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2008-10-05 05:05
by Alex Belth
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When the Cubs lost the first two games at home against the Dodgers I wasn't especially surprised. For all of the talk about a new vibe at Wrigley this year, these were still the Cubs after all. They'd need to win at least one round before I started to truly believe.


I called my oldest friend in the world, Lizzie Plummer, whose father, rest his soul, was a long-suffering Cubbie fan. I had been thinking about him for weeks, knowing he would have been reserved about all the good cheer.

"You know what he would say?" Liz told me over the phone. "They've come further only to fall farther."

He would not have batted an eye at a first round sweep.  Still, my heart does go out to Cub Nation or whatever they are called.  This one is for you.

At the same time, I'm thrilled for Dodger fans. Yowza La-La Land, pinch yourself--youse one series away from the World Serious.

2008-10-05 07:57:38
1.   OldYanksFan
I understand that the Dodger/Cubs game was on the West coast. But it was a Saturday. Does anyone else think it's nuts that the game started at 10 PM EST? I would think a day game on a Sarurday this time of year might be nice in LA. Are night games on weekends really that much more profitable?
2008-10-05 08:08:15
2.   Bob Timmermann
Not that the networks thought about this, but a day game in L.A. Saturday would have been played in the rain. It cleared up for the evening.

I'm not sure what the TBS thought process was.

2008-10-05 08:45:28
3.   Alex Belth
Football reigns. That's the reason. MLB didn't want to go up against college football. Sad but true.
2008-10-05 14:15:46
4.   Matt B
It seems really odd to me that the Dodgers haven't WON a series since '88. I would never have realized it had been 20 years. I just always figure they're in the mix, and they really haven't been in some time.
2008-10-05 18:30:53
5.   FreddySez
He was a very good man. Didn't know about the Cubs thing.

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