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Let's Go Moose
2008-09-28 08:50
by Alex Belth
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You Gotta Believe. That's the order of the day for the Mets who get to play an enormous game in the season finale at Shea. Talk about tension. For Yankee fans, there ain't much at stake, but You Gotta Believe Moose can win 20 games for the first time in his career. Personally, I don't think he'll do it. Something will happen. He'll pitch great but lose 2-1, or get bombed early or pitch well and have a 5-0 lead only to have the game called in the fourth inning. Something always happens. But even if he doesn't get the win, Moose has been one of the best things about the Yanks this year and he gets props over here.

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2008-09-28 09:39:27
1.   weeping for brunnhilde
Well, here we are.

Six months of heartache and it ends not with a bang, but a whimper.

2008-09-28 09:40:54
2.   Mattpat11
If Mussina doesn't win the first game, and Tubby is winning the second game in the fourth inning, pull the fatass and put in Moose.
2008-09-28 09:41:18
3.   unmoderated
history tells us that moose will come THAT close, and miss.

but screw history. i mean, they just closed Yankee Stadium. if that can happen, moose can get 20.

last crazy prediction of 2008:

moose: 6 IP 7 H 3 ER 4 K 1 BB
dice: 7 IP 5 H 4 ER 1 K 5 BB

gardner: 2-3 2 BB 1 RBI 2 SB
A Rod: 3R HR
Molina : Sac Fly 1 RBI

Final: 5-3

2008-09-28 09:58:29
4.   OldYanksFan
Moose has some pretty weird Karma. You can't get any closer to a perfect game then being ONE STRIKE away. Jeez.... I hope and pray he gets 20. He really deserves it.
2008-09-28 09:59:38
5.   weeping for brunnhilde
4 Oh, God, you had to bring that up?
2008-09-28 10:06:01
6.   OldYanksFan
I don't think they will get in 2 today. My guess is that's why Moose is going against Dice-K in the first game.

Dice has great junk, which he rarely throws for a strike. Even with 3 balls, he throws junk.

I know this sounds easy... but you have to let him walk you. You have to be VERY selective. If you swing at the junk, he will beat you. I think you literally have a better chance of beating him if you don't swing at all... until he has walked 2 men. I have to admire that he doesn't give in, and he knows he's going to walk guys. It doesn't bother him.

You have to take a strike... meybe 2. If you play his game, he is VERY very tough.

2008-09-28 10:10:05
7.   Mattpat11
6 This sounds like one of those games where Matsuzaka is going to have 8 Ks, six looking in five innings.

And I rip my hair out.

2008-09-28 10:17:41
8.   ms october
6 i agree - i think only one game gets played, so i just want moose to pitch whichever game has the better shot of getting in. i'm about 5 miles or less away from fenway and no rain now - actually looking fairly clear.

i also agree with you on matsuzaka - he throws crap and most hitters fall for it and they have to make themselves lay off of it.

according to petey, girardi says they are leaning to joba as a starter next year and will find a way to manage his innings. to me that implies they won't mess with putting him in the bullpen to start the year, which i think will make things easier on him, plus the yanks get him as a starter for the bulk of the season.

2008-09-28 10:25:11
9.   Shaun P
7 No, I think OYF has it exactly right. Francona couldn't care less about these games. His #1 priority is to keep his guys healthy. So, the more pitches Dice-K throws, the faster he's out of there, and the quicker the JV relief corps come in.

Dice-K has the most walks in the AL, and the 6 guys trailing him have all thrown between 20 and 60 more innings. He walks 5.1 guys a game, by far the league leader.

There is no one in the AL with a greater discrepancy between his actual ERA and what his ERA should be based on his component stats, than Dice-K. (Real ERA 2.80, xFIP (expected fielding independent ERA 4.86.)

I think the Yanks crush him today, and Moose wins #20 with ease.

(The funny thing is, most of RSN thinks they are golden in the postseason with a top 3 of Beckett-Lester-Dice-K. They may be in for a very rude awakening.)

2008-09-28 10:25:54
10.   OldYanksFan
Well, it's raining hard at Fenway.
2008-09-28 10:41:33
11.   OldYanksFan
Topics for todays 'this game don't mean a shit, just get Moose a win' game:
1) Gardner - 13 for last 40: Real or pretender?
2) Cashman - To be or not to be
3) Giambi - If we don't sign Tex, who is a better alternative
2008-09-28 10:47:14
12.   williamnyy23
1) Role player who can be useful in the right spots.
2) I think Cashman is walking. This isnt the kind of job you take if you aren't 100% sure. If Cashman still hasn't made up his mind, I doubt he is coming back. My first call would be to Billy Beane (if the As allow it).
3) Tex should be a target, but after him 1B falls into place based on what else you bring back.
2008-09-28 10:51:19
13.   Max
4 That is one of those games (the near-perfecto) that I really will never forget. About as dominating a performance as you'll see -- nothing remotely flukish about it -- and then Everett gets a pitch in his wheelhouse after being clueless all game (and all season).

That hit by Everett is still as clear as day in my mind...crazy. And it still felt more like a perfect game to me (or at least, what one should be) than other successful attempts. But that's the story of Moose.

2008-09-28 10:54:45
14.   yankster
11 3) Money is a bigger deal at first than at any of the other positions in play. If Giambi is willing to come back for $10 million for each of 2 years including the buyout (not likely), the Yanks have to take it.

What's the point of talking to Teixeira at $20 mil/per when he only gives you a small bump over Giambi. It's possible that there just won't be anyone else available at first for Giambi's $/vorp $/OPS+. Finally, you know he can deal with NY and with the clubhouse. That certainty has real value.

2008-09-28 10:56:11
15.   Shaun P
12 2) Beane has an ownership stake in the A's, and IIRC, in whatever MLS team the A's owners also own. So I don't think he's going anywhere.

1) That's what Spring Training is for figuring out!
2) Cashman stays.
3) Too early to even guess at alternatives.

2008-09-28 10:57:44
16.   Mattpat11
Tom Seaver got old and fat.
2008-09-28 11:00:21
17.   Shaun P
14 Because Tex is 29 and plays excellent defense at 1B, and Giambi will be 38 next year. I don't trust the Giambi's body could handle 150 games at 1B and no time at DH - which could well happen, as Matsui and Posada already have a stranglehold on the '09 DH job.
2008-09-28 11:21:18
18.   Mattpat11
Any word?
2008-09-28 11:26:40
19.   Shaun P
18 PeteAbe says first pitch at 2:30.
2008-09-28 11:27:47
20.   Mattpat11
Here we go
2008-09-28 11:36:35
21.   JL25and3
10 "It was raining hard at Fenway
I needed one more fare to make my night..."

