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There's No Place Like Home
2008-09-30 15:14
by Alex Belth
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Brian Cashman has agreed to a three-year deal to stay with the Yankees.  Newsday has the scoop. 


He's part of the Family and in the end, Cash didn't want to leave New York.  Can you blame him?  After all, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere like the song says.  Leaving the big team in the big city and you end up something like Ray Liotta eating spaghetti with ketchup at the end of Good Fellas somewhere in Schnooksville, USA, right?  For better or worse, I'm happy that he's staying...Money, Money...Cash Money.

Got to like the fact that Cash doesn't mince around.  He gets right to it.

2008-09-30 15:25:27
1.   Yankee Fan In Boston
best news of the day. hopefully hal will keep hank from interfering too much.
2008-09-30 15:32:34
2.   Cliff Corcoran
Ah. Good. Now we really can get that hot stove a-crankin'.
2008-09-30 15:43:58
3.   Chyll Will
1 Upon St. Cashman's Day? >;)
2008-09-30 15:47:27
4.   Mattpat11
As long as he sticks away from the injured and the mediocre (and the just plain bad), this can be happy news.
2008-09-30 16:17:32
5.   OldYanksFan
4 Aw shucks! That the nicest thing I've ever heard you say about ManOfCash.

I think it's really hard to judge a GM. Many factors are out of his control. Just like there is a lot of RCNB in the game itself, there is also some (granted to a lesser extent) in the successes/failures of a GM.

Pete Abe says Brian is extremely hard working and dedicated, and well respected in the GM community. Is he the best? 2nd best? 5th? That's silly. He's the right man for the job, and I am VERY relieved he's back.

2008-09-30 16:37:17
6.   Just fair
I knew ya weren't going anywhere, Cash. : )
Man, how about that Alexei Ramirez kid. He kind of flew under the radar this year. 4 grand slams this year to set the rookie record. His expression after his hr the other night was priceless. I was kind of disappointed to look 'em up and find out he's 27 years old. Oh, well. he''s one tall drink of water, though.
2008-09-30 16:48:18
7.   williamnyy23
I like Cashman, so I am very happy he is returning. I also think that after the transition from Torre, the last thing the Yankees need is more upheaval. With a stable hierarchy in place, the Yankees can immediately start planning for 2009, which is a good thing.

Another thing to consider is that Cashman is a home grown GM. Just as we tend to favor home grown players, I kind of like the idea of the Yankees being run by a Yankee. What's more, I am extremely confident that Cashman always has the best interest of the team at heart. I would hate to see the Yankees bring in a Syd Thrift type whose main motivation would be to build his resume. That's how you wind up making very bad trades.

So, welcome back Brian! Now get to work!

2008-09-30 17:25:57
8.   Sliced Bread
I knew Ca$$iu$ wouldn't bolt the Bronx.
And while we're heatin' up the stove:
Keep Robbie, No Manny, and let the Ca$h handle the rest.
2008-09-30 17:28:20
9.   OldYanksFan
Was it 3 years ago that Cashman was up for contract renewal? I remember seeing a video where he talked aboout the lack of continuity (because of the Tampa group) and how he didn't think he could come back under the same arrangement. He was literally crying as he spoke about maybe having to leave the Yankees.

That's when I became a Cashman supporter for life. Some people work the job, some people are the job. As William said, Cashman is family. This is not just his job but his life, and yet, both then as now, he had the balls to walk away before he let the Steinbrenner(s) fuck it up. This is a man of integrity.

2008-09-30 17:29:43
10.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
9 Hear,hear! now let's just hope Hank is sent back to the horses..

anyone watching Twins-ChiSox??

i already miss baseball and the playoffs havn't even started yet.. :(

2008-09-30 17:36:31
11.   Raf
10 Just getting in, and I'm watching the game
2008-09-30 18:15:29
12.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay Cash.

10 Yeah I'm watching, but I can't tell if I should be underwhelmed or impressed. Both of these teams pretty much suck. Maybe it's because I'm not invested.

2008-09-30 18:16:35
13.   3rd gen yankee fan
Like, Joe Mauer just bunted? I just don't get this game.
2008-09-30 18:17:03
14.   OldYanksFan
Anyone wonder where the Twins might be had they kept Santana? Or at least traded him mid-season? And how much more would it have cost them to keep Tori? What might have been in Minn.
2008-09-30 18:24:43
15.   OldYanksFan
I'm a little disappointed we haven't solved our 1Bman situation. You guys gonna leave EVERYTHING to Cashman. Hank Blalock? Opinions?
2008-09-30 18:29:58
16.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
"say NO to Tex"! anyone got the domain name yet
2008-09-30 18:55:59
17.   Just fair
15 You know who'd be perfect.? And he's proven his clutchitude tonight? Jim Thome. Ha. Seriously, I hope Miranda takes about 1,000 groundballs in the morning, noon, and at night for the next 6 months. He won't be prime-time ready for who knows how long, but he's lurking.
2008-09-30 19:01:26
18.   Eirias
Something tells me that Nomaas will be pleased.
2008-09-30 19:03:07
19.   Mattpat11
5 Just wait til he signs AJ Burnett.
2008-09-30 19:37:49
20.   Shaun P
14 If they kept Santana, and never signed Livan, I think they would have won the division by 5 games.

