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Silly Sousa
2008-09-23 12:34
by Cliff Corcoran
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I really enjoyed the fact that the Yankees brought out the U.S. Army Field Band to kick off Sunday's pre-game ceremonies by playing a pair of Sousa marches thereby echoing the band John Philip Sousa himself led on Opening Day in 1923.

This ain't that:





2008-09-23 13:46:22
1.   Jen
While on the ridiculously long line to get into Monument Park we started to hear Sousa music. We didn't really know where it was coming from (the band must have been practicing somewhere in the bowels of the Stadium), but it made us feel like we were on line for a bad ride at Disneyland.

I agree though, it was a nice touch. It's something I wish they did for the ASG, but I'm guessing the Yanks had no control over that.

2008-09-23 14:25:59
2.   Cliff Corcoran
1 The band was actually practicing on the field behind home. I heard the same music while on line and popped out into the upper deck to snap a shot of the band, in street clothes, doing their thing. Because I can, I've posted the photo above.
2008-09-23 14:46:47
3.   Jen
2 Ah, thank you. Where we were stuck, I couldn't get to the upper deck.
2008-09-23 14:52:19
4.   Shaun P
Awesome video, Alex.

Speaking of videos - does anyone know if any of the pregame stuff from Sunday is online anywhere? I've looked at and, but haven't found anything, except stuff from the game itself, and Jeter's speech, both of which I've already seen.

2008-09-23 15:25:15
5.   Cliff Corcoran
4 I still have it on the DVR. I'd have invited you over if you hadn't called me Alex. ;)
2008-09-23 18:48:07
6.   Shaun P
5 My bad, Cliff! Its just when I see a video in a post, I think of Alex. ;)
2008-09-23 19:13:10
7.   Cliff Corcoran
6 As well you should, this is the first one I've done.

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