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Peak Season
2008-10-15 10:18
by Alex Belth
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Mark Lamster has a nifty piece over at YFSF titled Fall Classic:

October is a bittersweet time for baseball fans. A long and sometimess difficult season comes to an end with the excitement (and often disappointment) of the postseason. We hate to see it go, but to be free of our rooting obligations is also a kind of liberation. There's no greater consolation, whether your team's been eliminated from play or just taken one on the nose in a tough game, than the splendors of autumn, especially in the northeast.


Check it out.

2008-10-15 11:44:38
1.   thelarmis
per buster olney:

A longtime friend of Andy Pettitte reiterated that the left-hander intends to pitch in 2009 -- and there is a growing sense that Mike Mussina may return for another season, as well, although Mussina has not indicated a final decision, one way or another.

i think pettitte is definitely coming back. i really really really hope Moose does...

also sounds like peavy really would like to remain in the NL.

2008-10-15 11:51:56
2.   Cliff Corcoran
It's just absolutely gorgeous in northern New Jersey right now. Last night, I drove north to visit my dad and family in Westchester and some of the views were spectacular. Taking the dog for a walk in the woods this time of year is like visiting a museum. Plus the empire apples and cider are in peak season as well.
2008-10-15 12:13:45
3.   Shaun P
1 Good news all around, though its still early. The problem is (as always 'round here) the Padres are going to ask for hitting prospects, not just pitchers, and the Yanks have no hitters to spare.

Since the Yanks' surplus is in pitching, and their need is a first baseman, and the Brewers have plenty of hitters, but need pitching (bullpen and starters), I can't imagine why we don't hear more "Prince Fielder to the Yanks" rumors.

0 He's got it right. Snow and the long winter are a small price to pay for the beautiful northeast autumn.

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