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Yankee Stadium: 1923-1973; 1976-2008
2008-09-21 14:30
by Cliff Corcoran
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I've never been to Yankee Stadium. Oh sure, I've seen the Yankees play in the Bronx more than one hundred times over the past 20 years, but Yankee Stadium, the limestone behemoth that was home to Yankee greats from Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle is something I've only seen in books, grainy film footage, and in the background of old baseball cards. That cavernous coliseum, with its copper frieze trimming the roof that hung over the upper deck and its career-altering death valley in left center, was destroyed following the 1973 season. Its last game was a forgettable 8-5 Yankee loss to the Tigers that concluded an equally forgettable 80-82 fourth-place season for the home team.

Two and a half years later, in its place, sat a different Yankee Stadium. A modernized, yet instantly-dated, grey, concrete bowl filled with royal blue seats and orange light bulbs that relayed information from a flat-black scoreboard. The copper frieze had been melted down and replaced with a concrete replica that sat on a lower perch atop the outfield scoreboard, like an artifact on one's mantle. The roof had been largely removed. The wall in left center was now 27 feet closer to home plate and would come in another 31 feet before I ever got to see it in person. Behind that wall, the three marble-and-bronze monuments that had formed a half circle around the flag pole in the grass of center field sat in concrete and were surrounded by a black chain-link fence that separated the two bullpens.

Still, though the structure had been changed, and the field which had played host to 27 World Series and two All-Star Games had been torn up and replaced, there remained a connection between the remodeled Yankee Stadium, as it would become unofficially known, and the original. Just as the Yankees inaugurated Yankee Stadium with the franchise's first World Championship in 1923, the team inaugurated the remodeled Stadium in 1976 with their first World Series appearance in 12 years and followed that up with championships in 1977 and 1978. In its 33 years of existence, the remodeled Stadium hosted 10 World Series and two All-Star Games. Unless the Dodgers reach the World Series this year, no other stadium will have hosted more than four Fall Classics over that same span. The remodeled Stadium quickly established itself as a worthy successor to the original not because of its own grandeur, which was lacking, but because of the grandeur of the games which took place there.

When the last out at Yankee Stadium is recorded tonight, baseball won't be losing a great piece of architecture; the remodeled Stadium is no beauty. What it will lose is the living memory of some of the game's greatest moments. What makes Yankee Stadium great is not the concrete replica of the frieze in center field or the relocated monuments beyond the wall in left field. It's not even the great views from the upper deck or the camaraderie and passion of the bleacher creatures. It's the history that was made there.

One can look around the current park and see where legendary home runs by Aaron Boone and Scott Brosius fell into the left field box seats, Reggie's moon-shot off Charlie Hough clanged off the black batter's eye, homers by Tino Martinez, Derek Jeter, and Chris Chambliss made post-season history by clearing the wall in right, with and without help. One can envision Mariano Rivera and Goose Gossage appearing through the bullpen gate in left center, Derek Jeter diving into the stands behind third base, David Wells punching the air and David Cone falling to his knees after the final outs of their perfect games. One can see Dave Righetti, Jim Abbott, and Dwight Gooden celebrating no-hitters, Thurman Munson crouching behind home plate as Ron Guidry strikes out 18 Angels, Don Mattingly bringing down the house with a home run into the right-field bleachers, Dave Winfield ripping bullets down the left field line, Rickey Henderson and Mickey Rivers burning up the bases, Willie Randolph turning two, Tom Seaver, Phil Neikro, and Roger Clemens winning 300, Alex Rodriguez hitting 500, and George Brett storming out of the visitor's dugout, a victim of Billy Martin's chicanery. One can also see Paul O'Neill meekly slumping his shoudlers as an entire Stadium chants his name, Reggie doffing his batting helmet to the crowd in front of the home dugout, Charley Hayes squeezing the final out of the 1996 World Series, Wade Boggs riding a police horse around the warning track, and both Jackson and Chambliss plowing their way through the swarms of celebrating fans toward the safety of the clubhouse.

Though the field has been torn up, replaced, moved, and lowered, it doesn't take much imagination to envision the old park. In fact, that has been one of my favorite things to do when visiting the Stadium. I'd squint at the left-handed batters box and imagine Babe Ruth taking a mighty swing and christening the new park with a home run or Lou Gehrig, hat in hand, addressing the crowd. Looking around, I could see Joe DiMaggio kicking the dirt near second base, Mickey Mantle launching a ball off the frieze, Jackie Robinson breaking for home, Yogi Berra leaping into Don Larson's arms, the Dodgers celebrating Brooklyn's first and only championship, Roger Maris circling the bases after number 61, and Bobby Murcer chasing a ball around the monuments in center. Because the Yankees were in the World Series with such regularity, all but a select few of the game's greats (most of them Cubs) played there, from Ty Cobb, to Ted Williams, to Tony Gwynn, Walter Johnson, to Sandy Koufax, to Pedro Martinez, Jackie Robinson, to Curt Flood, and Roberto Clemente, and so on. In 1928, Knute Rockne implored his team to "win one for the Gipper" there. In 1938, Joe Luis beat Max Schmeling there. In 1958, Johnny Unitas beat the New York Football Giants in the NFL Championship Game there.

That is what will be lost. Not the building, but the place and the tangible connection to what happened there. The Yankees may only be moving a few hundred feet to the north to play on a field of similar dimensions in a ballpark with an identical name, but Yankee Stadium, the real Yankee Stadium, in both its incarnations, will soon be resigned to the page, the screen, and the memory of those who were fortunate enough to have seen a ballgame there, whether they witnessed a great moment, or simply gazed out at the field and imagined all the great moments that had come before.

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2008-09-21 15:37:46
1.   RZG
I remember gangly Steve Hamilton swinging his legs over the bullpen fence to enter a game rather than using the door.

I also remember him swallowing a chaw and barfing on the mound one hot afternoon.

2008-09-21 15:38:07
2.   Mattpat11
This really is kind of sad.
2008-09-21 15:51:25
3.   JL25and3
I went to the old Stadium, a number of times with my father and at least once or twice with my grandfather, who died when I was 10.

The Yankees have always been an important mode of communication in my family, especially among the men. It's intrinsic to what I remember about my grandfather and to his place in family lore; and no matter how difficult my relationship with my father became in my teens and twenties, we could always talk Yankees, and we could always go to games.

For me, Yankee Stadium has ghosts beyond Ruth, Gehrig and Mantle. It's a repository of family history - hifalutin' as this may sound, it's like a Balinese shrine to me, the place where my ancestral spirits still dwell.

So to all those who say that this incarnation of the Stadium is a fundamentally different place, who believe that the only history there is recent history, who insist that this is not the Stadium where 3, 4, 5 and 7 played, I respectfully say: you're wrong, and you don't get it at all.

I've never for a moment doubted that this was the same Stadium, revised and renovated - gracelessly, to be sure, but still recognizably the same place. It's in the same location, the building has the same general configuration, it encloses the same space. The field may have been replaced - yet it's still right there, in just the same place as it was then. The dimensions have changed - but there's the old outfield wall to marvel at, the monuments that used to be on the field, the old bullpens.

And different though the stands may be, I can still say: there, in the upper deck, along the first-base line, that's where we sat when my grandfather took me to Old Timers Day a month or two before he died. Not only can I imagine Lou Gehrig on that field, giving his speech - but somewhere over there, that's where Dad was sitting that day. There are the old ticket booths where Dad bought tickets the day of the game, the ticket seller reaching up to the cubbies above the window to find us seats.

Every cell in my body has been replaced countless times, none of the materials are the same, I don't look anything like I did in 1973 - yet I'm still me. The matter that composes me is irrelevant; it's about the knowledge and the experience of being me. Despite the changes, I've always recognized this as the same Stadium, and I've always experienced it that way. Ruth and Gehrig, Clarke and Gibbs, my father and grandfather - they're all still there, and they never left.

They won't move across the street, though.

2008-09-21 16:03:03
4.   ms october
cliff this was tremendous. thanks.
2008-09-21 16:03:32
5.   ms october
#51!!! i'm so happy to see bernie.
2008-09-21 16:08:48
6.   ny2ca2dc
Goodness Bernie looks good.

Killer writing Cliif, ya big red dog

2008-09-21 16:10:50
7.   rbj
Well said Cliff.

