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Not So Sweet Dreams
2008-10-03 18:56
by Alex Belth
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Jason Bay hits a three-run bomb as the Sox score four runs in the first inning out in California.


The nightmare continues for the Halos.

2008-10-03 19:01:40
1.   Alex Belth
Terrible job by Juan Rivera hacking at that weak sh** on the first pitch.
2008-10-03 19:18:31
2.   riclaimbeer
disturbing picture- you ever seen damian hirst's work?
2008-10-03 19:21:58
3.   Alex Belth
Yeah...this one is from the one and only Francis Bacon. No, not that one, the second one, the painter. LOL.

Man, I can't figure who I hate more the Angels or the Red Sox. I think it's the Angels right now.

2008-10-03 19:26:31
4.   pistolpete
Man it's like when we used to face Texas in our dynasty playoff runs — the Angels are just plain spooked by this team.
2008-10-03 19:29:01
5.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Angels lineup just not very good..mystifying that they were picked as WS winners by so many people.
Daisuke looking good so far tonight...
2008-10-03 19:38:30
6.   bobtaco
Hopefully the Rays stay hot and can take it to them. Otherwise, this October is going to get suck much more than it already does.
2008-10-03 19:40:46
7.   Alex Belth
Now, looks like Hunter may have hurt himself. More bad dreams...
2008-10-03 19:41:39
8.   pistolpete
Screw these guys, let's go Rays.
2008-10-03 19:43:44
9.   Alex Belth
I know. How'd you like Johnny Gomes' haircut? Looks like he just came from a casting call for "The Road Warrior."
2008-10-03 19:46:35
10.   Alex Belth
Man, Santana can't put them away. Cora?

I've got NO FAITH in L.A.

They are toast.

2008-10-03 19:49:39
11.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
10 yeah.. Rays-Sox wil be a great series though. prepare for the onslaught of "these guys don't know they're supposed to be nervous" articles (never could figure out what that meant)
2008-10-03 19:52:01
12.   thelarmis
11 it'll only be a great series if the Rays win!!! : )
2008-10-03 19:52:54
13.   thelarmis
it looked like torii's knee locked in the air, then he landed on it. guess there won't be a torre-torii freeway series...
2008-10-03 20:33:36
14.   OldYanksFan
2008 Yankees - Defense breakdown. Very good post.
2008-10-03 20:37:28
15.   thelarmis
dice-k mats-whoodini
2008-10-03 21:27:04
16.   OldYanksFan
From Real GM -

Mussina Wants Three-Year Deal From Yanks
3rd October, 2008 - 6:13 pm
Rocky Mountain News - Mike Mussina reportedly wants a three-year deal from the Yankees if he is going to return to the team next season.

He has also hinted that if the Yankees don't want him, he'll retire to avoid becoming a vagabond.

RealGM Note: Mussina was ranked 39th amongst all players (19th amongst starting pitchers) in season FIC. He 'deserved' to make $13.2 million and had a Reina Value of +19%.

2008-10-03 21:33:16
17.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Does Howie Kendrick know how to take a single pitch?? Angels just giving away their at bats..
2008-10-03 21:33:44
18.   OldYanksFan
Worst AB in history there...
2008-10-03 21:40:08
19.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
18 shocking...this is why they will lose this series. how do you only get one run in each of these situations??
2008-10-03 21:41:21
20.   thelarmis
16 should we give it? would he take 3 years, between $30-$33 mil? if so, let's just do it. tell andy to stay home next year or just come back for 1 in the new stadium. keep mikey moose around awhile as the insurance veteran and hope he racks up 300/3,000...

bring moose back!!!

2008-10-03 21:44:31
21.   thelarmis
if moose stays healthy, you know he's gonna try like hell to be productive and get to 300 wins. give him 3 years, he deserves it. helps bring the kids along slowly. esp if we're not gonna end up getting CC. i'd rather stick w/ moose, a healthy wang and the kids. better than picking up a burnett or sheets...
2008-10-03 21:57:11
22.   JL25and3
I can't help pulling for the Formerly Satanic Rays. They're not really that good - but they don't know it, so they're playing like they are.

If Wile E. Coyote didn't look down, he'd be able to keep running in mid-air. That's the (Devil) Rays. How can you not love that?

