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2008-10-11 05:06
by Alex Belth
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It's almost like a flashback watching these Red Sox.  They really are like the Yankee teams of the '90s--they just find a way to win.  The Rays had their chances last night--bases loaded in the first, first and third no out in the seventh, first and second nobody out in the eighth--but the Sox set them down.  Need a double play ball, bingo, you got it.  Need a hitter to swing 3-0 and pop out, boom, it's done.

And the Sox take Game 1, 2-0.  Nice, tidy, efficient.  Somebody is going to have to beat the defending World Champs, cause they sure don't beat themselves.


2008-10-11 06:27:08
1.   JL25and3
And that was with their third-best starter on the mound.

I hate the freakin' Red Sox.

2008-10-11 08:25:01
2.   flycaster
These Rays are "up-and-coming", but not ready to win. Check out Ortiz' comments about how tight they look. Sox in 5. Give them their due and use them as motivation.
2008-10-11 08:34:02
3.   ms october
1 and i still don't get how matsuzaka gets away with pitching the way he does.

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