Sorry. That just came out.

2008-09-28 11:41:02
22.   Shaun P
Hmm, Damon didn't get the memo.

BTW, how psyched are Twins' fans that, instead of facing likely Cy Young Winner Cliff Lee, instead the ChiSox get washed up failed prospect Bryan Bullington?

2008-09-28 11:44:29
23.   ms october
22 but damon threw someone out - that has to be a good sign
2008-09-28 11:46:22
24.   Shaun P
23 Even better, it was Scrappy Dustid Pedroistein!
2008-09-28 11:52:31
25.   Mattpat11
Trying to think of something I love more than watching a player stare at strike three right down the middle.
2008-09-28 11:53:43
26.   Mattpat11
I just hope the Yankees get a hit. Sorry Mike.
2008-09-28 12:02:19
27.   Mattpat11
They both have 24 pitches through two.
2008-09-28 12:12:28
28.   Mattpat11
25 I may have found one. Taking that same pitch early in the count for no other reason than taking a pitch.
2008-09-28 12:17:23
29.   ms october
well moose is doing his job.
now getting him a run!!
2008-09-28 12:17:37
30.   Mattpat11
33 pitches through three for Mussina. 37 for Matsuzaka.
2008-09-28 12:17:37
31.   Shaun P
Hmm, both New York teams playing a pitchers' duel . . .
2008-09-28 12:23:50
32.   Mattpat11
Come on. Two run bomb.
2008-09-28 12:25:08
33.   Mattpat11
That's one loud peanut vender.
2008-09-28 12:26:56
34.   Mattpat11
Are we sure we wanted Abreu in scoring position with these two coming up?
2008-09-28 12:32:37
35.   ms october
thanks xavier!
2008-09-28 12:32:52
36.   rbj
Now just two more shutout innings by Moose, then let the skies open up.
2008-09-28 12:33:32
37.   Jeb
Love that X-man!
2008-09-28 12:33:32
38.   tommyl
Was that a clutch RBI? I do not understand. Oh wait, I do, it was by Nady, who hasn't been around long enough to have the stench of RISP problems get to him yet.
2008-09-28 12:33:43
39.   OldYanksFan
A HR literally by 3 inches. A RFer with any speed would have caught that.
2008-09-28 12:34:26
40.   thelarmis
X-Man delivers!

make it stand Mikey Moose!!!

2008-09-28 12:35:49
41.   Just fair
39 And then decapitated himself by flipping over that little wall. Ah, Robbie, what could have been?
2008-09-28 12:38:18
42.   OldYanksFan
After that Ransom hit, Dice-K at 70 pitches.
2008-09-28 12:41:09
43.   Mattpat11
Come on Moose. Just hold on
2008-09-28 12:42:46
44.   Mattpat11
Oh no
2008-09-28 12:44:50
45.   rbj
I'm not liking this.
2008-09-28 12:44:51
46.   Mattpat11
This is not good.
2008-09-28 12:45:05
47.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 12:46:29
48.   Mattpat11
DP time Moose.
2008-09-28 12:48:54
49.   rbj
48 As you requested.
2008-09-28 12:49:08
50.   Mattpat11
He heard me.

Now lets get through five.

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2008-09-28 12:49:10
51.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 12:52:20
52.   ms october
moose made it a little interesting but still going well.

has anyone figured out why bladness is so highly correlated with scrapiness? dusty is going to have to re-grow that hideous neck beard and transplant it to his head pretty soon.

2008-09-28 12:52:57
53.   Mattpat11
52 Bubba had hair and he was not just scrappy, but spunky.
2008-09-28 12:53:18
54.   Mattpat11
Dennis Martinez is watching this game closely.
2008-09-28 12:55:51
55.   Mattpat11
I'd say Mariano Rivera is pretty damned spectacular.
2008-09-28 12:58:48
56.   Mattpat11
I want more runs. Jack one Alex.
2008-09-28 13:00:22
57.   OldYanksFan
A Hit now would be very nice....
2008-09-28 13:01:27
58.   moismycopilot
56 I'm also feeling greedy. I'd like some insurance runs.
2008-09-28 13:04:09
59.   OldYanksFan
57 Jeez... that's not really what I meant. When you talk to God, I didn't think ya had to be so specific.
2008-09-28 13:12:08
60.   Mattpat11
Where the hell was that pitch?
2008-09-28 13:13:39
61.   Mattpat11
A little late, but good enough.

Also, if he pitches 2/3 of an inning, he'll hit 200 IP for the first time since 2003 (He topped out at 197.3 in 06.

2008-09-28 13:14:50
62.   Just fair
Love them caught lookings.
Atta boy, Moose.
BTW, when I was real little,5 or 6, whenever an announcer said that the batter went down looking, I thought he got called out for peaking back at the catcher. Ignorance is bliss. : )
2008-09-28 13:16:08
63.   Mattpat11
More runs. Make this a laugher. As much as I love Mo, I don't want to see him today. Moose can actually go the distance.
2008-09-28 13:16:12
64.   dianagramr
Wes Helms PH homer off of Schoenweis, 3-2 Florida top 8th.
2008-09-28 13:16:42
65.   OldYanksFan
Ladies and Gentlemen.... we have 5 IP. Can we do the Banter rain dance?
2008-09-28 13:17:06
66.   RIYank
Hey yall.

I think Mo could pitch the ninth even if we have a seven run lead, actually.

2008-09-28 13:17:29
67.   Mattpat11
65 I wouldn't mind see Moose get over 200 IP. But if it means the win for him, I'll gladly start dancing.
2008-09-28 13:18:09
68.   OldYanksFan
Holy smokes, the sun is out in NH. AT least I think it's the sun... I looked it up.
2008-09-28 13:18:17
69.   Mattpat11
Nice play
2008-09-28 13:18:22
70.   dianagramr
Meanwhile, the Jets lead 56-35 with 2 minutes left.

yes, 56-35.