And if they beat the Pale Hose, they'll be facing either the Red Sox or the Angels. Another reason to root for them.

2008-10-03 22:02:49
23.   thelarmis
22 i will definitely root for the Rays in the LCS. damn the color red!
2008-10-03 22:08:41
24.   JL25and3
0 BTW, Alex, I recognized Francis Bacon immediately. He was, indeed, incomparable. Deeply disturbing...but that can be a very good thing.

I freakin' love Francis Bacon.

2008-10-03 22:12:38
25.   Matt B
The Angels are meat. I'm starting to worry we're about to watch another Sox championship.
2008-10-03 22:13:37
26.   OldYanksFan
Did Paps give up that triple?
2008-10-03 22:17:20
27.   thelarmis
25 i started worrying about that 2 days ago. i'm afraid they're gonna go back-to-back. : /
2008-10-03 22:19:08
28.   OldYanksFan
K-Rod just lost about $20m off his next contract. NO Mariano money for him!
2008-10-03 22:20:06
29.   JL25and3
0 BTW, Alex, I recognized Francis Bacon immediately. He was, indeed, incomparable. Deeply disturbing...but that can be a very good thing.

I freakin' love Francis Bacon.

2008-10-03 22:20:23
30.   thelarmis
26 no, it was masterson to start the inning. paps came in and got garrett anderson to popup. then Tex hit a sac fly to center.

k-rod blew it in the 9th. not before the ump blew a pickoff of crisp at 2nd base. shoulda been 2 out, no one on for drew...

total. fucking. bollocks.

2008-10-03 22:20:41
31.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
I NEVER want to read another article about Mike Scosioa being a good manager..the Angels must be the stupidest team in baseball. Hunter just bunted WITH A BAD KNEE...

and Mathews is not only batting, but swung at the first pitch..

2008-10-03 22:21:20
32.   OldYanksFan
I don't know if Moose, pitching wise, is worth 3/$30m, but I'd be happy to give it to him. We will have a young staff, and Moose would be great to have around. If we give him 3 years, and he goes to the HOF, does he wear a Yankees cap?
2008-10-03 22:21:59
33.   thelarmis
unfortunately, i just found out tonight that scioscia went to penn state - my alma mater...
2008-10-03 22:22:12
34.   JL25and3
24 , 29 Did I mention that I like Francis Bacon?

I have no ida how that happened.

2008-10-03 22:22:58
35.   OldYanksFan
Vlad's PS RBI makes ARod look like a god. Funny, ya don't hear much about it.
2008-10-03 22:23:10
36.   JL25and3
*idea. I shouldn't post after three stiff Scotches.
2008-10-03 22:23:35
37.   Matt B
32 As much as it would be nice to see him in a Yankees cap, if Moose goes to the HOF, he's got to go in as an Oriole. It's only right.

I don't see Papelbon blowing this against these free-swinging Angels.

2008-10-03 22:23:45
38.   thelarmis
32 i think if he pitches for us for 3 more years and reaches 300 wins and 3,000 k's, he might go in w/ a Yanks cap. 20 win season and 4,000 innings, too. if we win the Serious in that time, i think it's a definite. as of now, his chances are borderline (he should be in) and it'd probably be an Oreo's hat...
2008-10-03 22:24:36
39.   thelarmis
some smokin' hotties in the crowd out there in LA...
2008-10-03 22:25:33
40.   thelarmis
35 soriano, too.
2008-10-03 22:25:58
41.   Matt B
The Sox are breathing fire, the way the Yankees used to...they might just make a joke of the post-season. I'll hold out hope the Rays can keep rolling.
2008-10-03 22:26:06
42.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
even worse..Youk with the great play...
WHY is Kendrick batting here? automatic K against Papelbon...
2008-10-03 22:26:49
43.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
39 you havn't been to Japan yet my friend....
2008-10-03 22:27:44
44.   thelarmis
43 yeah, but i like 'em blonde! : )
2008-10-03 22:36:06
45.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ok, i can deal with it..Sox the best team in baseball...

Go Rays!

2008-10-03 23:15:03
46.   thinkblue88
The game was played in Anaheim. Not Los Angeles.
2008-10-04 10:30:32
47.   Chyll Will
I haven't seen Rocky Balboa yet, but I'm sure that's what he looked like at the end...

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