Yay! Bob Shepard!!

2008-09-21 16:12:42
8.   ny2ca2dc
It's getting real now
2008-09-21 16:13:06
9.   3rd gen yankee fan
Oh black, black day!
2008-09-21 16:15:26
10.   OldYanksFan
3 Very nice JL25and3... very nice. And very true. It is still every bit Yankee Stadium. For one more day anyway.

What a horrid mistake. I can't say it enough. The corporations are in, the true fans are out. Much more is being lost here then just the Stadium. This is a very sad day. A historically sad day.

2008-09-21 16:18:14
11.   rbj
Well, got all the chores done, just finished a nice t-bone and am finishing of a decent little Chianti, saving the 10 year old Scotch for later. Time to settle in for a long evening.
2008-09-21 16:19:00
12.   Raf
interesting... I would've gone for family members instead of these "players"
2008-09-21 16:19:30
13.   Raf
or at the very least video clips of these players
2008-09-21 16:25:27
14.   Raf
wow, cora looks fantastic
2008-09-21 16:26:18
15.   rbj
14 Yeah, did Scooter rob the cradle?
2008-09-21 16:32:51
16.   OldYanksFan
Anybody watch any of the ESPN 6 hours of tribute? Terrible! What else could be expected from ESPN. Now, 1/2 hour before the game, the are covering football.

Hard to believe I could watch hours of Yankee coverage and be turned off. Tons of great material, presented as poorly as possible. What a bunch of boobs.

2008-09-21 16:33:53
17.   Raf
16 I didn't. Guess I didn't miss much.
2008-09-21 16:35:17
18.   rbj
16 Go to ESPN Classic, if you get it. They're doing the ceremony
2008-09-21 16:35:23
19.   Raf
I must say, the Stadium organist is doing a wonderful job.
2008-09-21 16:36:49
20.   Raf
18 I'm watching the ceremony now on the YES network. I was referring to the tribute ESPN did.
2008-09-21 16:37:28
21.   thelarmis
16 i watched most of it and, yeah, it was pretty lame. ceremony is on ESPN2 now.

19 yes, he is...but it's really loud! he also wrote a great piece here at the banter!

crowd went pretty nuts for Paulie O

2008-09-21 16:39:17
22.   thelarmis
willie looks waaaay more at home in pinstripes!
2008-09-21 16:39:44
23.   rbj
20 Ah. I must confess I didn't catch much of the day long tribute. Had to do things like mow the lawn, wash the dog, make supper for the week.

Willie! Apparently it isn't Willie's fault the Mets choke.

2008-09-21 16:39:52
24.   Chyll Will
9 Wowzers, it feels empowering when I say it! >;)
2008-09-21 16:42:05
25.   Raf
so, do they do CF last?
2008-09-21 16:46:20
26.   thelarmis
yogi rules!
2008-09-21 16:47:28
27.   Raf
cheryl rules!
2008-09-21 16:48:50
28.   rbj
Munson rules!
2008-09-21 16:49:53
29.   thelarmis
28 my very first idol. he was the best! i have a plaque of him hanging in my bedroom.
2008-09-21 16:53:12
30.   rbj
Please get rid of the echo.
2008-09-21 16:55:20
31.   Raf
30 Why, it gets such good mileage
2008-09-21 16:57:30
32.   rbj
Nice to see Boomer back.
2008-09-21 16:58:28
33.   Raf
boomer looks to be in good shape too
2008-09-21 16:58:53
34.   ms october
cf time!
2008-09-21 17:02:33
35.   JL25and3
Bobby Murcer's son looks just like him.
2008-09-21 17:02:38
36.   dianagramr
Bob-by Mur-cer .... Bob-by Mur-cer!
2008-09-21 17:03:58
37.   Raf
gee, I wonder who's next?
2008-09-21 17:04:28
38.   rbj
2008-09-21 17:04:33
39.   randym77
Welcome home, Bernie.
2008-09-21 17:06:20
40.   thelarmis
wow! that was just beautiful for bernie : )
2008-09-21 17:08:02
41.   nick
only a few boos for Alex.....
2008-09-21 17:10:27
42.   nick
so if Andy stinks out the joint, we rally somewhat but strand a bunch of runners and are mathematically eliminated.....that'd be a fitting conclusion, no?
2008-09-21 17:11:02
43.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm totally overcome with emotion. Convulsing with tears of rage and tears of sorrow.

This is just bullshit.

2008-09-21 17:12:37
44.   ms october
it makes me feel so good that bernie seemed happy and got such a nice ovation.
2008-09-21 17:13:40
45.   ms october
42 doesn't really even seem like there should be a game
2008-09-21 17:13:45
46.   rbj
43 I nearly lost it over Thurman.
Classy way to say thank you to Bernie.
2008-09-21 17:14:29
47.   mehmattski
Hey guys... I admittedly haven't watched a game since the series against Boston in late August... just haven't had it in me to make baseball a priority again until tonight.

Lots of pomp, lots of circumstance, but it still feels all kind of artificial. All these players, all this history, it's great... but they're just moving across the street, after building a stadium constructed to milk more money from us fans. Anyone else get that feeling?

2008-09-21 17:14:37
48.   nick
cue "curse of the Babe's daughter" for next 100 yrs?
2008-09-21 17:14:43
49.   rbj
Yup. Couldn't be anyone else.
2008-09-21 17:15:10
50.   thelarmis
46 i always lose it over thurman...
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2008-09-21 17:15:33
51.   dianagramr

kind of .... sad ...

2008-09-21 17:20:00
52.   Just fair
Very well. Let's get this game started. Save the creepy tribute to the 1st ever line-up, it was nice.
2008-09-21 17:20:19
53.   mehmattski
51 Which is sad? The ceremonies, or my comment on them?

I do think it will be honestly sad when they take the dynamite to the place sometime this winter. That will be hard to watch.

2008-09-21 17:20:28
54.   nick
what a trio of assclowns!
2008-09-21 17:20:52
55.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's all wrong.

Totally fucked up and all wrong.

Who the hell wants to go to a four-star hotel to watch a ballgame?

You go to a ballpark to watch a ballgame.


You want all that other bullshit, stay in fucking Manhattan.

2008-09-21 17:22:21
56.   dianagramr

sad that they're tearing it down ... and moving to that $$$-sucking vacuum across the street ....

a classy organization, that's now personifies corporate greed

2008-09-21 17:23:09
57.   mehmattski
All right, the Yogi-narrated intro on ESPN was pretty awesome.
2008-09-21 17:24:23
58.   dianagramr
time to watch some Packers-Cowboys ....

I'll be sure to come back to see Rivera (hopefully) close it out and the post-game festivities

2008-09-21 17:26:18
59.   ms october
55 preach on weeping!!! :}

i guess to me this night is about the players i loved watching and remebering the great memories at yankee stadium.
i'm trying not to think of the 4 star hotel, but it is unavoidable.

2008-09-21 17:28:44
60.   nick
55 I couldn't agree more....been thinking today about the $700 trillion bill we'll all be getting soon; the new stadium is getting built for the fat cats we're about to bail out, and we'll all be paying for their season tickets for years to come.....
2008-09-21 17:30:30
61.   nick
for "trillion" read "billion"--hell, it's only $7000/household, no biggie....
2008-09-21 17:30:44
62.   Raf
47 Always had that feeling... Matter of fact, I just explained that to my German roomie.
2008-09-21 17:31:58
63.   Raf
55 It's all done in the name of progress... We're just pawns in this game.
2008-09-21 17:34:47
64.   rbj
I'm glad it's Andy pitching this game, he's pitched enough big games not to let this affect him -- I hope.
It'll be nice if Waters lets the ceremony get to him, I prefer the other team's rookie to melt down rather than URP us.
2008-09-21 17:36:01
65.   OldYanksFan
Wow... this feels to me a little like a funeral. Weeping... we could talk for weeks about the 'corporization' of baseball, and now Yankee Stadium in specific.

I have argued vehemently that baseball is not just a buiness, but indeed America's national time. I understood the reality, but I fought to hold baseball above mere business even knowing it was futile.

Well tonight we are officially saying goodbye to the pastime, and next Spring, we can say hello to big business.

