he needs help. Even if he isn't, Joba could have killed someone. There are high rates of alcoholism among American Indians. Joba should set a better example for young American Indians who admire his accomplishments.
2008-10-19 11:05:24
3.   tsengsational
Ehhh, I don't think we should label him an alcoholic after one incident. Plenty of people have had DUI incidents and they're not alcoholics.

This isn't to diminish the seriousness of DUI, which is, in my opinion, one of the worst things to do. It seems like every day someone is killed by a DUI driver and it's sad because usually the DUI driver lives while the victims are killed or maimed.

Hopefully this was just one night of bad judgement by Joba.

2008-10-19 11:39:15
4.   thelarmis
driving drunk infuriates me. there is zero excuse. esp. in joba's case where it's easy for him to take cabs, get rides, etc. as a professional musician, i unfortunately work with a lot of alcoholics. some even are good friends of mine. they get wrecked on the gig and then drive home. there have been times i've actually wished they'd get pulled over. then again, they probably wouldn't even learn their lessons from that. it's just an awful thing to do and easily one of the dumbest. it is soooo easy to avoid.

i certainly wouldn't label joba an "alcoholic" b/c of this. an "idiot," yeah, but not much more than that. the open container on the front seat is a bit egregious, however.

i'm sure Harlan will give him a talking to and it'll be worse for joba than any other type of punishment he deals with, whether it's the law, the yankees or the fans...

2008-10-19 12:19:50
5.   thelarmis
just read some strange yankees news:

according to perrotto at BP, yanks would include phil hughes in a package for peavy. i don't see it happening...

jeter stood next to clemens on the sidelines of a texas longhorns game yesterday. i guess he's supplanted pettitte as roger's BFF...

abreu would like to come back to the yankees. (this isn't strange news). hey, i wouldn't mind it, either (at the right price and years...) he also wants his Phils to win it all. so do i, esp if it's against boston...

2008-10-19 12:32:20
6.   rsmith51
Say it ain't so, Derek...
2008-10-19 12:34:12
7.   thelarmis
6 it was a nationally televised game, as well.

Buster Olney notes, "I know a whole lot of image-conscious players who would not have done that."

2008-10-19 13:09:29
8.   Chyll Will
5 I don't really want Abreu for any years, but if we had to have him back, no more than a year. If you find yourself forced to sign him for more than a year, I'd try to trade him in-season with an incentive to drop his no-trade clause, which is long form for Don't Sign Abreu.
2008-10-19 13:22:42
9.   thelarmis
8 i hear ya, man. i'm just a boBBy fan, always have been, even when he was in Philthy. i know he's a pretty terrible defender, is scared of walls, is getting old and has seen his power diminish a bit. i'm definitely not advocating signing him, it's just that i like him, that's all. i'll root for him whereever he goes (even if he ends up on the Muts) and i truly hope he keeps up his 20 homer seasons so he can end up in my favorite club - 300 homers, 300 steals. A-Rod should make it in next season! beltran and soriano, will be next on the list in 2-3 years...
2008-10-19 14:33:21
10.   Chyll Will
7 That being the case, whaddya say making a trip up to Lincoln, Neb. for a minute, Cap'n?
2008-10-19 15:07:05
11.   randym77
Your chances of being caught are pretty low. So someone who is caught driving drunk is likely someone who does it a lot. I hope he's learned his lesson.
2008-10-19 17:00:29
12.   Schteeve
Isn't it Native Americans?
2008-10-19 19:02:19
13.   Bama Yankee
Sorry to hear about Joba. I hope this is a wakeup call for him. Next time it could be a lot worse...

12 I think either one is correct. American Indian may actually be preferred over Native American according to this article:
That article says that "many now prefer to be designated by their specific tribe". For Joba that would be Winnebago which is also known as the Ho-Chunk (talk about a pejorative sounding name... Don Imus on line 2... ;-)

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