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Kazmir Sweater
2008-10-11 13:07
by Cliff Corcoran
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With Jon Lester looming in Game 3 as the ALCS is set to move up to Fenway, tonight's Game 2 at the Trop is a must-win for the Rays. Unfortunately, Scott Kazmir hasn't been sharp since May. My preview of tonight's game is up over on

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2008-10-11 17:15:39
1.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
fall breeze blowing soft
Yankees home, Banter quiet
I curse Sox alone...
2008-10-11 17:24:28
2.   Just fair
Tropicana, Yuck
Kazmir, Bumbling with two
Big-F-U, Red Sox
2008-10-11 17:40:32
3.   thelarmis
1 i'll curse 'em with ya Jazz Tokyo! Fuck the shit sox!

longoria w/ a 2-run game tying homer off Fuckett!

2008-10-11 17:45:14
4.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2 3 excellent! Longoria hit that one one-handed, what a great hitter.
2008-10-11 17:47:36
5.   thelarmis
nice quick inning for Kaz! still, 50 pitches after 2 for the lefty...
2008-10-11 17:52:59
6.   thelarmis
didn't ron darling go to yale? could have gave?! ugh. given, ron, given...
2008-10-11 18:03:51
7.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
6 Darling a good announcer though..for reasons unknown I have the feed with Rick Sutcliffe here in Japan..D'oh!
2008-10-11 18:05:34
8.   thelarmis
oh yeah, darling is a great announcer. he's a good guy too, i've met him a bunch of times. i just hate hearing player announcers butcher the english language on simple everyday stuff. there are soooo many people - esp kids - watching this and it really is influential.

i'm sorry you have Sut. but, at least, you don't have to suffer w/ chip caray!

2008-10-11 18:08:29
9.   thelarmis
crap. there's your dusty mcwheaties Jazz Tokyo. fuck that little midget. argh!!!
2008-10-11 18:08:50
10.   Just fair
Scrappy-dappy-doo. Crap.
2008-10-11 18:10:28
11.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Why didn't Cano hit like Dusty McIronside?!?! sigh...
2008-10-11 18:14:21
12.   thelarmis
that was a long out by poukilis...
2008-10-11 18:15:41
13.   thelarmis
11 exactly. : (
2008-10-11 18:18:08
14.   thelarmis
reese witherspoon is hot, but that movie looks god awful...
2008-10-11 18:20:32
15.   thelarmis
hell yeah! good lord, upton is strong! tie ballgame, yo!!!
2008-10-11 18:23:24
16.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
15 what a great swing Upton has!
what Witherspoon movie? I can't say i like her at all...
2008-10-11 18:23:46
17.   JL25and3
Oh, it's all because Beckett isn't Beckett, he doesn't have "that something extra."

It couldn't be because the Rays really are pretty good?

2008-10-11 18:24:55
18.   thelarmis
17 of course, the sox can't lose; they can only beat themselves! : /
2008-10-11 18:25:06
19.   JL25and3
14 thelarmis, sometime see a movie called "Twilight," with Paul Newman. It's not a bad movie, but it would be entirely forgettable - if it weren't for Reese Witherspoon's nude scene.
2008-10-11 18:25:28
20.   thelarmis
very very nice! rays lead!
2008-10-11 18:25:39
21.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Yeah!! Go back to Texas you country-music loving MOFO Beckett!! Boo-YAHH!
2008-10-11 18:27:27
22.   thelarmis
16 oh, something stoopid - i think it was called 4 christmases, or something. i usually hit mute for the commercials, but i was in the kitchen. i don't know much about her and i never really watch movies, esp pop culture ones, but i love blondes and she's definitely a hottie...

19 ooh, really?! fully nude?! might be the best movie ever! ; )

2008-10-11 18:28:10
23.   JL25and3
Is it possible that Beckett doesn't actually have magic clutchificatory powers?