'Progress' doesn't have to go this way, but it always seems to.

2008-09-21 17:36:47
66.   ny2ca2dc
It's really starting now.
2008-09-21 17:39:03
67.   mehmattski
Ah yes... the loudest cheer of all... Box Seats Suck!
2008-09-21 17:39:07
68.   ny2ca2dc
ESPN thinks the box seats don't suck.
2008-09-21 17:39:39
69.   randym77
60 It's not $700 billion. It's essentially infinite. They can only hold $700 billion at a time, but they can resell it at a huge loss, stick the taxpayers with the difference, then take on more debt. That bill is a disaster, and anyone who votes for it won't be getting my vote in November.

And yeah, I've been thinking along those lines, too. It's like two different worlds. We could be facing another Great Depression. Some are saying worse than the Great Depression. Wall Streeters and Congress critters are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

But the Yankees are blithely preparing for their fancy new stadium. Which I suspect may be harder to fill than they think, at least if the economy goes the way I greatly fear it will.

2008-09-21 17:40:09
70.   Raf
It has always been a business. It was when the stadium was renovated, it was when the Dodgers left town, it was when the Reds started paying their players
2008-09-21 17:41:02
71.   OldYanksFan
Giambi is going to be swinging for the Moon. Last HR in Yankee Stadium.... any guesses folks?
2008-09-21 17:41:27
72.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
69 I think you are right..they may not get 50,000 a night they are expecting...

rainy monday morning here, no emotions for the game at all...but will still watch the ceremony, etc tonight on replay...

2008-09-21 17:41:32
73.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
69 I think you are right..they may not get 50,000 a night they are expecting...

rainy monday morning here, no emotions for the game at all...but will still watch the ceremony, etc tonight on replay...

2008-09-21 17:41:37
74.   mehmattski
71 Kevin Millar, obviously.
2008-09-21 17:42:07
75.   ms october
65 well we don't have dary for no reason.

but good for lance berkman for ripping mlb. certainly us fans have a big complaint against mlb and our local team as well.

Lance Berkman told the Houston Chronicle that MLB values the dollar more than players and their families and added, "That's one reason why players try to exploit the system to the max because they know they're being treated the same way. That's a sad part of the game."

2008-09-21 17:45:33
76.   thelarmis
angel hernandez home plate ump for final game at The Stadium? boo! he's the absolute worst.
2008-09-21 17:46:24
77.   rbj
69 They did construct the Empire State Building during the Depression. I'd hate for this to be a replay.
2008-09-21 17:46:24
78.   randym77
71 Juan Castro. :)
2008-09-21 17:46:37
79.   nick
have we never faced this kid before?
2008-09-21 17:49:34
80.   mehmattski
79 Few have, it's his tenth career start. The first one (8 shutout innings August 5 in Anaheim) and the last one (full shutout in Toronto) are the best... his other starts have been mixed of mediocre and awful.
2008-09-21 17:50:59
81.   OldYanksFan
72 Aren't about 2/3rds of the seats season tickets? The seats may be empty but the coffers will be filled.
2008-09-21 17:51:43
82.   thelarmis
2,000 K's for Pettitte
2008-09-21 17:51:54
83.   randym77
80 Oh, great. It's an URP, then.
2008-09-21 17:52:56
84.   OldYanksFan
75 I agree. It's good to hear someone stand on principal. Good for Lance.
2008-09-21 17:54:06
85.   nick
69 81 well, if you figure they're setting prices for the top 1%, then maybe they've got the right was attendance at the Colosseum in the last days of Rome, anyway?
2008-09-21 17:56:31
86.   Eirias
Why don't teams go home more often? I realize that there is a fair chance the run will still score or that the runner will be able to return to third (thus no outs), but it seems a fair trade.
2008-09-21 17:57:23
87.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
81 sigh...well, i can still sit first row at Jingu Stadium behind 1st base for US$30...Go Go Yakult Swallows!
2008-09-21 17:58:46
88.   OldYanksFan
85 Well.... they let Christians in for free...
2008-09-21 18:00:06
89.   OldYanksFan
85 Well.... they let Christians in for free...
2008-09-21 18:04:29
90.   Just fair
This definitely ain't no Irish Funeral. Geez, guys (and ladies), tip one back and try to enjoy the last game. : ) I am.
2008-09-21 18:06:17
91.   weeping for brunnhilde
59 :)
2008-09-21 18:06:24
92.   Bruce Markusen
Duke Sims, catcher, hit the last home run in the old Stadium. So based on that theory, Jose Molina will do the honors tonight. Wait, on second thought, better go with someone else...
2008-09-21 18:06:33
93.   OldYanksFan
Did they do a tribute to Bobby Murcer? His family got a nice hand when Bobby was introduced. And did Mickey's son look just like the Mick? Scary!
2008-09-21 18:08:05
94.   weeping for brunnhilde
74 Oh, God.

I was going to say that I really think Alex will do it, but yours is the likelier candidate.


2008-09-21 18:08:11
95.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Are Miller & Morgan announcing for ESPN?
2008-09-21 18:09:31
96.   rbj
93 Yeah, I had to think, "isn't Mickey dead?"
2008-09-21 18:09:52
97.   thelarmis
95 yes. unfortunately, they are. yogi & whitey are in the booth with them right now.
2008-09-21 18:11:34
98.   randym77
87 Does Aaron Guiel still play for the Yakult Swallows?
2008-09-21 18:13:27
99.   OldYanksFan
One of the years I played little league in Great Neck, Whitey was the coach for one of the opposing teams.
2008-09-21 18:15:23
100.   nick
"oh shit" indeed......
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2008-09-21 18:16:01
101.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
2008-09-21 18:16:29
102.   ms october
i can see how whitey ford got the name chairman of the board. he's still going strong.
2008-09-21 18:18:17
103.   randym77
And Bubba Crosby's former roommate, the ever-pesky Brian Roberts, bites us again. Beats out the DP, steals, scores from 2B on a single. How very Roberts-like.
2008-09-21 18:19:31
104.   nick
so we're forced to dwell on historic defeats....fitting, I suppose......
2008-09-21 18:20:40
105.   weeping for brunnhilde
Hey, was that my imagination, or did Yogi start to say "Oh, shit" when the single to right was hit?
2008-09-21 18:21:58
106.   randym77
101 Thanks, that's pretty cool. I think that's the first photo of Guiel I've seen since he left the Yanks.

But I don't read Japanese. Did they cut him? He doesn't seem to have played many games this year. If I'm reading the stats right. Which I might not be, since it's in Japanese.

2008-09-21 18:24:24
107.   OldYanksFan
Wow,... Steve Goldman has a political blog.
2008-09-21 18:24:38
108.   thelarmis
we better friggin' score in this inning...
2008-09-21 18:24:40
109.   rbj
Hey, do I smell a rally here by the Yankees?
2008-09-21 18:26:39
110.   thelarmis
it's johnny with the homer!!!
2008-09-21 18:26:46
111.   rbj
Could Damon be the sweepstakes winner?
2008-09-21 18:26:56
112.   Jeb
2008-09-21 18:27:00
113.   ms october
jd! - kinda had a inkling he would homer
2008-09-21 18:27:28
114.   weeping for brunnhilde
74 Ok, Millar's teammate, then.

Great spot you picked, Damon, thanks for the flashback.

2008-09-21 18:27:36
115.   thelarmis
aw, man. i wish jeter's went out...
2008-09-21 18:28:05
116.   thelarmis
zack hample shoulda been there to catch it!
2008-09-21 18:28:34
117.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
106 you're reading that correctly..under the Mendoza line in the Japanese league isn't going to cut it..
2008-09-21 18:28:42
118.   Just fair
That's more like it.
105 I caught that, too. Funny.
2008-09-21 18:28:52
119.   thelarmis
114 i had that flashback, too...
2008-09-21 18:29:24
120.   Jeb
0 Cliff, not to get in a debate about it, but I've only been to the post-1973 Yankee Stadium and I truly feel like I've BEEN to Yankee Stadium. I realize a lot of people feel the way you do though.
2008-09-21 18:30:28
121.   nick
105 yep, that was the reason for my cryptic 100
2008-09-21 18:31:45
122.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
121 I wonder if Yogi in private has a Lasorda-level potty mouth??
2008-09-21 18:33:02
123.   Jeb
It would be something if the last homer in the stadium is hit by a former Red Sack star...just like the first homer.
2008-09-21 18:34:56
124.   randym77
117 Aw, poor Ralph Malph.
2008-09-21 18:35:10
125.   rbj
Real nice to hear Whitey & Yogi. I bet they've got some real stories they can't tell on tv.
2008-09-21 18:44:04
126.   Jeb
124 He's still got it though.
2008-09-21 18:44:51
127.   Bruce Markusen
Jeb, when the renovated Stadium first opened in '76, people referred to it frequently as the "new" Stadium. That term started to fade in the eighties, then completely disappeared by the nineties, to the point that people started treating it like it basically a continuation of the old Stadium. As someone who has been to both incarnations of the Stadium, they really are very different, both in terms of appearance and feel.

