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Battered n Bruised
2008-10-14 05:40
by Alex Belth
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The Dodgers had the Phillies right where they wanted them, poised to even-up the series, and then, it happened: Victorino tied the game and the Lumber Jack, Hard-hitting Matt Stairs creamed a fastball deep into the night--I don't know if has landed yet.

In the words to Bobby D, the Dodgers Bleeeeww it.

Sure, L.A. can come back. It has been done. But it's not likely. I sure wouldn't put any money on 'em.  Meanwhile, the Rays beat up Jon Lester, a major hurdle. They've still got a loooong way to go before they defeat the Sox.  But it's a start.

2008-10-14 06:03:32
1.   tommyl
Wow, watching the Dodgers last night brought on so many flashbacks of pitching and other moves, yikes. I still say starting Lowe was a mistake, yes he pitched ok, but he only lasted 5 innings and we all know with Joe's BP management, getting 4 innings out of the pen was not a good sign.

Also, I know he hit a nice double and all, but what the heck is Juan Pierre doing starting an important game? and Nomar? He's really reverting to the veteranness and BFOG, huh?

2008-10-14 09:19:34
2.   Max
Both managers didn't exactly distinguish themselves last night. Torre justifiably got called on bringing in Wade, but I don't know if he can be held responsible for the cookie that Broxton served up to Stairs. That pretty much ended this series.
2008-10-14 09:26:18
3.   Schteeve
Watching the rays sox series should be a motivational seminar for the Yankees brass. They have a lot of work to do if they want better than a 3rd place finish next year. The Rays are fo' real.
2008-10-14 09:29:42
4.   dianagramr
No more rounding 3rd base follies?

2008-10-14 10:28:20
5.   vockins
3 This isn't an attack on you specifically, Schteeve, but I've found the reaction to the Rays performance this year amusing. I think they could win the WS and people will be asking, "Are the Rays for real?"

The Rays are for real, and they will remain for real for a while.

2008-10-14 11:04:33
6.   hiscross
Torre lost that game. He did it so often the Yankee skipper it often made me wonder no one in press called him on it. Case in point, game 5 ALDS he didn't bunt on Schilling. The guy had only one foot. Ray's look very good and the Red Sox are starting to look very much like the 2008 Yankees.. old.
2008-10-14 15:32:50
7.   OldYanksFan
via PeteAbe:
UPDATE, 6:00 p.m.: Spoke to Brian Cashman. He said that he and Joe Girardi will put together a list of candidates to be the third base coach and the process could take a while. He said there was a possibility that a current member of the staff could be shifted over.

Out of respect for Meacham, Cashman didn't want to get into the particulars for his dismissal. "For various reasons, we wanted to make a change," he said. "It was a tough decision."

2008-10-14 21:31:41
8.   Schteeve
Um, but...that's like, what I said?

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