2008-09-28 13:18:29
71.   RIYank
The rain has let up here, fyi. Sometimes the weather goes from my house to Boston.
2008-09-28 13:18:57
72.   OldYanksFan
If Moose wins this one, can you imagine the lineups in tonights game?
2008-09-28 13:19:21
73.   Just fair
Mets losing 3-2 in the 8th. Brewers tied at 1 in the 8th with C.C. at the bat. He just came out of his shoes twice trying to jack one out. Then goes down looking. : (
2008-09-28 13:20:42
74.   RIYank
Okay, now it's pouring again.
2008-09-28 13:20:49
75.   Mattpat11
72 To be honest, I don't really get the point of resting the regulars in the last game with no playoffs.

But I see your point. It will look like a beer softball league.

With the fatass pitcher to boot.

2008-09-28 13:21:45
76.   OldYanksFan
Not much hussle there by Molina....
2008-09-28 13:22:35
77.   Mattpat11
2008-09-28 13:22:43
78.   seattleyank
Molina is just a putrid hitter.
2008-09-28 13:23:54
79.   Just fair
3-1 Brewers on a 2 out 2 run homer in the 8th by Braun. Wow.
2008-09-28 13:25:55
80.   Mattpat11
Don't walk Varitek.
2008-09-28 13:25:56
81.   dianagramr

Willie Randolph might be grinning just a wee bit?

2008-09-28 13:27:52
82.   Mattpat11
Kay scared me with that DEEEEEEEEP BS.
2008-09-28 13:29:31
83.   OldYanksFan
I think Gardner may be a better defender then Melky
2008-09-28 13:29:52
84.   RIYank
Oooh, no batting title for Dusty.
2008-09-28 13:30:00
85.   Just fair
Molina just gave Moose the ball. 6 and done?
2008-09-28 13:30:10
86.   OldYanksFan
Wow.... Moose up by 3 after 6. This is pretty exciting. I really want this for Moose.
2008-09-28 13:30:33
87.   RIYank
83 He doesn't have Melky's arm, though.
2008-09-28 13:31:37
88.   OldYanksFan
85 Jeez.. I hope not. Moose is dealing. Let him control his own fate. While our BP has been good, everyone but Mo can implode anytime.
2008-09-28 13:32:30
89.   RIYank
88 How about Joba for two?
2008-09-28 13:33:23
90.   dianagramr
Uggla homers .... 4-2 Marlins .... bottom 8th.
2008-09-28 13:34:03
91.   OldYanksFan
I don't know who else is pitching, but right now Moose has the 5th best ERA in the AL, behind Lester, Dice-K, Lalladay and Lee. FIFTH best! How amazing is that?
2008-09-28 13:34:19
92.   rbj
Brewers win
2008-09-28 13:34:25
93.   OldYanksFan
Make that Halladay and Hee.
2008-09-28 13:35:09
94.   Just fair
Delgado up with 2 on and and 2 out down by 2. Arthur Rhodes coming in. Look out Apple.
C.C. with another complete game win. He's been a beast.
2008-09-28 13:35:33
95.   OldYanksFan
Are you telling me the Mets are going down in flames? Again? Gee... that's too bad.
2008-09-28 13:37:57
96.   JimCobain
Arthur Rhodes looks to give another gift to NY, Delgado hammered it right at the left fielder... that's a shame...
2008-09-28 13:38:18
97.   Just fair
HIt hard, but a line out to left.
95 I agree. too bad... too bad... hehheheheh
2008-09-28 13:38:19
98.   Mattpat11
I really, really hope Joe Girardi didn't outsmart himself.
2008-09-28 13:38:28
99.   dianagramr
Delgado flies out to track in left ... 4-2 top 9th.
2008-09-28 13:39:04
100.   OldYanksFan
Coke in?
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2008-09-28 13:39:27
101.   randym77
Brewers win, Mets losing.

Poor Mets.

2008-09-28 13:39:41
102.   moismycopilot
100 Coke's in. I really, really hope this works out.
2008-09-28 13:40:15
103.   rbj
95 It's A-Rod's fault!
2008-09-28 13:40:36
104.   OldYanksFan
Can we have a Banter moment of silence for our friends, the Mets?
2008-09-28 13:40:52
105.   ms october
94 cc has been amazing and even forgetting that i really hope the yanks are able to get cc, the brewers over use of him has been ridiculous.
that's one of those times you need boras as your agent.

why did girardi pull moose?

2008-09-28 13:41:02
106.   Mattpat11
102 The only excuse is if Mussina's elbow was bothering him.
2008-09-28 13:41:23
107.   OldYanksFan
8 to go!
2008-09-28 13:41:53
108.   Mattpat11
Also, under no circumstances do I want to see Damaso Marte
2008-09-28 13:42:06
109.   Mattpat11
108 Or Jose Veras.
2008-09-28 13:42:49
110.   Mattpat11
7 to go.
2008-09-28 13:43:00
111.   OldYanksFan
2 down... 7 to go!
2008-09-28 13:43:48
112.   nick
much as I love Coke, and even if this works out, nobody but Joba and Moose should even have been considered to start this inning...
2008-09-28 13:44:06
113.   Mattpat11
6 left!
2008-09-28 13:44:14
114.   Just fair
106 Or the fact that Ortiz, Youkilis, and Drew were due.
Man. COKE!!!!
2008-09-28 13:44:16
115.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 13:44:39
116.   randym77
If the current scores hold up, the Mets and Yanks will end the season with identical records.
2008-09-28 13:44:45
117.   Mattpat11
112 I still think Mussina should have gone at least eight
2008-09-28 13:48:27
118.   dianagramr

Will Hal make a statement that its unfair that the Mets missed the playoffs by only one game, while the Yanks, with the same record, missed the playoffs by more?

2008-09-28 13:48:36
119.   Mattpat11
Moose' final line, by the way, sans record

200.3 IP, 214 H 31 BB 150 K 3.37 ERA 1.26 WHIP

2008-09-28 13:50:29
120.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 13:51:07
121.   OldYanksFan
Question: What does a cow with a lisp say?
2008-09-28 13:51:48
122.   dianagramr

Sarah Palin?

2008-09-28 13:53:38
123.   Just fair
121 eath more thicken
2008-09-28 13:54:38
124.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 13:55:48
125.   Peter
According to Pete Abraham, Giradi said before the game that Moose would decide when he would come out.
2008-09-28 13:58:33
126.   rbj
Hamina hamina hamina.
2008-09-28 13:59:04
127.   Shaun P
I can't get Gameday to load; that's never happened before. There must an awful lot of people hanging on the outcome of the Mets/Marlins game.

WTF is Joba trying to do, give us all heart attacks!?!?