I like them both, but for different reasons. I like the construction of the old Stadium better, but I like the caliber of play from the Yankees in the new Stadium a lot more. I was born in '65, so there was a lot of mediocre play for me in the old Stadium.

2008-09-21 18:47:02
128.   thelarmis
bollocks. andy is looking fried as of late...
2008-09-21 18:47:11
129.   Jeb
I really hope we let Andy work his 5 and then get him the heck out of there.
2008-09-21 18:47:27
130.   randym77
Good grief. Were those the KC uniforms back then?
2008-09-21 18:52:53
131.   OldYanksFan
While I respect tradition, I danced a jig when they renovated the stadium ESPECIALLY because they changed the outfield walls. Have you ever sat behind a steel columnm, or had it between you and your view of home plate? SOOOOO disappointing.

You heard Whitey talk about how Joe D. lost many HRs in just one day. I hated it when Mantle hit the ball 420' and it looked like a lazy fly out. Ellie Howard who was not a pull hitter, also hit many 400'+ balls that were easy outs.

I hated it. Shots we see these days that we call 'absolute bombs' didn't even reach the warning track. Of course RF helped Murcer and many others, but still, I thought the Stadium dimensions were inherently unfair. The walls should have been brought in long before they were. Making the lines a little longer was also good.

2008-09-21 18:53:02
132.   Jeb
127 I am NOT suggesting that Cliff did this (because he didn't) but frequently people speak derisively about the "new" stadium as being a cheap imitation. I guess I take that a bit personally because it's really the only one that I've ever known. And I get tired of hearing what a "dump" it is because I've been there and seen it for myself and it's simply not a dump. Personally, I wish the Yanks were staying (though I think I'll probably like the new park).

I recognize that the frieze was moved, the fences shuffled around, monuments moved, and the upper decks reshaped, but the exterior is mostly the same and it's located on the same footprint of the old park.

And there's more history in the current version of the park alone than most other parks throughout MLB (6 titles, 10 pennants, 2 AS games, etc. etc.)

2008-09-21 18:54:46
133.   nick
damn, 1940 rookie of the year....guy must be close to 90....
2008-09-21 18:54:55
134.   Just fair
Holy Cow.
2008-09-21 18:55:10
135.   Jeb
So maybe a guy with a belly like Babe Ruth hits the last homer?
2008-09-21 18:55:17
136.   OldYanksFan
HOLY SHIT! SIMMS REINCARNATE. Who called that earlier?
2008-09-21 18:55:18
137.   ms october
molina with a hr!!!????
2008-09-21 18:55:23
138.   Eirias
Alright. Molina CANNOT be the last man to hit a home-run at Yankee Stadium.
2008-09-21 18:55:45
139.   thelarmis
92 nice work, bruce! : )
2008-09-21 18:56:14
140.   rbj
And Jose Molina moves into the lead on the Last Homerun at Yankee Stadium Sweepstakes.
2008-09-21 18:56:29
141.   weeping for brunnhilde
Jose Molina.

Of all people.

Much more appropriate than Damon.

I like that.

2008-09-21 18:56:40
142.   pistolpete
138 Why not? A backup catcher hit the last one in 1973, no?
2008-09-21 18:57:22
143.   randym77
92 Maybe the "catcher theory" is correct. Though it's early yet...
2008-09-21 18:57:42
144.   nick
Jeter will hit a cheap one in the 9th; Alex will then fly out to deepest center and be booed...
2008-09-21 18:58:13
145.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
132 i don't know Jeb, if it smells like a dump and looks like a dump...(inside, i mean)...
2008-09-21 18:58:25
146.   pistolpete
144 So you're saying we're going to lose?
2008-09-21 18:58:43
147.   dianagramr

I'm waiting for Brian Roberts to launch an inside-the-park HR .... :-)

2008-09-21 18:59:49
148.   Jeb
145 I don't think dumps are celebrated like we're seeing.
2008-09-21 18:59:50
149.   Raf
136 it was Bruce in 92
2008-09-21 19:00:59
150.   nick
the Yankees lifted the whole nation in the 2001 world series?

I'm not gonna touch that one.

just pointing it out....

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-09-21 19:01:37
151.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
148 true, but a lot of this IS manufactured...i love the team, and of course all the memories...but last time I was at the Stadium I was shocked at the conditions inside..the trash, the bathrooms, the lighting, the apallingly rude staff...
2008-09-21 19:02:40
152.   pistolpete
I think this game has to end like the movie, "Major League".

Jason Giambi playing the role of Jake Taylor, Jeter as Willie "Mays" Hayes scoring the winning run. :)

2008-09-21 19:03:09
153.   Jeb
151 come to Birmingham and I'll take you to Legion Field. That's a dump. There wasn't even a ceremony for Alabama' last game there. It just kind of ended.

Yankee Stadium seemed clean enough to me this Summer.

2008-09-21 19:04:12
154.   dianagramr
Just what IS Adam Carolla's talent?
2008-09-21 19:05:41
155.   Bruce Markusen
If Molina holds up, and there is a prize, I'll settle for one day of Pavano's salary...
2008-09-21 19:05:59
156.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
153 fair enough, last time there was about 6 years ago..they have done a better job cleaning recently?
2008-09-21 19:06:18
157.   OldYanksFan
151 I haven't been to the stadium since my daughter was 6 months old. She will be 21 soon. Still, everything you mention is pretty easy to renovate. For under a billion dollars, they could have gutted the whole thing totally upgraded it, braced the structure, added new areas for yuppiness (restaurants, etc) and possibly put a roof on it. There is just no reason to tear it down.
2008-09-21 19:06:22
158.   pistolpete
155 Or one night with one of his exes.
2008-09-21 19:06:43
159.   Jeb
152 Will our third basemen (Roger Dorn) get caught cheating on his wife after the game? Oh wait, that already happened?
2008-09-21 19:06:48
160.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
155 you read about the "Pavano Plaque"? Peter Pascarelli's fave memory of the Stadium..hysterical...
2008-09-21 19:08:05
161.   ms october
153 oh yeah legion field is a real dump. does uab still play there?

155 you'll have to contact snacks pontoon for your money since he is the bronx banter treasuer.

2008-09-21 19:08:26
162.   Jeb
156 I'd defer to people who've been there more regularly, but it really didn't seem bad at all to me. The concourses are pretty narrow, but that was my only real complaint.
2008-09-21 19:09:34
163.   JimCobain
157 Not that I agree with this logic at all, but I was privy to discussions about gutting the old one (they were very very brief), and the issue then became where to play while the renovations took place, estimate of 3 years. But more to the point, it would be 3 years of lost/shared revenue with another business. Again the all mighty dollar rules. And we all lose.
2008-09-21 19:09:42
164.   Jeb
161 they sure do, but the City condemned one of the upper decks a few years ago and the capacity is back down to the low 70's...of course, UAB doesn't need to worry about selling out any games or even sections.
2008-09-21 19:11:52
165.   pistolpete
163 Well, they would have had Shea all to themselves, no?

Parking would have been a bitch, but...

