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Wait Til Next Year
2008-09-30 05:20
by Alex Belth
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This is sixth season I've covered the Yankees here at Bronx Banter and the first time they've missed the playoffs, which only goes to underscore just how fortunate we've been.  However, just cause our boys won't be playing ball in October, doesn't mean that we're going anywhere.  Like Earl Weaver once said, "This ain't football, we do this everyday."  That goes for the post-season as well.  So you'll be getting more from the gang--Cliff, Bruce, Emma and Will--throughout the cold winter months.


I do want to take a moment out to thank everyone who rolls through here on a regular or semi-regular basis.  Thanks for coming back.  We sure appreciate it.

2008-09-30 05:29:30
1.   Sliced Bread
Hey, what better place to talk baseball than the House That Belth Built?
2008-09-30 05:44:34
2.   Alex Belth
Dude, you are too kind. Thanks! And hey, next year is now! We'll be around...I'm actually really amped for the playoffs, ain't you? I mean, it's better n football for me. Also, I'll be able to get into some baseball books that I've been meaning to get to all summer. Eliot Asinof's "Man on Spikes" is definitely on the list.

I'm pulling for a Rays-Cubs World Serious with the Rays beating the Cubs in 7, just cause I'm a stinker. Really, I wouldn't mind any scenerio so long as the Angels beat the Red Sox. I wouldn't be wild about the Angels winning it all, but really, any other team, I'd be okay with.

2008-09-30 06:14:32
3.   Sliced Bread
yeah, I could definitely hang with a Rays Cubs Serious, Rays Phils, Rays anybody. I'm pullin' for the little engine.

Cubs White Sox would be interesting too. Do they call that an El Series? or is it a Windy City Series? either way, I hope the Tighty Whiteys win today. Eff the Twins. Any team that would let go of Santana doesn't deserve to win.

Dodgers Angels would be interesting, but I probably wouldn't watch much of it. I loved Joe, but couldn't root for his Dodgers, and his Manny.

Hey, last day of the NY Sun. Sad to see a newspaper go bust, especially one that I enjoyed reading online.
Goldman has a fitting finale, comparing the careers of Moose and Pedro.

2008-09-30 06:20:22
4.   Knuckles
Let's go Cashman!
Clap Clap. ClapClapClap.
2008-09-30 06:24:01
5.   joejoejoe
Thanks for all the great writing. I don't comment as much as I once did but I love it just as much.

OT: I hope you get a chance to do a little retrospective on Mussina's year, 20 wins, and his career. Moose has almost exactly the same numbers as Juan Marichal (wins, win%, ERA+) but he got there in a very different way.

2008-09-30 06:34:42
6.   GraceAnneLadyHawk
And we look forward to a place to gather. Thanks for being here.
2008-09-30 06:54:53
7.   rbj
Playoffs just feel weird this season. I'll vote for a Cubbies WS victory; hell after both Soxes break their curses this decade it might as well be three for three. But really any team except for the Beantown nine is ok by me. Gotta root against the Pale Hosers, just cause I can't stand Ozzie (though anyone who hates Jay Mariotti can't be all bad).

I'm looking forward to getting lots of sleep this October.

2008-09-30 09:01:10
8.   Schteeve
I'm apathetically getting on the Cubs bandwagon, only because I live 6 blocks from Wrigley, and it would be cool for Chicago to go nuts and all that,

But honestly, once the Yankees are eliminated, I root for whoever is losing a particular game. I don't want anyone to win.

2008-09-30 09:08:09
9.   underdog
I'm not getting on the Cubs bandwagon. But that's 'cause I'm a Dodger fan. ;-)

Just hope this is a fun playoff "season" - it should be! And one of the matchups isn't even decided yet.

Thanks for providing a great place to hear about all things Yankee (and other things not Yankee) during the season (and beyond), folks.

2008-09-30 11:06:04
10.   Biscuit Pants
Quite simply, this is my favorite blog on the net. I don't always agree with everybody . . . hell I don't always comment, but I always feel a part of this community even though I'm stuck in the middle of "Yankees Suck"-Land.

Bless you Messers Belth, Corcoran, Markusen, & Weiss and Madame Span!

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