2008-09-28 14:00:20
128.   rbj
One more out for the Mutts.
2008-09-28 14:01:05
129.   Shaun P
Matt Lindstrom - I seem to recall that he was a big, hard throwing righty reliever . . .

. . . drafted by the Mets and then traded for peanuts (Jason Vargas and Adam Bostock). Whoops, Omar?

2008-09-28 14:01:52
130.   Mattpat11
There better be a DAMN good reason why Mike Mussina is not pitching right now.
2008-09-28 14:02:23
131.   nick
Joba out? why??
2008-09-28 14:03:06
132.   Mattpat11
131 Out on account of suck.
2008-09-28 14:03:16
133.   yankster
27 MLB is basically down. banterers, any updates?
2008-09-28 14:03:30
134.   rbj
One more strike for the Mutts.
2008-09-28 14:03:33
135.   RIYank
K for BB!
2008-09-28 14:03:42
136.   Mattpat11
Okay, Brian, two more.
2008-09-28 14:03:59
137.   dianagramr
Easley walks .... Church up.
2008-09-28 14:04:24
138.   rbj
And it's a walk for the Mets, they've still got life.
2 more outs Bruney.
2008-09-28 14:05:25
139.   Just fair
I have a case of Sheadenfreud.
Mets lose 4-2.
2008-09-28 14:05:28
140.   rbj
Church flies out. Season over.
2008-09-28 14:05:37
141.   dianagramr
Church flies out to warning track.
2008-09-28 14:05:48
142.   Mattpat11
133 Both long gone.
2008-09-28 14:06:12
143.   OldYanksFan
Bruney obviously has had a real attitude change and has turned himself from a marginal player to a real asset. Maybe Cano will take a hint? Melky even?
2008-09-28 14:06:37
144.   Mattpat11
Oh fuck. Just get one more out, Brian.
2008-09-28 14:06:50
145.   Mattpat11
2008-09-28 14:06:57
146.   RIYank
Uh oh. Mattpat is not going to be happy about this.
2008-09-28 14:07:30
147.   OldYanksFan
Oh Crap... I don't like this. I can only assume we see Mo in the 9th.
2008-09-28 14:07:57
148.   Shaun P
144 Oh fuck - who is going to pitch the 9th? I just remembered that Mo is unavailable!
2008-09-28 14:08:30
149.   nick
so Mo must be available, yes?
2008-09-28 14:09:22
150.   OldYanksFan
148 Was that announced?
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2008-09-28 14:09:32
151.   Mattpat11
148 Mo says he is.
2008-09-28 14:10:17
152.   OldYanksFan
MLB.TV is down also.
2008-09-28 14:10:20
153.   ms october
i think mo is available - nesn showed him in the bullpen and it seemed he was starting to get warmed up, but he could just be there.
marte please get this guy out.
2008-09-28 14:10:32
154.   thelarmis
i thought mo is out w/ an injury and was in NY for tests. is he at the fens in uni? can he pitch?!
2008-09-28 14:10:41
155.   OldYanksFan
MO UP IN THE PEN!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-09-28 14:10:50
156.   Shaun P
151 I just figured, creaky shoulder and all - but I haven't heard anything. So if you say Mo says he's ready to go, I'm very relieved.

Marte has actually pitched quite well against the Sox in his career - so has Edwar.

2008-09-28 14:10:54
157.   nick
so Girardi wants to give everybody in the pen the opportunity to blow Moose's 20th....
2008-09-28 14:10:57
158.   RIYank
I missed that -- did they say why Mo would be unavailable? If he has anything left, you know he empty the tank for Moose.
2008-09-28 14:11:05
159.   moismycopilot
148 Mo's warming up right now.
2008-09-28 14:11:18
160.   dianagramr

maybe its a denial of service attack :-)

2008-09-28 14:11:48
161.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 14:11:54
162.   RIYank
Well, if he's available, I wouldn't mind seeing him right now.
2008-09-28 14:12:06
163.   ms october
this is bullshit - somebody better get dusty out.
2008-09-28 14:12:18
164.   rbj
Crappity crap crap.
2008-09-28 14:12:29
165.   dianagramr
Yankee relievers have been replaced by Mets bullpen.
2008-09-28 14:12:31
166.   thelarmis
fuck. and. shit.
2008-09-28 14:12:36
167.   Mattpat11
Girardi is a fucking moron. He'll singlehandedly cost Mussina this game. Good fucking job Joe. Idiot.
2008-09-28 14:13:06
168.   JimCobain
Why wouldn't they bring in Mo to face Elisberry? If he is going to go 4 outs anyway? What is this the 2004 ALCS???
2008-09-28 14:13:09
169.   moismycopilot
Yikes. I don't think this is the way to go about convincing Moose to come back next year.
2008-09-28 14:13:27
170.   RIYank
165 Bruney was fine. So was Coke.
2008-09-28 14:13:42
171.   dianagramr
Meanwhile, the Raiders are beating the Chargers 15-0 in the 2nd quarter.

Strange days indeed.

2008-09-28 14:13:46
172.   OldYanksFan
Christ.... Moose must be shitting his pants.
2008-09-28 14:13:55
173.   thelarmis
c'mon Mo!!!!!

Mo for Moose!!!

2008-09-28 14:14:13
174.   Just fair
167 Moose probably took himself out and Joba spit the bit to start the 8th.
2008-09-28 14:14:19
175.   cult of basebaal
i don't ask you for much, mo, but please, pretty please ... nail this one down for moose.
2008-09-28 14:14:35
176.   nick
fucking Marte, fuck him!
2008-09-28 14:14:40
177.   Mattpat11
170 I'm still waiting for a reason that Mussina isn't pitching in this game right now, other than "Joe wanted to over mange this game"
2008-09-28 14:14:48
178.   RIYank
168 Or leave Bruney in, because he was obviously pitching well. I dunno. The whole "go with the lefty" instead of actually thinking, thing.
2008-09-28 14:14:51
179.   OldYanksFan
168 The Girardi lefty/lefty thing.
2008-09-28 14:14:54
180.   Shaun P
162 Someone with a TV - PLEASE tell me Mo is coming in right now.

If they piss away this lead, Girardi better pull Snacks and let Moose get an out to get the win tonight.