2008-10-11 18:30:18
24.   thelarmis
19 i just googled it and was able to see a very wonderful topless scene! thanks for the tip, JL : )

reese is pretty perfect... : ~

2008-10-11 18:30:57
25.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
22 gotya! charlize theron in that case, please...
2008-10-11 18:31:21
26.   Just fair
The bullpen was busy for Beckett in the third inning, in a game in October. Incredible.
2008-10-11 18:33:03
27.   JL25and3
22 Say thank you, thelarmis.

2008-10-11 18:33:51
28.   JL25and3
24 Too late, I see.
2008-10-11 18:34:27
29.   Just fair
I loved Reese WItherspoon in the Johnny Cash movie.
Even though she stayed clothed. : )
2008-10-11 18:40:47
30.   thelarmis
27 "thank you, thelarmis!" j/k. yes, thanks again, JL!!! : )

she's with a long-haired guy in that scene. shit, i'm a long-haired guy and i actually do love her! ah, shoulda been an actor instead of a musician... : ~

25 yeah man, claudia schiffer, to me, is the most beautiful woman ever ever ever ever...

29 i saw most of that movie on a plane overseas when i was headed out on tour. missed the very end, but yeah, it was a good flick and reese was excellent in it...

2008-10-11 18:41:14
31.   thelarmis
i'm glad Kaz kept the lead there. c'mon, clifford!
2008-10-11 18:42:13
32.   thelarmis
cliff floyd! good for him!!!

wow, is that 5 xbh for Fuckett in a postseason game? in 3+ innings? beautiful!

2008-10-11 18:43:05
33.   thelarmis
so, his postseason average is now pretty much 1 HR/9 innings...
2008-10-11 18:44:41
34.   thelarmis
i woulda loved a collision there. no one getting hurt but the ball falling and rolling.
2008-10-11 18:44:56
35.   Just fair
I had never heard of zooptv until tonight. Just what I need, another distraction.
If I'm a Red Sox fan, I'm wondering why the hell Beckett is still in there. As a Yankee fan, I'm enjoying watching the Rays take bp.
2008-10-11 18:50:20
36.   thelarmis
35 agreed on all points.
2008-10-11 18:53:52
37.   thelarmis
OMG, what a little fucking prick that kid is. i don't understand how he's this good... : /
2008-10-11 18:54:58
38.   Just fair
35 I'll add Kazmir needs to plant one in midgets' ass. Or maybe not throw him belt-high meatballs. Bollocks!
2008-10-11 18:57:42
39.   thelarmis
i think this will be kaz's last inning. let's hope he can get through it with no further damage...

um, forget that. oopsie!

i fuggin' HATE the shit sox

2008-10-11 18:57:49
40.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
FUCKING JOE MADDON is to blame for this? WHERE IS DAVID PRICE???? Can't believe he let him pitch to Youk there...
2008-10-11 19:00:17
41.   thelarmis
watch Fuckett go at least 7 strong from here on out. no hits, walks, runs. boston will win it in the 8th. total bollocks!
2008-10-11 19:02:19
42.   Just fair
This is fuckin' ridiculous.
2008-10-11 19:02:42
43.   thelarmis
holy goddamn fuck. totally unfair. if we lost a manny, we'd get back a cairo-like player. the shit sox can't lose... : (
2008-10-11 19:11:02
44.   thelarmis
he's needs another "L" in his name: Ball Four
2008-10-11 19:12:02
45.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
just makes no waste Balfour in the 5th inning when Price was available to got at least 3 or 4...bad bad play by Maddon tonight..
2008-10-11 19:29:46
46.   thelarmis
c'mon pena. i think fuckett is shaking off vagitek so much 'coz he's getting tired and doesn't trust his stuff. least i hope so...
2008-10-11 19:31:35
47.   thelarmis
yeah pena!!! tie game yet again...
2008-10-11 19:32:58
48.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
great game tonight! no gig on your end thelarmis? sunny sunday morning here, am getting some pressure to get dressed and head out from the lady..
2008-10-11 19:36:33
49.   thelarmis
it'll be a great game if the rays win!

nope, no gig tonight. i was keeping it open to go to the allmans brothers concert as a guest. then i got a potential gig for tonight, but it ended up happening last nite. you'd like who it was with, but it didn't go well. at some point, when i email you offline, maybe i'll tell you about it.

anyway, i'm glad for the night off. i had bronchitis last week, went back to work this week and Mon-Fri really wiped me out. plus, i've got an awful new neighbor downstairs who's been keeping me up. so, it's good i get the night off. go back to gigging tomorrow...

enjoy the day w/ the lady! hopefully Just Fair and JL will come back 'round these parts...