2008-09-21 19:13:02
166.   Jeb
Does anyone know if Yankee Stadium will be torn down (ala Tiger Stadium) or imploded? My guess would be torn down because of proximity to other structures (and the train), but I really don't know.
2008-09-21 19:13:14
167.   Mattpat11
Who pulled the lever?
2008-09-21 19:13:32
168.   JimCobain
165 Yes but they would have to pay the owners of Shea to use it. That was one of the issues...
2008-09-21 19:14:43
169.   JimCobain
166 You cannot implode structures here in NYC. It will take 18 months minimum to demolish, and that will begin in January or February.
2008-09-21 19:15:33
170.   ms october
164 not surprising. thanks.
2008-09-21 19:17:31
171.   pistolpete
This strike zone really stinks tonight. Pitches over the plate are balls, anything 6 inches to the right is a strike?
2008-09-21 19:18:06
172.   ms october
167 yet another reason why espn shouldn't have had this game - probably didn't even know about the whole lever thing.

the yanks have had some real characters as pitchers with whitey ford, sparky lyle, goose, cone, wells

2008-09-21 19:18:10
173.   rbj
I've been to the Kingdome. That was worse.

And when I was in Columbia SC for a few years they had the Capital City Bombers who played in a horrible place. The outfield walls were about 15' tall of plywood, braced up by 2x4s. Ugh.

2008-09-21 19:18:59
174.   thelarmis
thanks for everything, andy! hopefully we get you a W tonight.
2008-09-21 19:19:19
175.   Eirias
I love that TD Ameritrade is actually (Toronto Dominion) Ameritrade.
2008-09-21 19:19:32
176.   Mattpat11
Its 10:15 and Cone and Wells are still coherent. I would have lost that bet.
2008-09-21 19:20:01
177.   thelarmis
171 angel hernandez sucks. he's the worst ump in the game.
2008-09-21 19:20:36
178.   Mattpat11
171 Angel Hernandez. Can't expect much better.

167 I'm going to assume it was George.

2008-09-21 19:20:43
179.   Eirias
177 Without question. I'm amazed we haven't seen a balk yet.
2008-09-21 19:22:43
180.   rbj
Time to break out the 10 year old scotch. (Sorry, can't afford the 85 year old stuff)
2008-09-21 19:22:57
181.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
178 it wasn't on the broadcast???
2008-09-21 19:23:59
182.   Mattpat11
181 If it was, I missed it
2008-09-21 19:25:41
183.   rbj
And there's the "box seats suck" chant again. Ha ha.
2008-09-21 19:27:06
184.   Jeb
183 nice to see they can't throw everyone out, huh?
2008-09-21 19:29:43
185.   weeping for brunnhilde
Please, Jesus, just let's get to watch Mo close this thing out.
2008-09-21 19:30:52
186.   nick
the last game in Yankee Stadium goes better with Coke!
2008-09-21 19:30:54
187.   weeping for brunnhilde
155 Whose salary?
2008-09-21 19:31:36
188.   Just fair
166 They just began the demoliton of TIger Stadium this summer (8 years after its shutdown).
2008-09-21 19:32:34
189.   Jeb
Is anyone else tired of the Andy Warhol Physics professor who recommends the Sharp LCD TV? Why would he be more qualified than anyone else at telling you what you'd like to watch? Do Physics professors build TV's?
2008-09-21 19:33:18
190.   rbj
188 I believe they are keeping part of Tiger Stadium. Hard to tell though, considering the only news out of Detroit these days is about the scumbag of the now former mayor.
2008-09-21 19:33:42
191.   Jeb
188 pretty sad that they let it rot like that, huh?

I didn't know that you couldn't implode in NYC.

2008-09-21 19:34:27
192.   pistolpete
On a side note, ESPN really dropped the ball with their pre-game coverage. I had my DVR set for 8pm (pregame set on YES) — I come down late at 8:15 and I'm seeing Chris Berman and company talking about the Patriots.

So now my recording's screwed up. Why couldn't they just agree to simulcast the thing on YES...?

2008-09-21 19:35:01
193.   rbj
That reminds me, gotta restock my fridge with Coke.
2008-09-21 19:35:07
194.   ms october
ooh, still liking this coke.
2008-09-21 19:36:22
195.   nick
It'll be nice to see a line of Coke's in the final boxscore...
2008-09-21 19:36:30
196.   Jeb
192 that's because they moved the pre-game over to ESPN2
2008-09-21 19:37:07
197.   Knuckles
ESPN is doing a great job tonight. The only thing that'd make this telecast better would be some kind of scrolling ticker along the bottom of the screen telling us bits of YS trivia that we've already read about a billion times in the past month.

That, and an EDSP sighting.

2008-09-21 19:37:35
198.   Bruce Markusen
Reggie's coming into the booth! Will Morgan and Miller be able to get in a word edge wise? Anyone remember when ABC first used Reggie as a broadcaster on the playoffs back in the mid-1970s? Man, he could sure talk up a storm those days.
2008-09-21 19:37:36
199.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
192 NFL..yawn...
Phil Coke will be on the 2009 Opening Day team for sure!
2008-09-21 19:37:36
200.   pistolpete
196 I know, the scrolling ticker told me so.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-09-21 19:38:18
201.   bobtaco
185 I'm sure he will be pitching tonight, no matter what.
2008-09-21 19:40:01
202.   Jeb
I wish they'd make TV sets that make the scrolling ticker AND the score on the top of the screen OPTIONAL....OR, you could click a button for an update. I miss the way things used to be where just the game occupied the screen.
2008-09-21 19:41:28
203.   Jeb

If you were pressed, what would be your favorite regular season and post-season memory?

I'll start:

Regular season -- August 6, 1979 Murcer drives in 5 for Thurman

Post-Season -- Games 4 and 5 of the 2001 World Series.

2008-09-21 19:41:56
204.   rbj
At least Reggie can joke about his ego.
2008-09-21 19:42:49
205.   ms october
188 190 wikipedia has a fairly well sourced write-up on tiger stadium and the demolition - though i still accidently call it briggs stadium becuase my dad who grew up in detroit has told me countless times about sneaking into briggs stadium as a kid so that is how i think of the stadium.

i'm sure the land around yankee stadium is a lot more valuable and needed than the land tiger stadium is on.

2008-09-21 19:43:05
206.   Mattpat11
Frank Robinson and Dave Winfield on the TV and no mention.
2008-09-21 19:43:12
207.   weeping for brunnhilde
Listen to Reggie talking up Scott Brosius!

I love it!


2008-09-21 19:44:57
208.   nick
Reggie's appreciation of his own greatness is so sincere....
2008-09-21 19:45:11
209.   rbj
203 I'll take that regular season memory.
As for postseason, I'll take the 1977 World Series. I got to stay up late and it was the first WS win for the Yankees. Reggie's three homeruns were icing on the cake. Rich, creamy icing. Made into intricate designs.
2008-09-21 19:46:07
210.   nick
This strikes me as a revealing moment: Joe Morgan deeply admires one of the few men in baseball more full of shit than he is....
2008-09-21 19:46:37
211.   thelarmis
ooh, i really hope derek hits one out!
2008-09-21 19:46:38
212.   rbj
Now would be a perfect time for Derek Jeter's second grand slam.

Just sayin' is all.

2008-09-21 19:46:39
213.   Jeb
209 I came real close to picking that one (and 1978 because that season was so hard and ultimately rewarding).

Maybe 10 years from now we'll be picking games and someone will mention tonight.

2008-09-21 19:46:58
214.   Just fair
C'mon Jeter. Career GS #2 just for kicks.
2008-09-21 19:47:27
215.   ms october
208 haha - and reggie knows who keeps him employed acknowledging george steinbrenner
2008-09-21 19:48:11
216.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
208 "Even I am sometimes overwhelmed by the magnitude of me.."

Reggie my all-time favorite Yankee after Donnie B

2008-09-21 19:48:16
217.   nick
Post-season, I'll take the comeback against Pedro; regular season.....

regular season is less about moments, somehow: ebb and flow, you know? just give me a randomly selected opposite-field double by Mattingly....

2008-09-21 19:49:01
218.   weeping for brunnhilde
Yes, Derek, that was a strike.
2008-09-21 19:49:42
219.   nick
218 imagine if Alex had taken that pitch there.....
2008-09-21 19:49:52
220.   rbj
Angel Hernandez, you are an incredibly f'ing stupid idiot. You make Ed Hochuli look competent.
2008-09-21 19:49:53
221.   ms october

update from pete abe on the countdown lever - corniest thing i ever heard and wished i hadn't bothered concerning myself with the whole lame thing.