2008-09-28 14:16:05
181.   nick
170 yeah, exactly: Joe REMOVED two relievers who were going well, that's so frustrating: the old "shuffle though all the relievers until you find somebody who doesn't have it today" style of handling the pen
2008-09-28 14:16:28
182.   JimCobain
Watch the Sox pull out the tarp for 30 minutes to insure Mo can't pitch the 9th.
2008-09-28 14:16:31
183.   Mattpat11
179 If Moose loses this win, I'd fire Girardi.
2008-09-28 14:16:41
184.   moismycopilot
180 Mo is in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed here.
2008-09-28 14:16:44
185.   RIYank
180 He's in, dude.
2008-09-28 14:16:56
186.   Shaun P
178 In retrospect, trading for Marte was a huge mistake, because it turned Girardi into a matchup guy. As I believed Cliff predicted it might.
2008-09-28 14:17:05
187.   dianagramr
yeah Mo!
2008-09-28 14:17:07
188.   ms october

there is but one mo!

2008-09-28 14:17:08
189.   rbj
Ahhhh, Mo!
2008-09-28 14:17:18
190.   RIYank
Oh, sorry, Dusty! You got Mo-ed.
2008-09-28 14:17:19
191.   OldYanksFan
Bullet #1: Dodge
2008-09-28 14:17:31
192.   cult of basebaal
thank mo.

3 outs to go.

2008-09-28 14:17:43
193.   Mattpat11
181 And Mussina! He removed Mussina for no fucking reason.
2008-09-28 14:17:56
194.   nick
SIT DOWN, lil feller!
2008-09-28 14:18:09
195.   thelarmis
thank you, Mo!!!

papi, youk await in the 9th.

yanks: please score more runs!!!

2008-09-28 14:18:24
196.   moismycopilot
OK, here we go. Score some runs so Moose can get that W!
2008-09-28 14:18:30
197.   nick
193 yup, though I'm hoping Moose said his elbow hurt...
2008-09-28 14:18:53
198.   Shaun P
184 185 Thank you both.

And Mo. Whew.

183 Or at least dock his pay for next year.

2008-09-28 14:19:08
199.   Mattpat11
186 That's the reason I've been railing against the "The Yankees need a lefty reliever" BS for several years now. It obligates the manager to pull a good righty for a crappy lefty.
2008-09-28 14:19:56
200.   Mattpat11
197 The ONLY answer that's acceptable.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-28 14:20:21
201.   JeremyM
I've been following this on my cell phone and am hanging on like it's a game 7 or something. I really want Moose to win 20. I still don't get why Girardi pulled him while he was throwing one of the games of his life.
2008-09-28 14:20:31
202.   RIYank
Oh, are we allowed to score runs now? That would be cool.
2008-09-28 14:21:30
203.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 14:21:40
204.   RIYank
Whoa. A successful H&R!
2008-09-28 14:21:50
205.   dianagramr
A couple of runs off of Papelbonbon would be nice ...
2008-09-28 14:22:15
206.   RIYank
Even one run would be really huge.
2008-09-28 14:23:13
207.   dianagramr
Mo-lina sac fly ....
2008-09-28 14:23:14
208.   Mattpat11
Okay. Got one back. Feel better.
2008-09-28 14:23:30
209.   RIYank
And there it is.
I think that with an ordinary relief pitcher, the Win Expectancy goes from about 20% to about 7% when you add that one extra run. With Mo on the mound, reduce percentages accordingly.
2008-09-28 14:24:04
210.   nick
Molina! That'll do...
2008-09-28 14:24:29
211.   cult of basebaal
seriously, we've got 3 catchers to burn and we're leaving fucking molina in to hit here???

(checks gameday ...)


2008-09-28 14:24:39
212.   OldYanksFan
209 Chickens... hatching. Breath... holding.
2008-09-28 14:24:51
213.   thelarmis
1 run is nice. still, i'll take more! : )
2008-09-28 14:25:35
214.   RIYank
Yeah, Brett!
2008-09-28 14:25:53
215.   williamnyy23
Gardner owns Papelbon! :)
2008-09-28 14:25:56
216.   OldYanksFan
Maybe Mo can relieve Papelbum?
2008-09-28 14:26:33
217.   RIYank
I wish Abreu were on-deck.
2008-09-28 14:26:42
218.   Shaun P
213 Me too. I'd like a Farnsworth-proof lead, even though he's not coming into this game.
2008-09-28 14:26:47
219.   cult of basebaal
guess that patented private pyle stare that papelbon affects doesn't rattle slappy 1 bit!
2008-09-28 14:27:01
220.   nick
how bout a 3 run shot, Johnny?
2008-09-28 14:27:04
221.   moismycopilot
It's starting to look mighty wet on the field.
2008-09-28 14:27:48
222.   Shaun P
217 I think Ransom can play RF. Use Betemit to pinch hit for Melky, let him go out to SS.
2008-09-28 14:27:51
223.   Just fair
Hey Papelbon. If you don't like the rain, pitch freakin' quicker and quick screwing around.
2008-09-28 14:29:18
224.   OldYanksFan
It's raining hard!
2008-09-28 14:29:26
225.   RIYank
222 Hm, not bad. (But I'd rather have Abreu.)
2008-09-28 14:29:42
226.   moismycopilot
223 Seriously. I don't know what he's trying to accomplish with all that hemming and hawing out there.
2008-09-28 14:30:06
227.   rbj
More runs, please.
2008-09-28 14:30:23
228.   cult of basebaal
217 who knows, maybe hacky will find a little redemption here
2008-09-28 14:30:39
229.   JeremyM
226 Probably trying to get a rain delay and cancellation, and keep his ERA under 2.00....
2008-09-28 14:30:52
230.   OldYanksFan
Can Papsmear give up a slam and strain his groin at the same time?
2008-09-28 14:31:44
231.   rbj
He looks like a Papelbaby.
2008-09-28 14:32:02
232.   RIYank
229 Believe me, Jeremy, he's not that intelligent.
2008-09-28 14:32:39
233.   JeremyM
232 Very true.
2008-09-28 14:32:47
234.   RIYank
230 How about he slips on the rubber and balks in a run? That could definitely be an injury.

Not that I ever wish injury on anybody.

2008-09-28 14:33:01
235.   dianagramr
White Sox will have to make up game with Tigers tomorrow ....
2008-09-28 14:33:21
236.   RIYank
RBI for the Melk Man!
2008-09-28 14:34:17
237.   Shaun P
225 Me too, but . . .

I just want more runs for Moose, I don't care who drives 'em in or allows them to score.