2008-10-11 19:36:38
50.   JL25and3
This is only the fifth inning of this game? Jesus H...
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2008-10-11 19:37:36
51.   thelarmis
meanwhile, go longoria, go rays! man on 3rd, 1 out - please score!!!
2008-10-11 19:38:20
52.   thelarmis
crawford! add another run to fuckett's line!!!
2008-10-11 19:38:27
53.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
49 still here, negotiated another hour..that should get us to 7th inning..maybe...

yeah, email anytime man. and play some Mariah Carey real loud, make the neighbor move out!

2008-10-11 19:38:29
54.   JL25and3
How can you not love these Rays, even if they did suckify their name?
2008-10-11 19:39:28
55.   JL25and3
53 I don't care how bad a neighbor is, there's nothing that makes it okay to play Mariah Carey real loud.
2008-10-11 19:42:35
56.   thelarmis
53 nice work on the extra hour!

mariah carey, had some great studio musicians on her first 2 albums. this girl plays weird trance rock music. it's god awful. she's only loud late at night when she comes home drunk w/ this asshole guy. it's been a horrible coupla months for me in that regard. i'm still in the works to get the situation resolved. i can't live like this much longer. i've been in the same pad for about a decade and never had to deal with bollocks like this... : /

you still at the same sorekara### email addy? if so, i have it written down here...

2008-10-11 19:46:13
57.   thelarmis
55 this wench is worthy of a mariah carey box set continually played on 11
2008-10-11 19:47:02
58.   JL25and3
56 I'm willing to believe that she had some great studio musicians. But...aren't there a whole lot of albums that have great session men but don't require you to listen to Mariah Carey?
2008-10-11 19:47:09
59.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
56 yep, same same!
you do see the irony of the long-haired rock drummer complaining about the noisy couple downstairs, right? :)
2008-10-11 19:48:06
60.   JL25and3
57 There's always Metal Machine Music, by Lou Reed. It's probably the most aggressively unlistenable album ever made, and it's very loud.
2008-10-11 19:49:31
61.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
60 not worse than "The Raven"..
2008-10-11 19:49:50
62.   thelarmis
gotta make a quick trip to the store before it closes. i'll be back in 10 or so and will reply to 58 59

be right back...!

2008-10-11 19:57:14
63.   JL25and3
61 I guarantee it.

2008-10-11 20:00:18
64.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
63 wans't MMM a big "F-You" to his record company, not meant to be a real album? where as something like Yes "Tales from Topographic Oceans" was done in all seriousness..
2008-10-11 20:15:21
65.   JL25and3
64 That's the story. Nevertheless, it's out there - amazingly enough, still in print, even in new packaging with notes by Lou himself.

And even as an F-you - four sides of it?

Listen to a bit of the samples at allmusic or Amazon or somewhere. I don't think it would be possible to listen for more than about a minute.

2008-10-11 20:21:32
66.   thelarmis
shit, did jason bay go yard while i was gone? good lord, is he kicking ass.

i've never been a lou reed fan. warrior soul (nyc band) did a 'fuck you to the record company' album and it indeed sucked. yes, i like, but yeah, Tales...was a bit rough...

58 yes, you're right - studio musicians don't always make the album. my favorite drummer played on a track or two on mariah's Emotions sophomore release. i collect everything he plays on but have never brought myself to actually own that cd! i just saw her mug on the cover of some dumb magazine on the checkout line at the supermarket. she's pregnant or something...

in fact, most of those classic Blue Note sessions were studio guys and sometimes they were just burnt out and laid down a stinker of a record. it happens...

oh, Mr. Jazz Tokyo - i got that Hank Mobley Jap cardboard Best Of. it's a series called 'the blue note years.' they released 10 or 20 of these for their star artists. it's a cool release and i'm glad to have it for my collection, but half of the song choice make for a curious compilation.

i have another Jap Mobley best of blue note on its way to me. it's the Blue Note 'Essential Blue Classics' series...