UPDATE, 10:43 p.m.: In keeping with how they screwed up the countdown all season, the Yankees did it again. This time Michael Kay pulled the lever. But instead of the count going to zero, it said "forever" as Kay said something about the Stadium being around forever, which it won't be.

2008-09-21 19:51:49
222.   weeping for brunnhilde
216 I named my cat Reggie, but wouldn't admit it.

People would ask me, "Oh, after Reggie Jackson?"

And I'd say I just thought it was a cute name for a cat because I was a little embarrassed because I guess on some level I thought it was kind of hokey.

No one believed me, though, seeing as how I had an autographed picture of Reggie, a couple of shirts and embraced him as my favorite player.

But of course, I just thought Reggie was a cute name for a cat.

2008-09-21 19:53:33
223.   OldYanksFan
Joba in the 7th? I guess he can go 2? Or Marte for the 8th?
2008-09-21 19:54:52
224.   Jeb
221 beat me to it. Look, if they're going to hire people to dress up as the 1923 Yankees then why not have the lever message read "forever"? I am disappointed that it's Kay though. Should've been King George or Bernie.
2008-09-21 19:55:02
225.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
221 that is SO lame...(cue Eric Cartman voice)...
2008-09-21 19:55:36
226.   JimCobain
222 I named my beagle Mattingly. There was no hiding the reasons why. I got to meet the real Mattingly at a Yankee fanfest and told him I named my dog after him. I was 11 at the time. It took me a few years to realize what the look on his face was all about. :)
2008-09-21 19:56:06
227.   pistolpete

Regular season: So many. I guess I'll choose one of my first as a kid in the early 80's, when my parents got us killer seats down the first base line — I had the clearest view you'd ever want of my idol at the time, #23.

Post season: Easy. Game 5, 2001. Nervous as hell to be attending in person so soon after 9-11, but Brosius made us all forget for a night.

Close second would be Boone's HR. I was in my new house, boxes stacked up all around me — I'm sure my new neighbors were more than a little freaked out as I screamed at the very TOP of my lungs once the ball went over the wall.

2008-09-21 19:57:25
228.   Just fair
Paul O'Neill was on ESPN before the game talking about Joba. Would you believe that he said Joba's role should be defined in ST and not changed? A pitcher should not transition from the bp to starting mid-season. Yeesh.
2008-09-21 19:57:40
229.   pistolpete
226 That's funny, my beagle's name is Arthur. I was a little more subtle, but my wife tells everyone the backstory anyway.
2008-09-21 19:57:42
230.   rbj
Michael Kay? Jeez, I'd prefer that they have, oh shoot I'm blanking on the name, the kid who caught that "homerun" vs. Baltimore in the 1996 postseason.
2008-09-21 19:58:55
231.   ms october
222 :} haha - cute story weeping.
coming from someone who gave herself the screen name ms. october no way i can pretend :}
2008-09-21 19:59:09
232.   weeping for brunnhilde
You think at least maybe with the new stadium we can go back to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame?"
2008-09-21 19:59:25
233.   Jeb
227 I should really pick my first game at the Stadium, but that Murcer game (for Munson) meant a lot to me.
2008-09-21 19:59:58
234.   rbj
229 You named your dog after the 21st president? He was effective in cleaning up patronage in government.
2008-09-21 20:00:13
235.   Just fair
Ha. My lab's name is Mickey and it's not b/c I am a big Walt Disney fan. : )
2008-09-21 20:01:12
236.   weeping for brunnhilde
226 That's great! As I was watching Reggie take pictures with the fans I thought about how if I ever met him I'd definitely tell him about my cat by way of begging a picture.

231 :)

2008-09-21 20:01:39
237.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
232 "Take The A Train" please...
2008-09-21 20:02:00
238.   Jeb
231 Ms. October, between the Tide destroying Arkansas yesterday, the Pokes whipping the Pack tonight and (hopefully) the Yanks winning, this figures to be a good sports weekend for moi.
2008-09-21 20:02:14
239.   OldYanksFan
I would agree Bobby's 5 for Thurman transcended all regular season games. You don't see players crying after a win too often.

The Chambliss shot was great.
Same with game 5 in 2001. Litterally a fairly tale.
And the Boone HR was sweet, but Mo going 3 shut out innings, and pounding the ground after the win was just an amazing sight and game.

2008-09-21 20:02:18
240.   thelarmis
i read an awesome article on ronan. i think it was at espn a year or two ago. really interesting guy. iirc, he was even a doctor in ireland before getting into music...
2008-09-21 20:03:03
241.   pistolpete
234 Arthur Schnitzler, Viennese writer and inventor of the stream of consciousness technique.
2008-09-21 20:03:08
242.   Jeb
234 Chester was always one of my favorites.
2008-09-21 20:03:47
243.   pistolpete
Kay? Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-09-21 20:04:40
244.   OldYanksFan
I'm not a big Kay fan, but it's classy for ESPN to have him in the booth.
2008-09-21 20:05:04
245.   thelarmis
237 nice!
2008-09-21 20:05:42
246.   Mattpat11
Kay drives me nuts, but I'm glad they let him do this.
2008-09-21 20:06:17
247.   nick
ok, unclutch insurance bomb right here please Alex!
2008-09-21 20:06:26
248.   OldYanksFan
The level should have been pulled by both Cora R. and Kaye Murcer.
2008-09-21 20:06:31
249.   Jeb
241 You sure he didn't mean Arthur Bach, rich New Yorker and noted lush?
2008-09-21 20:06:45
250.   OldYanksFan
leveR. Lever. The Lever.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-09-21 20:06:45
251.   pistolpete
Kay was actually on his ESPN radio show lobbying for this when the schedule was first announced.

He does work for the company, I don't see why they wouldn't.

2008-09-21 20:07:05
252.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
244 i miss Scooter & Bill White.. :(
was it someone on the Banter who told the story about Rizzuto and Meatloaf??
2008-09-21 20:07:14
253.   thelarmis
that's 20 steals for boBBy. i really hope he hits 1 more homer for another 20-20 season...
2008-09-21 20:08:41
254.   rbj
241 I'll have to look him up.
2008-09-21 20:08:58
255.   pistolpete
ESPN had better do the right thing and show the entire Mariano entrance, LIVE.
2008-09-21 20:09:43
256.   Chyll Will
243 I'd rather see Kay than E$%&, as torturous as it is...
2008-09-21 20:10:02
257.   OldYanksFan
Bench, Perez and Foster? What about Harmon, Mickey, Willie, Hank, Carl and Frank R. Morgan is such an egocentric putz.
2008-09-21 20:10:43
258.   weeping for brunnhilde
230 Jeffrey Mayer.
2008-09-21 20:10:56
259.   thelarmis
255 they won't.
2008-09-21 20:11:28
260.   Jeb
255 and play "New York New York" in its entirety after the game.
2008-09-21 20:12:06
261.   thelarmis
i don't understand why Kay can't pronounce "rodriguez." it's really not that difficult...
2008-09-21 20:12:29
262.   thelarmis
2008-09-21 20:12:53
263.   ms october
23 nice!

that was a little bumbling.

2008-09-21 20:13:07
264.   Just fair
I don't dislike Kay as much as most, but hearing him with Morgan makes me like him a bit more. Now bring on Susyn Waldman.
2008-09-21 20:13:21
265.   Chyll Will
257 He goes with what he knows. What is that, maybe like wearing hiking boots to play hopscotch?
2008-09-21 20:13:41
266.   pistolpete
I want the blimp shot on Mariano too.
2008-09-21 20:14:28
267.   rbj
258 Thanks.

261 Think Les Nesman on WKRP in Cincinnati on Chi Chi Rodriguez.

Hmmm, root for a rout at this point, or give Mo a save?

2008-09-21 20:14:35
268.   weeping for brunnhilde
237 Kind of hard to sing along, but I'll take it.

