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It's a Start
2008-10-17 05:45
by Alex Belth
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The Yankee brass met yesterday and Hank Steinbrenner told the AP:  "The plan as of right now is [Joba] Chamberlain is going to be a starter," the Yankees co-chairman said. "Everybody's pretty much in agreement with that." (King, NY Post

Apparently, Andy Pettitte would like to return.  Perhaps Mike Mussina will be back as well, although I'm less sure about that.  Still, it would be cool to see Chamberlain begin the year in the starting rotation.  That would be nifty.

2008-10-17 06:22:14
1.   Bronxer
So, it could be...
1 Wang
2 Joba
3 Pettitte
4 Mussina
and then only one new free agent arm?
2008-10-17 06:38:07
2.   Shaun P
1 I can't imagine the Yanks will sign more than 1 free agent pitcher.
2008-10-17 07:18:08
3.   Raf
2 No siree, not after last year. I wouldn't be surprised if they sign a rotation worth of pitchers...
2008-10-17 07:34:10
4.   ms october
3 i think so too raf - at least two new guys, so not counting a potential return of pettitte or moose.
i also wonder how if at all any trades factor into it - mostly hughes - if he is used to get someone like peavy another pitcher is obviously coming back - but if he is used to get a position player - then one option for #5/in season call-up is gone - which might lead to signing an "extra" arm.

but i am nevertheless quite happy to know joba is going to start the season in the rotation - his innings can be managed fairly easily still.

2008-10-17 07:55:09
5.   JL25and3
Hank may well be telling the truth. On the other hand, it's exactly what they should be saying while they're exploring deals for pitching (FA or trades).
2008-10-17 10:06:10
6.   Shaun P
3 When all the non-Yankee free agent options outside of CC are old (Lowe, Dempster) or perpetually hurt (Burnett, Sheets, Penny), or both (Pedro), I can't see it happening. What has Cash been saying for years? No more Pavano/Wright/Unit moves. Signing anyone but CC would go directly against that.

Trades, mind you, are a different matter. But there is no way the Yanks can make a competitive offer for Peavy without including both Hughes and Cano (and more), and that will never happen.

2008-10-17 11:21:53
7.   Raf
6 Hank is stupid enough to want to make a big splash, Cashman or not.

I would not be surprised to see panic moves worthy of the 2004-05 offseason where we wound up with Wright, Pavano & Womack.

2008-10-17 11:42:31
8.   Biscuit Pants
This may be completely stupid , but with the concern over innings for both Joba and Joba, I had this idea in the shower. Why not alternate the two as the 5th starter? For instance, Joba would pitch the first 5 innings and his Phil pitch the last 4. Five days later, Phil starts and Joba relieves. Each would get work every 5th day, but each pitcher's total innings would max out at 144.

Or is this too much work?

2008-10-17 12:46:25
9.   cult of basebaal
7 when Hank actually runs the Yankees, i'll start being worried ...

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