2008-10-11 20:23:36
67.   thelarmis
65 Zappa's 4-sides of "F-You" to the record company, resulted in the excellent 'Leather' cd compilation.

Miles Davis's 4-sides resulted in the amazing Workin', Cookin', Steamin', Relaxin' quartet of jazz essentials...

i'm not familiar w/ the lou reed one and sounds like that's a good thing! ; )

2008-10-11 20:28:04
68.   thelarmis
59 i was just talking to the cop at the supermarket about some steps to take to quell the downstairs situation...

well, i kinda see the irony. i'm not really your typical long-haired rock drummer. in fact, i don't really play much rock right now, at all. jazz, blues & country gigs mostly. but anyway, my drums are at a different location and i'm super quiet in my pad, esp. in the middle of the night. i do play marimba sometimes, but that's Classical music and it's during the day.

it's just a girl who lives by herself and when it's just her, it's pretty tolerable. it's just when her idiot b/f is over - they're loud n drunk and it's always well past midnight.

since i teach, play and record drums for a living, i cherish my quietude when i get home...

2008-10-11 20:53:45
69.   thelarmis
holy fucking crap. that just sucks. wheeler comes in and get the ground ball DP. then a freakin' wild pitch to score the scrappy midget. tie game, once again. bollocks!
2008-10-11 21:11:44
70.   riclaimbeer
it iritates me that many of you are so anti-sox that you want tampa to win. they have such a terrible and exploituve business strategy thtt shoulnt be encouraged. the rays prove mhat its better to tank completely beofre being just fairly bad like the orioles.
2008-10-11 21:20:53
71.   Just fair
I left in the 5th inning and next thing I know the topic is Mariah Carey.
I missed some excitement. I wonder if there have been many fights in the stands tonight. Ha. I'd love to see dancy pants blow it in the 9th.
2008-10-11 21:24:08
72.   thelarmis
71 Ha! i figured you got sidetracked over at zooptv!!! ; )

yeah man, it would be beautiful for ol' purced lips to blow the game!

2008-10-11 21:25:38
73.   thelarmis
hell, it'd be a beautiful thing to see masterson blow it, too! i'm equal opportunity - i'm okay with either one losing the game for the sox : )
2008-10-11 21:26:48
74.   Just fair
71 Make that I'd love to see Meathead Jr. blow it in the 9th. Masterson has a Farnsworth like quality to him methinks.
2008-10-11 21:29:38
75.   thelarmis
aki is due for a hit. c'mon, bud!
2008-10-11 21:30:47
76.   thelarmis
atta boy! wow, dusty mcironside (hat tip mr. ok jazz tokyo!) doesn't make a web gem. i'm shocked... : o
2008-10-11 21:31:22
77.   Just fair
73 I forgot you were a musician. That's cool. I tell my students all the time that the lone regret I have from grammar school it's that I didn't take a single instrument lesson. My folks were not musical. so they could have cared less.
My grandpa played the accordion and had a sweet collection of harmonicas. I wish I knew what happend to them.
Nice play, midget. : )
2008-10-11 21:37:52
78.   thelarmis
77 are you a school teacher? i teach a ton of music (mostly drums) and am very very into the educational side of music. my pop plays some harmonica and has a casatina (like an accordian), but he's mostly a folk musician - acoustic guitar, piano, vocals...

one of the reasons i teach (and teach some in schools), is b/c i hate hearing when kids or older folks quit music 'coz their parents forced them to take piano lessons and it was boring or they hated the band teacher.

it's never ever ever to late to pick up an instrument or even take 1 lesson. for about a year now, i've been teaching an airplane pilot. he's in his 40's and never played a single note of music in his life, but both of his daughters take piano lessons and it gave him the bug. was there an instrument that you were drawn to as a kid?