2008-09-28 14:34:55
238.   thelarmis
wow, melky drove in a run! sweet : )
2008-09-28 14:35:03
239.   ms october
218 all this rain is due to hurricane kyle - so there is some relevance in it all
2008-09-28 14:35:18
240.   cult of basebaal
c'mon arod
2008-09-28 14:35:29
241.   moismycopilot
Oh good! I was so nervous Melky'd GIDP or something.
2008-09-28 14:35:59
242.   dianagramr
A-Rod up with RISP .... uh oh :-)
2008-09-28 14:36:14
243.   RIYank
239 Ooooh. Deep.

Oh, sweet! HA!

2008-09-28 14:36:51
244.   rbj
If it were any player but A-Rod, that would have been clutch. For Alex, it's just more stat padding.
2008-09-28 14:37:44
245.   moismycopilot
Another RBI! That's what I like to see! Although somebody might want to mention to Alex that drying his bat between his legs is maybe not the best look out there for him.
2008-09-28 14:37:44
246.   thelarmis
friggin' beautiful!!!
2008-09-28 14:37:55
247.   Shaun P
Yes! More more more!

Any shots of Moose in the dugout? He must be so excited!

2008-09-28 14:38:35
248.   OldYanksFan
3 ERs in 1 IP for Paps. Gee.. on the last day of the season in a meaningless game. Tough break.
2008-09-28 14:38:37
249.   dianagramr
If Paps was having problems with mound, couldn't he ask ump to have ground crew put that drying stuff on it?
2008-09-28 14:39:25
250.   OldYanksFan
245 Just saying Hello to Madonna...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-28 14:39:55
251.   rbj
I do have to say that I am sympathetic to the Red Sox not wanting to play the second, meaningless game. If it were the Yankees I'd be worried about someone getting hurt for the postseason.
2008-09-28 14:40:09
252.   RIYank
Huh. No fist-pump for that K, I guess. Go figure.
2008-09-28 14:40:30
253.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 14:41:39
254.   williamnyy23
251 A second game is being played because the Red Sox don't want to give away a gait.
2008-09-28 14:42:41
255.   rbj
Aw, da wittle Papelbaby threw a wittle temper tantrum.
2008-09-28 14:43:02
256.   dianagramr

or agate ... :-)

2008-09-28 14:43:04
257.   OldYanksFan
Really. In this weather, and considering what's at stake (nothing), I wonder how many fans will show up for a game tonight.... which will almost certainly have rain delays if it even gets started.
2008-09-28 14:43:16
258.   thelarmis
paps era at 2.34 : )
2008-09-28 14:43:25
259.   rbj
254 Ah. That's asinine. I'd give up a gate for a healthy postseason roster.
2008-09-28 14:44:17
260.   ms october
come on cody - stop with the dropsies!
2008-09-28 14:44:38
261.   cult of basebaal
255 what happened?
2008-09-28 14:44:58
262.   ms october
i don't think the night game gets played.
2008-09-28 14:45:17
263.   JeremyM
257 It would've been sold out months ago though, whether the fans show up tonight or not.
2008-09-28 14:45:29
264.   OldYanksFan
If I were Moose, I wouldn't believe this was a Win until I saw it published in the newspaper.
2008-09-28 14:45:37
265.   thelarmis
no! no errors in the 9th. no. no. NO!!!

ah, set up the dp : )

2008-09-28 14:46:16
266.   Shaun P
257 Heck, its more baseball, I'd go if I could.

But I'm not a Sox fan.

255 OOOOh! What did he do?

254 1. Do whatever it takes to meet step 3.
2. ?????
3. Profits!

2008-09-28 14:46:19
267.   ms october
stupid ass paps hurt his toe when he kicked the heater in the dugout.

someone on the banter predicted he would flame out and not have a really long career - i think that's a very good prediction.

2008-09-28 14:46:47
268.   rbj
One down, two to go.
2008-09-28 14:47:20
269.   OldYanksFan
Wow.... every ground ball is a drama
2008-09-28 14:47:40
270.   dianagramr

I could see Paps doing some Ultimate Fighting ...

2008-09-28 14:48:13
271.   rbj
[261, 266] He kicked the dugout once he got back in.
2008-09-28 14:48:26
272.   nick
(broken toe for Papplebon? can we hope?)
2008-09-28 14:48:33
273.   williamnyy23
Getting to see Paps storm off is like a little parting gift.
2008-09-28 14:48:39
274.   rbj
Two down, one to go.
2008-09-28 14:48:43
275.   dianagramr
1 out to go ....
2008-09-28 14:48:52
276.   ms october
270 haha, definitely.
2008-09-28 14:49:02
277.   Mattpat11
2008-09-28 14:49:10
278.   thelarmis
1 more, baby!
2008-09-28 14:49:42
279.   OldYanksFan
As far as I'm concerned, this is worth champagne in the clubhouse. This is a super duper way to end the season!
2008-09-28 14:50:05
280.   Mattpat11
2008-09-28 14:50:20
281.   JeremyM
Come on Mo!
2008-09-28 14:50:43
282.   ms october

congratulations man, well deserved.

2008-09-28 14:50:46
283.   Mattpat11
2008-09-28 14:50:55
284.   williamnyy23
Mussina makes the Hall of Fame! Musssssina makes the Hall of Fame!
2008-09-28 14:50:55
285.   rbj
2008-09-28 14:51:01
286.   Jeb
2008-09-28 14:51:03
287.   nick
2008-09-28 14:51:04
288.   moismycopilot
Moooooooooooooose! Congratulations!
2008-09-28 14:51:13
289.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-28 14:51:17
290.   dianagramr
Joy for Moose!
2008-09-28 14:51:19
291.   Shaun P
267 271 Thanks.


2008-09-28 14:51:23
292.   thelarmis
2008-09-28 14:51:24
293.   JeremyM
Oh Hell yes! Moose finally won 20!
2008-09-28 14:51:48
294.   Shaun P
284 No stopping him now! =)
2008-09-28 14:52:01
295.   ms october
and of course in mo we trust.

what a helluva season for those two seasoned vets.

2008-09-28 14:52:10
296.   thelarmis
please come back, Mr. Moose!!!!

the pride of Montoursville, PA. i used to live/work there... : )

2008-09-28 14:52:17
297.   vockins

Entertaining win if you're a Yankee fan.

