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Postseason Previews
2008-09-30 12:58
by Cliff Corcoran
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I had been planning to preview the various playoff series here at Banter, but I got a call from Sports Illustrated the other day asking me to pen a daily preview column for them on So, starting today, you can find my previews of each day's playoff action over on's main baseball page. Today I discuss the heavy home-field advantage the White Sox will enjoy in tonight's AL Central playoff. Tomorrow, I'll have previews up for the three scheduled Division Series openers, and so forth on a daily basis. Giver 'er a look-see and feel free to send me feedback via email (since there are no comments over there).

2008-09-30 14:23:09
1.   Shaun P
Great news from Pete Abe - Cash signed a 3 year deal, is staying as GM!

2008-09-30 14:45:28
2.   RIYank
Wow, I thought high-end GMs made more money than that. But, yeah, I'm glad too.

Also, congrats, Cliff, that's a pretty cool gig.

2008-09-30 14:54:23
3.   ms october
nice cliff - good write up - good job of putting in stuff like the pythag record in a way the "average reader" will get.
should be an interesting game.
tough for the white sox to have to keep winning these do or die games, but i think the home field helps them pull it out.

once we know who wins this game the banterers should do some kind of predictions for all of the series.

i am glad cash is back too. i think the organization needs stability and he mostly has things on the right track and 3 years is about the time when we will know how his plan has panned out. cashman needs to improve the organization's capacity to evaluate ML pitchers and acquiring bats especially through the draft and international signings; but i definitely think his strengths outweigh his weaknesses.

2008-09-30 14:57:31
4.   ny2ca2dc
2 What dollar value did you see?

0 I know Lirano got knocked around a bit in his last start, and this is his comback-from-TJ year and all, but why do you think the Twinks opted against pitching him on short rest? Maybe they could have started Lirano and had Blackburn shadow him in the pen?

2008-09-30 15:25:01
5.   Chyll Will
1 "That's good... one less thing."

Does that mean he's open to the idea of "advisors" or whatever you want to call them, or does he squash all that? If anything, I would hope that he takes a dental tool to the coaching staff and perhaps his organizational scouting. I have less confidence in Girardi's leadership ability than I had at the beginning, but I think more informed heads at critical positions (3rd base and bench) would improve his decision-making, tangibly and otherwise.

Oh, and let me correct myself from a few days ago: when I said the Mets would have no strong NYC legacy otherwise besides 1969 and 1973, I omitted the obvious 1986. My bad, I apologize. Still don't forgive em for Willie, but I am contrite >;)

2008-09-30 15:59:19
6.   RIYank
4 From River Ave Blues:

The new contract will be for slightly more than Cashman had been making, putting it at in the ballpark of $2-million per year.

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