Even though I'm sure some (many?) Twins fans would claim (wrongly) that Gomez saved at least that many games with his glove alone. Which ignores how awful his bat was (.297 OBP!) and how much he killed the offense because Gardenhire insisted on batting him leadoff for 4 months. Span had a heck of a year, was no slouch with the glove, and posted a great OBP (.386) himself.

Even if they had to play a replacement level guy in RF when Cuddyer was hurt, I think they made a huge mistake in trading Santana.

Or they could have just brought Liriano back sooner and booted Livan sooner.

Too late now.

2008-09-30 19:41:27
21.   Eirias
15 Well, we aren't leaving everything to Cashman. You reference first base. He would be a horrible first baseman. I'm not sure Cashman even played baseball in high school.
2008-09-30 19:51:35
22.   Shaun P
15 Sign Tex. As for the backup plan, that's why he's the GM. =)

The Yanks need to pay however much a year it will take to get him to sign a 3 year or 4 year deal. For too long, the Yanks have used their resources to overwhelm guys the wrong way. Why pay for a guy's decline - and have to pay someone else to pick up the slack - when you can pay the guy more upfront, and end up getting more value out of the shorter deal? Go 4 years/$105M if that's what it takes, or 3 years/$81M. You get a great 1B and miss out on his decline years.

And, if you think he's going to decline slowly, you just sign him to an extension!

Besides, Boras will love to get Tex back on the market when he's 32.

2008-10-01 04:49:23
23.   OldYanksFan
Have you guys seen this? A little insight into Cashman's life:,0,4121017.column
2008-10-01 05:20:24
24.   rbj
Good to see Cashman back. How many times does a new GM come in and gets his team to the WS?

23 Interesting, but he's wrong on the A-Rod situation. Alex opted out, but then came crawling back. Nothing there undermined Brian.
And I'll still stick with the Joba/Hughes/IPK model over Santana. At least with CC we're only giving up $, not $ and prospects.

2008-10-01 06:19:36
25.   williamnyy23
16 What's so bad about 28 year old, switch hitting, slick fielding 1B who post OPS+ of 130-150 and hit well from both sides of the plate? I think I may register instead.

24 I agree, if the Yankees get Sabathia. Otherwise, I'd have to conclude that the Yankees decision was a failure. A top-3 of Joba, Santana and Wang would be very formidable over the next few years. Of course, C.C., Joba, Wang and Hughes seems even nicer, but that big piece has to fall into place. Otherwise, Hughes has to come close to Johan-level, and that's asking way too much of anyone. Also, I think you can throw IPK out of the equation because I really don't expect him to ever pitch meaningful innings for the Yankees. In fact, I think he will be traded for a "piece" this off season.

2008-10-01 08:02:10
26.   rbj
25 I don't mind trading IPK, in fact I've always thought of him as more likely to be trade bait. It's very rare for a successful team to develop 3 starting pitchers at the same time, if both Joba and Phil emerge as solid starters for the Yankees for a long time, that will be a huge success.

And now Ben Sheets is out of the playoffs due to a torn elbow muscle. Avoid him at all costs.

2008-10-01 08:46:08
27.   OldYanksFan
While we all want to win now, I think most here are smart, and are looking down the line.

... While we may not have any Doc Gooden's on the farm, looking ahead over the next 3 years, I think we may produce a number of MLB pitches.

... Since Phil and IPK literally could not be any worse then 2008, logic says there's a fair chance they will be better.

... Barring injury, Joba is a stud. It's simply a question of how good he will be.

So baring injury, even with ZERO FA pitchers, we really should have at least a better then average staff 2009-1011.

... looking ahead over the next 3 years, Montero (Tabata is gone!) looks to be the only impact bat. Outside of AJax and Miranda (and Miranda is basically already a DH) we might not have many, if any, above average MLB bats.

Looking at Jeter, ARod and Po, and losing Giambi, Bobby, JG and Mats aver the next year, leaves us with almost no impact offense after ARod and Cano, and MAYBE Po, if he can still catch.

So.... if I have stated the case fairly....

While Tex for 8 years or more could ultimately be worse then the Giambi deal (which wasn't bad.... but ya know...), and I like being headshy of long, expensive contracts, I'm not sure we can afford to pass on Tex. Over the next few years we will need to acquire a number of impact bats, and it would be really helpful if these guys ALSO knew which hand their gloves went on.

So while in philosophy, I am leary of the Text deal, in reality (as William points out), I think he is the type of player we MUST take a chance on.

Between Wang, Joba, Phil and the farm, it's at least possible we have anywhere from good to excellent pitching. But our O is going nowhere but down.

I don't want Manny, but if we get him, Tex MIGHT not be necessary. If another true impact bat comes our way, again, Tex MIGHT becomes a toss us. I just don't know if we can pass on him because 'Po might play 1B'.

So as much as 'pitching is key' and I would love to see a top 3 of CC, Wang and Joba, the way this team is constructed and with the talent on the farm, I think offense must be our priority.

I will bet one of Giambi/Abreu in on the 2009 team. I like Mats, but he is absolutely NOW the definition of a one-dimensional player (no glove, no arm, no speed, no knees). Trade him while he still has value. At least JD is still somewhat above average in LF. If they focus on Brett, and 'train' him to hit based on his skills, considering his speed and defense, he won't be a bad 'worse guy in the team'.

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