I guess we could play a recording of Ella singing it or something. :)

2008-09-21 20:14:59
269.   Eirias
Kay showing them how it is done!
2008-09-21 20:15:50
270.   OldYanksFan
I know Kay isn't real popular, but when he announces, he asctually talks about...well... the game... and the players. As opposed to Morgan, who talks about himself and the Reds while the game happens in the background. And I like Miller, would loves to talk about anything but the game happening in front of him.
2008-09-21 20:16:00
271.   Chyll Will
267 Mo comes in regardless. Joe wants him to pitch the last inning.
2008-09-21 20:16:05
272.   weeping for brunnhilde
252 Hear, hear.
2008-09-21 20:16:14
273.   ms october
263 the nice was supposed to be for you jeb in 238

264 sometimes kay is okay by me and other times beyond annoying. i think he actually seems to do better in "biggger" situations.

rocky cherry - great name.

2008-09-21 20:17:02
274.   Jeb
When the 9th inning gets here, I'm turning down the sound and listening to Sterling and Suzyn.
2008-09-21 20:17:19
275.   rbj
271 Ok, the scotch may be having an effect. I meant should Mo make an appearance or actually have something to work for.
2008-09-21 20:17:44
276.   randym77
Fox and ESPN really make me appreciate the YES announcers, Kay included.
2008-09-21 20:17:47
277.   weeping for brunnhilde
Great defense by these Baltimores.
2008-09-21 20:17:50
278.   thelarmis
nice work! shit, i'll take a blowout win. Mo will still pitch the 9th...
2008-09-21 20:18:00
279.   pistolpete
270 Well, Kay is different from these two boobs in that he knows the team from being around them all year long. Miller has to explain everything like we're all tuning in from a cave on Mars.

Yet get most of it wrong.

2008-09-21 20:18:23
280.   nick
that is more than "hussle", Joe--that is some speed....
2008-09-21 20:18:24
281.   Jeb
273 thank you, ma'am!
2008-09-21 20:19:06
282.   Chyll Will
270 Miller has an engaging voice that says nothing. If he were paired with someone who actually knew something, he'd be worth listening to. Kay gives him some weight. Morgan is hopeless (and sounds like he's sulking to boot...)
2008-09-21 20:19:49
283.   ny2ca2dc
Kay seems spectacular in comparison to his current booth-mates.
2008-09-21 20:19:50
284.   Just fair
Kay should tell Morgan that Torre had a good reason not to be around tonight. You know, like having a job out west and all.
2008-09-21 20:20:06
285.   thelarmis
268 i have a Duke version w/ Milt Grayson singing. it's from the live london concert in '63. actually, i think it might be Ernie Shepard singing on that one...
2008-09-21 20:20:47
286.   pistolpete
284 And being in a freakin' pennant race. If they were the ones 12 games out, we may have had a chance.
2008-09-21 20:21:09
287.   thelarmis
and not nearly enough mention of Mattingly tonight...
2008-09-21 20:22:45
288.   Jeb
Guess where I ate on Friday, Ms. October?
2008-09-21 20:23:50
289.   weeping for brunnhilde
283 I know! A regular Vin Sculley.
2008-09-21 20:24:06
290.   nick
Cody Ransom! I say he homers if given a chance....
2008-09-21 20:24:11
291.   thelarmis
will joe remove jeter w/ 2 outs in the 9th?
2008-09-21 20:24:12
292.   Chyll Will
I guess all Kay really needs is an inferior booth companion (and not the other way around)...
2008-09-21 20:25:17
293.   weeping for brunnhilde
287 I know. When they were reviewing the new Stadium era when Reggie was in the booth, not one word on Mattingly.
2008-09-21 20:25:35
294.   thelarmis
273 Cody Ransom, is a pretty kickass name, too!
2008-09-21 20:26:10
295.   ms october
287 i'll second that - too bad they couldn't have figured something out with him.

and no dimaggio or gehrig relatives on hand.

maybe it is a stretch but they could have put mickey rivers on the list with the center fielders (unless they did and i missed it).

and while i am on this - i guess the yanks couldn't put roger up with the pitchers, but damn.

2008-09-21 20:26:15
296.   pistolpete
293 Does anyone else get the feeling we may be in for a postgame surprise, re: Mattingly?
2008-09-21 20:26:31
297.   thelarmis
nice quick inning for Joba! 3 more outs for Mo!
2008-09-21 20:26:33
298.   Just fair
Do Gardner and Damon have a ball boy between them when they warm up between innings.?
Well, Millar did not do anything so that's good.
2008-09-21 20:26:54
299.   OldYanksFan
Everyone has been in the gaem so far?
2008-09-21 20:27:16
300.   pistolpete
296 Or does anyone have confirmation he was in the dugout today?
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2008-09-21 20:28:06
301.   thelarmis
296 i thought about that. i wonder if jon wiesman or bob t @ the griddle would know if donnie was w/ LA at the game this afternoon...
2008-09-21 20:28:25
302.   ms october
288 where?

298 gardner just runs the ball over to damon and then runs and gets it back - but since he's so fast we don't see it

2008-09-21 20:29:03
303.   thelarmis
molina has hit the ball hard all game.
2008-09-21 20:29:05
304.   OldYanksFan
The last inning to be played in Yankee Stadium.
The last inning. Unbelievable.
2008-09-21 20:29:39
305.   Jeb
Ruth, "God only knows who will hit the last one..." Jose Molina?
2008-09-21 20:29:42
306.   rbj
Giants win (fortunately there isn't a ranking system like there is in college) and NE loses, Yankees winning. Not to shabby a day in the city.
2008-09-21 20:30:56
307.   rbj
Nice shot of Boomer drinking a beer.
2008-09-21 20:31:03
308.   thelarmis
305 i'd love jeter to hit it!
2008-09-21 20:31:21
309.   pistolpete
306 And Dallas making Aaron Rodgers look like the backup that he is.

Or am I the only one who's happy about that?

2008-09-21 20:31:33
310.   Jeb
Jeter HAS to homer here.
2008-09-21 20:31:43
311.   nick
dj--the last shot?
2008-09-21 20:31:47
312.   Chyll Will
304 Hey Weeping, do you have any hankies OYF can borrow for a minute or two? >;)
2008-09-21 20:32:18
313.   Jeb
309 I'm happy about it too, Pistol.
2008-09-21 20:32:26
314.   pistolpete
Cripes, 0-5. Bleah.
2008-09-21 20:32:36
315.   nick
Jose Molina has joined the immortals.
2008-09-21 20:32:45
316.   thelarmis
...or not.
2008-09-21 20:32:55
317.   rbj
309 Yes. Can't stand the f'ing Cowboys.
2008-09-21 20:33:00
318.   pistolpete
2008-09-21 20:34:00
319.   pistolpete
who said the last HR had to be by a Yankee? ;-)
2008-09-21 20:34:19
320.   Chyll Will
305 Only God knows Jose Molina? >;)
2008-09-21 20:34:33
321.   OldYanksFan
Man... did you see all the flashbulbs going off as Mo jogged in? The was a great camera shot. Best I've seen from ESPN.
2008-09-21 20:34:44
322.   ms october
glad we got to see mo's entrance.

309 i am - but am having a hard time getting into football now.

2008-09-21 20:34:55
323.   randym77
I have a feeling Jeter wouldn't be playing today if it weren't The Last Game.
2008-09-21 20:35:09
324.   Jeb
Night Banterites. I enjoyed it this season. Gotta go cry now.
2008-09-21 20:35:16
325.   nick
if Millar hits one off Mo I'll be pissed
2008-09-21 20:35:24
326.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
All praise be to Mo, "A Love Supreme" indeed, we are blessed to have had him as a Yankee all these years!
2008-09-21 20:35:26
327.   Chyll Will
F@#$ E#$%!!!
2008-09-21 20:35:35
328.   thelarmis
319 stop that!
2008-09-21 20:35:42
329.   Mattpat11
Cone and Wells looked significantly less sober than they did an hour ago
2008-09-21 20:36:39
330.   Just fair
That guy who followed Mo with the camera has got a nice little story to tell his grandkiddies. Of course, Mo's going to have some nice stories of his own. : )
2008-09-21 20:37:13
331.   thelarmis
i kinda hope joe pulls jeter with 2 outs for another ovation...
2008-09-21 20:37:35
332.   thelarmis
that's one!
2008-09-21 20:37:52
333.   rbj
It's almost over. I can't believe it.
2008-09-21 20:38:10
334.   Mattpat11
Abraham says MICHAEL KAY pulled the lever? That was the big surprise?
2008-09-21 20:38:17
335.   Chyll Will
319 whywhywhy... hush, you! >;)
2008-09-21 20:38:26
336.   thelarmis
i think Mo/Andy will fall one or two short of the record of games won/saved - welch/eck of the A's have more, i think...
2008-09-21 20:39:26
337.   thelarmis
2 down, 1 to go!
2008-09-21 20:39:33
338.   Mattpat11
Well, here we go.
2008-09-21 20:39:58
339.   Mattpat11
2008-09-21 20:40:06
340.   rbj
331 You called it.

