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Elimination Day III
2008-10-06 11:52
by Cliff Corcoran
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I don't think the Angels are going to get past Jon Lester tonight, but I sure would like to see one of these two series come down to a decisive Game 5. Think the White Sox can pull another one out at the Cell? My previews are up on

2008-10-06 13:50:27
1.   OldYanksFan
Hello? Hello?
Is anyone playing a baseball game tonight?
Is Chyll allowed to read and not say anything?
2008-10-06 17:07:18
2.   OldYanksFan
OK... now this is just silly.
2008-10-06 17:14:13
3.   underdog
There are game-specific chats up on the Toaster, on the Griddle and on Cardboard Gods. Just FYI.
2008-10-06 17:42:36
4.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
I got yer back, OYF. it's Banter or nothing for me!


2008-10-06 17:49:38
5.   OldYanksFan
Toaster? Griddle? Cardboard Gods?
I'm not here to eat or talk theology.
I'M HERE TO BANTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-10-06 17:54:00
6.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Bantering it shall be! Can't believe the Angels not trying to run up the pitch count on Lester..i hate that team for so many reasons...
2008-10-06 17:56:03
7.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Napoi gets it!
2008-10-06 17:59:57
8.   Just fair
Hey, wasn't that the same Howie Kendrick that had over 100 hits agains the Yanks this year? boo.
Lester is on his way to being pretty good, methinks. : (
2008-10-06 18:14:30
9.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
think we can break 20 comments tonight? guess I'm going solo...
2008-10-06 18:21:53
10.   OldYanksFan
Vlad with 1 RBI in 61 PS ABs. If that was ARod, it would be mentioned every AB, every game, between games, after games, and in every newspaper in the country.
2008-10-06 18:29:43
11.   Bama Yankee
9 Just stopping by to help you make it to 20... If Moose can finally make it to 20, then we can too. Let's go Banter...
2008-10-06 18:38:58
12.   OldYanksFan
Yeah.... 20 is special... but 18 or 19 ain't bad.
2008-10-06 18:39:34
13.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Dusty Now&Laters hitless so far..i fear a Monster 2-bagger coming..
2008-10-06 18:44:08
14.   Just fair
CHOAD!!!! Maybe our boys can wear B's on their caps when they play the Angels next year. Cripes and double bollocks.
2008-10-06 18:52:55
15.   Bama Yankee
At least the E didn't hurt 'em... Maybe Figgins will make up for the E with his bat...
2008-10-06 18:54:25
16.   Bama Yankee
By the way, what's up with Craig Sager and his orange coat? Is he auditioning for a coaching job at the University of Tennessee?
2008-10-06 19:03:49
17.   Bama Yankee
15 Good call there, Bama Yankee...

Hey, with that K with a runner in scoring position, at least Tex is starting to look like a Yankee... ;-)

2008-10-06 19:04:36
18.   Just fair
17 I don't know about that. But I "Volunteer" that jumping off the mound gets you called 3rd strikes way outside.
2008-10-06 19:05:35
19.   Bama Yankee
Man, my back is getting tired from carrying this thread...I'm out...goodnight crickets...
2008-10-06 19:08:23
20.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
19 still here Bama, and we made it 20..can we gor for 30??
2008-10-06 19:11:32
21.   Just fair
Man, this team sure is fundamentally sound.
2008-10-06 19:13:40
22.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
you knew Dusty McVittles would come through..
2008-10-06 19:23:23
23.   OldYanksFan
Yeah.... 30 is special... but 28 or 29 ain't bad.
2008-10-06 19:33:01
24.   3rd gen yankee fan
These Angels are exasperating.
2008-10-06 19:40:14
25.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
24 very over-rated team..pains me to say but Sox obviously much, much better..
2008-10-06 19:42:32
26.   Chyll Will
1 ,2 Sorry, wasn't home til now and going to bed shortly. If you've been ignoring me and my blog recently (and I don't blame you for doing so >;) you certainly wouldn't know two things:

A.) I've not been very cheery or diplomatic lately... >:'

B.) Celebrity Apprentice 2 just went into production and I'm stuck in traffic.

Wait until you hear the one about my roommate trekking to Staten Island to bring home a female cagemate for her female guinea pig and discovering that she was quite misinformed about her own guinea pig's gender (ball one... ball two... just trying to keep it somewhat baseball-related. G'nite! >;)

2008-10-06 19:55:00
27.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Masterson dealing it at 97mph..

26 stay positive Chyll, it's all there ahead of you..

2008-10-06 19:59:34
28.   Just fair
Hot Damn. Tied it up.
2008-10-06 20:00:28
29.   Chyll Will
27 What, the traffic? Way ahead of you (and me) >;)
2008-10-06 20:01:44
30.   JL25and3
That was one beautiful piece of hitting by Toriiii.
2008-10-06 20:03:42
31.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-10-06 20:04:56
32.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
no K-Rod please, no K-Rod please, no K-Rod please...
2008-10-06 20:14:01
33.   OldYanksFan
Well.... 40 is special... but 38 or 39 ain't bad.
2008-10-06 20:19:37
34.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
why the bunt again?? pinch-runner can score from 2nd on a hit..i really don't like Sciosia..
2008-10-06 20:19:59
35.   Just fair
33 Just cuz it's a slow night. Plus it describes the feelings of our playoff chances for the last 6 weeks.
2008-10-06 20:20:37
36.   OldYanksFan
34 I questioned that too. Although the runner can score on almost any kind of contact. Let's see....
2008-10-06 20:21:29
37.   tommyl
Wow, can Papelbon really not get more than 3 outs? How could you not go to him with 2 outs in the 8th.

Meanwhile, the Angels continue to be "aggressive", argh.

2008-10-06 20:21:44
38.   OldYanksFan
Holy shit.
2008-10-06 20:22:35
39.   Just fair
Scosia sure is smart. One of the smartest in baseball by golly. He was out, but yeesh
2008-10-06 20:22:37
40.   OldYanksFan
2008-10-06 20:24:20
41.   bobtaco
How about pinch hitting?! you jackass.
2008-10-06 20:25:05
42.   Max
Halos are just gift wrapping this series for the opponent. A squeeze in that situation? Talk about overmanaging.
2008-10-06 20:28:38
43.   tommyl
Holy shit, Tex is good.
2008-10-06 20:28:43
44.   Just fair
Texeira's got nothing on the Biig G. : )
2008-10-06 20:28:48
45.   bobtaco
So Tex can sure play 1B
2008-10-06 20:29:28
46.   bobtaco
Go Rays
Go Manny
2008-10-06 20:29:33
47.   Just fair
2008-10-06 20:49:08
48.   3rd gen yankee fan
You gotta love the Big G. I'm sure he could out-drink and out-party Texiera. But yeah I wouldn't mind having Tex on the team.

Go Rays.

2008-10-06 21:17:49
49.   OldYanksFan
Well.... 50 is special... but 48 or 49 ain't bad.
2008-10-06 22:21:40
50.   thelarmis
well, i'm late to the party. but seeing how hard you guys (and girl - hi 3rd gen!) worked, i figured i'd chime in to get it to 50.

special! special needs, maybe... ; )

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