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Music to My Ears
2008-10-12 06:30
by Alex Belth
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Dear Rays,

Thank you for doing your best to make this a series.  Course it won't really be a series until Boston trails but it is a start.  Now, it's up to the Dodgers to get back into it at home against the Phils later today.


2008-10-12 07:28:50
1.   RZG
I'm not familiar with the picture, is that Cacaphonix (sp?) from Asterix?
2008-10-12 08:03:59
2.   Todd Drew
The best thing I can say about last night's game is: At least a local guy scored the winning run.

The Dodgers remain sworn enemies in the Bronx even with Joe Torre, Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa with the team. I once saw Jayson Werth go out of his way to do something very nice for a dedicated old fan when he was playing AAA ball in Syracuse so I'll go with the Phillies.

2008-10-12 10:25:50
3.   Alex Belth
Not a bad call on the picture. No, it's Gaston LaGaffe, another French comic, and my all-time favorite. The guy who created him, Franquin, was the MAN.
2008-10-12 11:05:33
4.   Chyll Will
3 A contemporary of Peyo; the originator of The Smurfs; of whom I had some serious consideration about his Les Schtroumpfs Noirs, but a fine cartoonist nonetheless >;) They obviously shared the same influences, though Franquin I think had a more refined technique.
2008-10-12 11:34:20
5.   thelarmis
3 i'm not familiar with any of these artists, but i sure do love this graphic you chose! i'd like to see if he has other music art. this is a pic i'd like to have a copy of to hang up at my music studio! : )

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