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Just Writing My Name and Graffiti on the Wall
2008-09-19 07:59
by Alex Belth
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Ray Negron had an unlikely start to a career in baseball--he was caught spray painting his name on Yankee Stadium by none other than the Boss, George Steinbrenner.  Today at 3:00 pm,  Negron will be on hand as Bobby Murcer's face is added to the great mural across the street from the Stadium.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and check, check it out.


2008-09-19 08:14:18
1.   dianagramr
Holy Cow ..... Murcer on the mural? Cool!
2008-09-19 08:14:59
2.   Chyll Will
According to some, this is graffiti and graffiti is bad! >;)
2008-09-19 08:55:56
3.   Shawn Clap
Nah, I ain't running the system. I'm bombing the system.

Um, by the way, I seem to remember the Yanks coming up a little short of "World Champs" in 2004, as the mural seems to suggest.

2008-09-19 09:04:07
4.   Alex Belth
No, I think 04 was when the piece went up.
2008-09-19 09:36:35
5.   MC Safety
That's fresh. NY graff has always been an inspiration.

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