2008-10-11 21:48:08
79.   thelarmis
Big Poppy! ; )
2008-10-11 21:50:17
80.   thelarmis
nice catch, upton!

time for longoria to channel some more rookie magic

2008-10-11 21:53:28
81.   JL25and3
70 What an interesting sort of troll you are!
2008-10-11 21:54:48
82.   Just fair
78 I've taught elem. school for 10 years. I had one of the mini-casio keyboards first, and then a bigger keyboard later on. I didn't make it much past axel-f and lean on me. My wife bought me a practice canter a few Christmas' ago. I love the bagpipes, but It has sat dormant for years. It drove my dog nuts.
2008-10-11 22:00:07
83.   thelarmis
81 yeah, i just ignored him. i was gonna say something about how impressive it was to have 7 spelling errors in 3 short sentences, but there were no other banterers around during that time and i didn't wanna start anything.

judging by the tag name, i was thinkin' it was that old troll Ric...

2008-10-11 22:05:48
84.   thelarmis
82 that's great! the last coupla years, i've taught some classes/clinics at 2 middle schools and a high school. the HS class was discontinued this year and my middle school clinics haven't started. i teach a weekly college class at a music school, but mostly i have a private teaching practice.

i would love for one day to be more of a part of the drumming community and get to do more professional clinics/masterclasses and release instructional books/dvd's...

that's hysterical - my pop had a little casio i used a bit as a kid. i, too, learned Axel F! my other tune was Karma Chameleon. of course, i was more drawn to the horrible drumbeats and "fill-in" button! : )

i imagine bagpipes are an exceedingly difficult instrument to learn. yeah, and practicing it could be a problem! ; )

2008-10-11 22:07:30
85.   thelarmis
well, it's about 6 or 7 innings too late for Mr. OK Jazz TOKYO, but David Price is finally up in the pen for the Rays...
2008-10-11 22:11:51
86.   thelarmis
82 when i get in my 50's, i'd like to learn some other percussion instruments - steel drums & tabla. i'm not sure i'll do either. we had steel drums in college, but i didn't do much with them and tabla drums are impossibly difficult.

but mainly, i wanna learn how to play the cello. i did have to learn basics in college as part of my Music Education degree, but when i'm older (i'm already old, damnit!), i'd like to buy a cello, get a middle school (or so) methods book, take some lessons and learn how to play a bit. it's my very favorite non-percussion instrument in the world. sooooo incredibly beautiful!

2008-10-11 22:12:42
87.   thelarmis
well, here's the kid -- david price. c'mon kid, mow these two down...and fast!
2008-10-11 22:20:36
88.   thelarmis
alright, good job, kid. bottom of the order though for the Rays...
2008-10-11 22:22:53
89.   thelarmis
timlin is in! can maddon pinch hit Giambi?! Rays better win it here...
2008-10-11 22:28:07
90.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Still here thelarmis! The Price was right last inning, Rays can win it here off Timlin for sure!
2008-10-11 22:30:19
91.   thelarmis
90 whew, glad yer back! 7 posts in a row, was not fun!

great start to the 11th and with the bottom of the order, no less...

2008-10-11 22:31:09
92.   thelarmis
shit, should he bunt w/ 2 strikes? he can't hit, so maybe...
2008-10-11 22:33:54
93.   thelarmis
no DP! score the run. win the game. do it. NOW!
2008-10-11 22:37:42
94.   thelarmis
RAYS WIN! wahoo! then again, good god, is it difficult to beat these damn shit sox... : ~
2008-10-11 22:46:01
95.   thelarmis
no errors in this game. pretty crazy...
2008-10-12 05:39:48
96.   RIYank
Hey, hats off to thelarmis for bearing the weight last night. I would have dropped by to lend moral support if I'd known!
2008-10-12 08:17:22
97.   Chyll Will
96 Second! And great job to thelarmis and others for keepin' the hackey-sack in the air so long with the musical tangent; my compliments!

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