Sniff, one last out.

2008-09-21 20:40:11
341.   Chyll Will
One more!
2008-09-21 20:40:16
342.   nick
331 while Alex stands at 3rd...
2008-09-21 20:40:45
343.   thelarmis
beautiful! captain deserved that : )
2008-09-21 20:40:47
344.   OldYanksFan
331 Nice call.
2008-09-21 20:41:25
345.   Knuckles
Are they chanting "Jeffrey Maier"???
2008-09-21 20:42:01
346.   Mattpat11
Well, that's it
2008-09-21 20:42:23
347.   ms october
and that's the end
2008-09-21 20:42:45
348.   thelarmis
95 wins at the Stadium for andy
2008-09-21 20:42:57
349.   rbj
And Jose Molina wins the LHYSSweepstakes!
2008-09-21 20:43:18
350.   thelarmis
man, i wish we'd be celebrating again a week from now... : /
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2008-09-21 20:44:35
351.   Chyll Will
That's it. Wowzers, this is like New Years, they should all be singing Alde Lang Syne or something...
2008-09-21 20:44:36
352.   Just fair
If they can't be in the post-season, this is a nice way to end it. Start fresh in the new digs next year. They're all enjoying themselves. : )
2008-09-21 20:45:09
353.   rbj
At this rate, there's going to be a big hole where the pitcher's mound is.
2008-09-21 20:47:18
354.   underdog
{Sniff} Farewell and RIP, Yankee Stadium.

Cliff's fine piece made me both appreciate the place and feel less misty eyed about the building itself being knocked down, but I had few fine memories of my own from there over the years and all the other fantastic and important games. It's not the same as the building opened in 1923, but the memories all feel interconnected.

I also always get sad when American landmarks get knocked down - it seems we're always paving over our past - but of course they can't just have an empty, rotting stadium sit there vacant, that would be even sadder. Still, it makes me a bit sad.

Anyway... thanks for the memories.

2008-09-21 20:48:07
355.   Mattpat11
This is getting depressing.
2008-09-21 20:48:22
356.   rbj
Good night all.

At least the Banter will still be around.

2008-09-21 20:49:41
357.   thelarmis
that captain of ours sure is a class act. i'm proud he's my captain. i love him.
2008-09-21 20:50:12
358.   thelarmis
well, i guess no donnie baseball...
2008-09-21 20:51:12
359.   OldYanksFan
I really do feel sorry for other fans. NY and the Yankees do it best.
2008-09-21 20:51:28
360.   Just fair
Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

night all.
2008-09-21 20:52:36
361.   Chyll Will
Jeter closes the joint out leading a fine curtain call and giving a nice little epilogue. Class! Even E@#$ rises above itself to honor this moment.
2008-09-21 20:54:14
362.   Simone
Nice tribute to the fans by Derek. Love the guys going around the Stadium saluting the fans.
2008-09-21 20:54:20
363.   randym77
This is great. It makes me wish I could be there in the Stadium tonight.
2008-09-21 20:59:45
364.   Eirias
God, I love the Yankees.
2008-09-21 21:00:08
365.   Simone
Awww, the last 4 from the Championship teams taking a last picture. I'd love a copy of that picture.
2008-09-21 21:02:00
366.   thelarmis
i am sooo proud to be a lifelong, diehard yankees fan! : )
2008-09-21 21:04:05
367.   Simone
Wow, ESPN stepped up with this tribute from Yogi which is amazingly moving.
2008-09-21 21:06:14
368.   weeping for brunnhilde
347 Her majesty's a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a to say...
2008-09-21 21:07:30
369.   OldYanksFan
Yes... Tasteful, touching ending. It's going to be hard to watch another game this season. That was a GREAT show. Thank God I'm a Yankee fan!
2008-09-21 21:07:31
370.   pistolpete
This feels like a World Series championship postgame, without that warm, fuzzy feeling of a ring.
2008-09-21 21:09:02
371.   pistolpete
This feels like a World Series championship postgame, without that warm, fuzzy feeling of a win and a ring.
2008-09-21 21:09:38
372.   pistolpete
371 Oh damn. I stink.
2008-09-21 21:12:24
373.   randym77
372 Ground into double post. :)
2008-09-21 21:12:40
374.   weeping for brunnhilde
Btw, am I the only one who thinks about Garret Anderson's impossible running catch every time they show the transparent wall out in left center?

The one he made off of Derek in 2002?

That was like a dagger in my heart.

2008-09-21 21:16:56
375.   pistolpete
2008-09-21 21:17:02
376.   3rd gen yankee fan
I'm just crushed. I appreciate what the team did, but I just can't reconcile the paving-over of all that (this) history with the big expensive new stadium. Maybe I'll learn in time.

As has been said before, I thank the good lord for making me a Yankee fan. Also, so glad that the Banter is here. Thank you Alex, Cliff, & Ken, and you Banterites to whom I can relate.

2008-09-21 21:17:40
377.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
374 :(
why Weeping....Why????
2008-09-21 21:18:25
378.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
376 I second that emotion..
2008-09-21 21:20:44
379.   Rolo Tomasi
The money I would give to have an autographed photo of that lasting shot of Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte and Posada on the mound after the game. I swore tonight wouldn't get to me but that thought evaporated sometime during the pre-game.

I just wish a few more games had gone the other way this year so this wasn't the last game at THE stadium. Obviously we (as Yankee fans) have had our fair share of breaks, yet I find myself feeling greedy. Of couse the beer could be assisting in that greed...

2008-09-21 21:24:16
380.   thelarmis
379 mmmm, beer! : )
2008-09-21 21:24:36
381.   pistolpete
OMG, did anyone see NoMaas?
2008-09-21 21:28:01
382.   randym77
379 Bet there will be some available on eBay. Just in time for Christmas.
2008-09-21 21:28:30
383.   weeping for brunnhilde
377 I guess it's some kind of ptsd-type thing.


I guess I won't have to relive that memory anymore.

Or the last day of the season, maybe like in 1983 or 1984, when my best friend had his birthday party at the Stadium and we all got to watch the Yanks get cremated 13-3.

Happy offseason, everyone!

2008-09-21 21:29:45
384.   randym77
381 Oh, man...
2008-09-21 21:31:53
385.   Chyll Will
I just hope we all stick around long enough to have a place in each other's hearts for a while. Strange thing to say to people I've never actually met (except one), but we all make Banter what it is.

The the regulars, the lurkers, the people who would be here and the ones who are gone, stay good to each other. We are where we are, and that's where it's at! >;)

2008-09-21 21:32:42
386.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
381 perfect...
2008-09-21 21:35:25
387.   thelarmis
381 yeah. i saw it hours ago...
2008-09-21 21:35:47
388.   weeping for brunnhilde
385 Hear, hear, Will, hear, hear!

(If I had a glass, I'd raise it! :)

2008-09-21 21:36:47
389.   thelarmis
385 right on, chyll! yeah, i've met one fellow banterer. was very cool. i love it here : )
2008-09-21 21:37:13
390.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
385 388 does all this mean there will only be 15 comments during the next game? I will hold out for 162!
2008-09-21 21:43:41
391.   Mattpat11
390 Next game Moose goes for 19.
2008-09-21 21:53:43
392.   weeping for brunnhilde
Goodnight, sweet Stadium.
2008-09-21 21:59:55
393.   Jeb
Just came back go say that the finale was beautiful. I really appreciate Morgan & Miller shutting up so we could watch the Captain speak and lead the troops around the ballpark.
2008-09-21 22:03:00
394.   moismycopilot
It's hard to believe that this is it for the Stadium, but that was a nice sendoff. I only wish I could have been there to see the introductions, and that final lap around the ballpark.

I'm mostly a lurker around these parts. Many thanks to Alex, Cliff, and the commenters for making this such a great blog to hang around.

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