2008-09-28 14:52:31
298.   cult of basebaal
2008-09-28 14:53:12
299.   thelarmis
284 oooh, he better make the hall! keep comin' back and get to 4,000 innings, 300 wins, 3,000 strikeouts. all in the AL East, in the steroid era. pretty friggin' impressive indeed!!!
2008-09-28 14:54:10
300.   thelarmis
aaaah, soooo nice to see the box score: W: Mussina (20-9)
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-09-28 14:55:09
301.   williamnyy23
It's pretty awkward watching this Mets' Shea ceremony. Kind of like the lunch gathering after a funeral.
2008-09-28 14:55:10
302.   ms october
they just put up the final score - to see moose's name with 20-9 looks quite nice.
2008-09-28 14:56:37
303.   dianagramr

Mets are sitting shiva ...

2008-09-28 14:59:56
304.   dianagramr
ok folks .... dinnertime .... see you later.
2008-09-28 15:10:05
305.   RIYank
Funny, Mariano didn't seem to have a whole lot of trouble with the pitcher's mound.
2008-09-28 15:19:04
306.   Sliced Bread
man, great to see Moose smiling, hugs and handshakes all around. Good for him.

267 I've been saying for a while that he seems to have a lotta John Rocker flame out potential in him. Ten cent headcase.

2008-09-28 15:49:11
307.   joejoejoe
Congrats to Moose! I've always like him in pinstripes and that 1-hitter he threw in Fenway was one of the best games I've seen pitched in my life. It's nice to see that one of these random benchmarks (20 wins, no-hitter, etc.) finally went in his favor.
2008-09-28 16:06:33
308.   Mattpat11
I often rail against moral victories, but Damn I'm happy now.
2008-09-28 16:28:49
309.   Alex Belth
Here, Here! Moose! I was flipping back and forth between the Yanks, Mets and Brewers. And cool deal with the White Sox and Twins both winning. What a job by CC after Johan dominated yesterday. Tough luck for the Metsies.

And BEAUTIFUL for Moose. Oh, man, I am soooo happy about that, I'm sure we all are. Moose has long been a Bronx Banter favorite. Maybe this pushes him over the hump for the Hall, especially if he returns and makes a run at 300. And if this was his last game, if he retires, he went out on a great note.

2008-09-28 16:35:45
310.   rbj
Oh no. It appears that EI only has the NESN feed. Not that they're bad announcers (they're actually quite good), but having to end the season with the Red Sox guys?

But hey, The Simpsons starts up again tonight.

2008-09-28 16:37:53
311.   Alex Belth
Hey Free Baseball!

How cool is this?

This is like an exhibition game. Let's pad some stats boys!


2008-09-28 16:37:54
312.   rbj
NESN doesn't believe Gardner was hit. Was he?
2008-09-28 16:45:39
313.   RIYank
That's my Sidney!
2008-09-28 16:47:46
314.   rbj
Can't say I'm happy the Redskins won, but I am happy the Cowboys lost.
2008-09-28 17:24:32
315.   Jeb
Yanks won their first and last games at Yankee Stadium.....Mets lost their first and last games at Shea Stadium.

Somehow that seems appropriate to me.

2008-09-28 17:39:44
316.   rufuswashere
Ransom goes to his left better than Jeter ... just thought I'd throw that out there, maybe it's too obvious.
2008-09-28 17:43:09
317.   RIYank
Wow, this game is really boring. I somehow thought I would enjoy it more, the Doesn't Count, Just for Fun game. But it's just boring and anticlimactic.
2008-09-28 17:43:59
318.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
just logged in, congrats to Moose! bright spot in a sad season...will watch the archived game tonight.

316 comments..good to see everyone up for the last game of the season..

Go Rays!!

2008-09-28 17:47:03
319.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
The god...some fans DO have it worse than us..
2008-09-28 17:47:25
320.   williamnyy23
317 I am actually enjoying it...hoping it wont go so quickly.
2008-09-28 17:53:47
321.   Jeb
So Sidney's certainly earning a slot in the rotation next year, no?
2008-09-28 17:56:26
322.   rbj
Good night all, and here's another happy thought:

No more Carl Pavano!!!

2008-09-28 18:01:30
323.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
322 but who becomes the new whipping boy then??
2008-09-28 18:13:01
324.   JimCobain
322 Not so fast he has a 12 million dollar club option, and I can just see Cashman justifying it with, "where are you going to find a pitcher of his quality with a small commitment and relatively cheap money."

God forbid. But just saying.

2008-09-28 18:18:59
325.   Jeb
324 Ponson is cheaper than Pavano and REFUSES to ever get hurt no matter how much we want him to do so.
2008-09-28 18:26:14
326.   JimCobain
[325} Shhhhh. Cash might be reading ;)
2008-09-28 18:26:19
327.   Bronxer
This is Yankee varsity vs. Red Sox JV. Time to start thinking about 2009 ...
2008-09-28 18:55:13
328.   Jeb
DRaz still sucks
2008-09-28 18:58:43
329.   Jeb
327 Yankee Varsity? Ponson and Rasner?
2008-09-28 19:01:26
330.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Here Comes The Melkman (with a funky Meters backbeat..)
2008-09-28 19:02:17
331.   moismycopilot
Oof, that collision looked bad.
2008-09-28 19:03:54
332.   rsmith51
I wanted to see a squeeze with Gardner.
2008-09-28 19:05:02
333.   rsmith51
I told you!
2008-09-28 19:05:59
334.   rsmith51
Cano to the rescue...
2008-09-28 19:06:26
335.   moismycopilot
I sure hope Cano can keep this momentum going into next season. That new stance is really working out for him.
2008-09-28 19:22:11
336.   williamnyy23
Let's play 3!!
2008-09-28 19:25:49
337.   OldYanksFan
Man.... I can't believe the season is about to end. I used to freak on an off day. It's sort of the official 'winters coming' sign.

Hey... maybe this one can go long and wear out some Sox arms. And anyone read that Beckett has an oblique strain and may be out for the PS?

So... A quick shout and thank you to Alex and Cliff for providing another year of the finest Yankee's blog on the net.

2008-09-28 19:27:18
338.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
336 337 you two still here?? :)

i'm turning my sights to the Hanshin Tigers until NBA season starts.. Tigers in a dogfight with the hated Yomiuri Giants this season..

2008-09-28 19:36:53
339.   Jeb
338 gotta love some free baseball and our team giving some effort to close our 2008.
2008-09-28 19:36:54
340.   Jeb
338 gotta love some free baseball and our team giving some effort to close our 2008.
2008-09-28 19:37:58
341.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
340 indeed, mornings here will be an empty void of paperwork until spring training..
2008-09-28 19:41:59
342.   OldYanksFan
Why walk a scrub whith no MLB experience? Bad idea.
2008-09-28 19:42:33
343.   moismycopilot
342 Walking the bases loaded is an even worse idea.
2008-09-28 19:43:17
344.   JeremyM
Why walk the bases loaded with the often wild Veras? Not that it really matters of course.
2008-09-28 19:43:17
345.   OldYanksFan
And Veras cant throw a strike no matter how poor the batter...
2008-09-28 19:45:01
346.   thelarmis
nice! 1 more out! thank you, please
2008-09-28 19:46:56
347.   thelarmis
fuck. i wanted 90 wins. feh!
2008-09-28 19:47:00
348.   Raf
Dang, I was hoping the Yanks would get to 90 wins this year...
2008-09-28 19:47:21
349.   moismycopilot
Aw well. That's it for the season.

Thanks again to Alex and Cliff for another great season of blogging.

2008-09-28 19:47:59
350.   thelarmis
shit, pete abe saying moose is most likely done. that would be a drag. i hope he doesn't retire. please come back, Mikey Moose!!!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-09-28 19:49:21
351.   Jeb
Bad season for the Yanks, but another good season for the Banter. Thanks, Alex.
2008-09-28 19:51:46
352.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
walking to bases loaded to end the season..I'm signing up for William's course and saying i don't really like Girardi's game mgmt skills...

89 wins with no Wang, Posada, Matsui, zero Ws from the kids, and too many starts from Ponson and Rasner...

2008-09-28 19:53:34
353.   yankster
Thanks to Alex and Cliff for another great year and thanks to the rest of you nuts...
2008-09-28 19:56:42
354.   thelarmis
yes, as always, many thanks to alex & cliff and all the great posters here at the banter! it's a family i'm honored to be a tiny part of. thanks also to bruce, emma, will and other guest writers.

remember, the banter doesn't take a day off, regardless of games, so we'll be around here throughout the long, cold winter.

and, of course, thanks to Baseball. (even if the baseball gods pissed on the bronx this year...)

2008-09-28 19:58:32
355.   thelarmis
yup, fuckett is questionable for Game 3 w/ an oblique injury.
2008-09-28 20:00:46
356.   williamnyy23
351 I wouldn't call it a bad season...just a very disappointing one.

352 I was very unhappy with Girardi in-game management, but was very pleased that the team did not quit on him at a time when it would have been easy to do so. I'd really like to see Girardi bring in a very experienced bench coach.

I said it at the time and feel it strongly now...the Wang injury was the death knell and it could have and should have been prevented.

354 need for good byes here. There are playoffs, hot stove, the WBC and before you know it Opening Day in the new Yankee Stadium.

2008-09-28 20:11:57
357.   Jeb
356 No playoffs to me is a bad season to me. Ok, it's not 1987 Atlanta Braves bad or Pittsburgh Pirates bad, but we're spoiled and we're used to better.

And, yes, I remember how bad the late 80's were so I know it can be much worse.

One think Tokyo said was 89 wins with all the problems. Good point. And 89 win with 783 runs scored, a 104 OPS+ and 100 ERA+

2008-09-28 20:13:08
358.   OldYanksFan
PeteAbe has a GREAT... I mean great audio of the post game interview with Moose. A must listen. The guy is really too cool. So refreshing to hear so much candor.
2008-09-28 20:43:35
359.   Mattpat11
356 I forgot about the Bud Games next year.

Well, I'll stick around (you can all groan now) for the whole thing too.

In other interesting news.

Rivera got his 49th save in a game that Mussina won, trailing only the combination of Oakland's Bob Welch and Dennis Eckersley (57) and the Yankees' Andy Pettitte and Rivera (55).

2008-09-28 20:44:02
360.   thelarmis
358 yeah, it's awesome! definitely worth listening for 15+ minutes.

hey, Moose -- come back for 1 and stay for 3!!!

i would love moose to end up 300/3,000. that would be awesome.

big unit won his 295th today. sheff sitting on 499 homers...

2008-09-28 20:45:09
361.   thelarmis
359 wow, cool. hopefully moose will come back and he & mo can eclipse the record!
2008-09-28 21:11:29
362.   Shaun P
359 Its kind of incredible that Pettitte and Mo don't have more of those, even with Andy's 3 year absence . . . but thinking about it, Pettitte always did seem to get a ton of run support.

And in his 8 years in pinstripes, Moose never did. Or never seemed to.

Well, the playoffs will sure be interesting. Anyone going to be here tomorrow for ChiSox-Tigers?

I like Minnesota more, but I'd almost perfer to see the ChiSox win tomorrow (err, today now), so that we get Game 163 on Tuesday.

Good night all, and thanks again to Alex, Cliff and Co. And you all too.

2008-09-28 21:15:49
363.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey everyone.

Well, I guess this is it.

I'm not looking forward to next season and the new stadium.

I'm demoralized every time I think of it.

Yet, I want the next season to begin as soon as possible, only, not in the new stadium.

In other news, fabulous for Mike. I sure hope he doesn't hang 'em up. I'd love to see him stick around a bit longer.

And I notice that the AL homerun leader has but 37 dingers.

That makes me happy. Maybe the homerun boom is correcting itself much like our economy.

Twenties were a longball era, nineties were a longball era.

I don't know if homers decreased after 1929 (I'm guessing they did not), but it is fascinating that Brady Anderson hit 54 homeruns--what, about fifteen years ago?--and today we're back to normal.

Reggie won one year with 32, did he not?

I do look forward to a new era in baseball when teams get back to, well, playing baseball.

A guy can dream, can't he?

2008-09-28 21:17:08
364.   weeping for brunnhilde
354 Very long, very cold, and very dark.
2008-09-28 21:27:50
365.   thelarmis
3, is my favorite number. but 3rd place, sucks : (
2008-09-29 05:20:00
366.   Cru Jones
352 Exactly....89 wins kind of snuck up on me. With all the doom and gloom about the team, 89 wins is pretty good, considering all the injuries, etc.
2008-09-29 07:10:35
367.   Raf
Yeah, props all around to our host and writers, and everyone who've contributed, good and bad.

I'll be around, hope you guys are too. There is plenty of baseball if you know where to look; playoffs, world series, NPB series, winter ball, Serie del Caribe, WBC, and the next thing you know, pitchers and catchers'll be reporting.

Speaking of the WBC, they're playing games in Toronto, I may be making the run up there. If anyone's interested, closer to the date drop me a line...

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