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Let's Play a Couple
2008-09-13 06:29
by Alex Belth
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It rained all night.  I stopped by a couple of record stores downtown after work and picked up a selection of custom-made cds from some friends.  Then I met my old pal Anthony Pick in front of Katz's on Houston street.  But I didn't feel like chicken soup so we walked south into the heart of of the hippish lower east side.  After we crossed Delancy, a bearded man in a suit asked us, "Are either or you Jewish?"  He was looking for recruits I guess. 

Anthony set him up and said, "My father's Jewish." 

"Mine too," I said.

The man replied, "What about your mother?" 

"Sicilian," said Anthony. 

"Sicilian?" the man said.

"My mom's Belgian Catholic."

And with that, he lost interest, and Anthony and I laughed as we walked on.

Today gives two games, the first in the afternoon, and then the make-up for last night's game will be tonight.

It's supposed to rain on-and-off all weekend, but right now, it is sunny in the Bronx.

And you know what they say about the sun:

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-09-13 06:54:18
1.   Josh Wilker
I've gotten the same exact treatment from those street canvassers (I think they're Lubavichers). Their eyes go dead when they learn only my dad is Jewish. I think if you actually "qualify" they'll ask if you've put on the tefillin today, offering the opportunity to do so.
2008-09-13 07:29:33
2.   Just fair
The SWB blog writes that Phil Hughes has been called to the NYC. Maybe he takes Ponson's slot on Wednesday.
2008-09-13 09:41:34
3.   Mattpat11
The Yankees have way too much pregame programming.
2008-09-13 11:04:01
4.   Jeb
Sparse crowd here at the banter. Does anyone know why the Yanks are wearing their July 4 hats? Is it for 9/11?
2008-09-13 11:41:45
5.   Just fair
Glad I'm doing grad work and the tube is background noise. What an awful game. 5-zip. Ugh.
2008-09-13 11:50:23
6.   williamnyy23
I thought this team would actually show up for this last homestand, but instead it appears as if they have already closed the book on 2008. You'd think they would have at least rallied behind Mussina's attempt to win 20, but not even that is motivation.

There's no way around it...this team has quit (and not only recently), which is sad.

2008-09-13 11:58:49
7.   williamnyy23
I am going to miss the comic relief that has passed for Giambi's defense.
2008-09-13 12:06:04
8.   pistolpete
Well, at least we're helping to put Boston down another game in the division.
2008-09-13 12:08:42
9.   williamnyy23
8 Good point...what a change of events for TB. They start the month losing 6 of 7, drop the first game at Fenway and then are staring down Papelbon in the ninth. Instead of losing that game, they rally for 2 to beat Papelbon, top the Sox in the 14th and seem poised to sweep the Yankees this weekend.
2008-09-13 12:12:54
10.   cult of basebaal
6 at least jeter showed up ... maybe everyone else is distracted by the emergency meeting taking place to discuss the fate of LEH and the rest of our financial system
2008-09-13 12:23:29
11.   williamnyy23
10 More than a few could have a substantial holding, so we'll go with that. I just hope Giambi isn't one of them. It's one thing to always throw the ball away, but I'd hate to see him do it to his money too.
2008-09-13 12:43:46
12.   SF Yanks
There's one more thing to look forward to: Hughes' start. I'm just as excited for that as I was the first time he pitched, which is kind of funny considering the state of affairs the Yankees are in. If Phil can manage a couple of hot outings to finish the season that would give me a nice and comfy feeling to sit through during the off season.
2008-09-13 12:52:05
13.   cult of basebaal
12 and might provide some small amount of support for the decision to place our trust in our young pitchers
2008-09-13 12:53:40
14.   SF Yanks
Damon .304
Jeter .299
Abreu .296
Nady .315
Matsui .294
ARod .308
Giambi 90RBI 29HR

Pretty good numbers for 7 hitters. It's sad they cannot produce. Why am I listing these averages? I have no clue.

2008-09-13 12:56:22
15.   SF Yanks
13 I would be very comfortable with a rotation of Sabathia, Wang, Pettitte, Joba, and Phil. Maybe even Moose if he comes back. One would think that's one of the best rotations in baseball, but as always, $#!+ happens.
2008-09-13 13:04:29
16.   williamnyy23
14 Batting average is far from the best way to evaluate offense though, which is particularly relevant with regard to Jeter's season. Also, Nady and Matsui had very abbreviated contributions.

15 I agree...signing C.C. and healthy Wang and Joba would make for a very good rotation. This season has been pretty sad, but I think the right moves get them back on top next year. What the Yankees can't do is spend on the wrong free agents, nor think they have to just go with the kids.

2008-09-13 13:15:56
17.   SF Yanks
16 Oh there's definitely superior ways to measure offense, but sometimes I just keep it as simple as possible. I like the whole "it looks good on paper" approach. It eases my mind...

Actually, now that I think about it... it confuses things more. Now I've just confused myself. Hmmm, am I still talking?

2008-09-13 13:44:27
18.   yankee23
Here's what I have to say about the sun:

[homemade video, but a great song]

2008-09-13 15:36:21
19.   Just fair
I caught this off The Griddle.
Our ol' pal Ted Lilly knocks Molina out of the game at the 1 minute mark. Madness.
2008-09-13 15:50:20
20.   JL25and3
I was at the Stadium this afternoon. It was a weird feeling, one I haven't felt in a long time. The Yankees not only got creamed, they looked helpless and awful (at 2-0, the game seemed out of reach) but for the first time in years, it really didn't matter. I mean, it would have been more fun if it had been a close, well-played game that the Yankees won - but that's only on aesthetic grounds.

At this point, I'm just watching a game for component pieces, a couple of individually interesting things that might happen. The game itself doesn't matter anymore.

2008-09-13 16:20:07
21.   Raf
Looks like Joe G is firmly in Gardner's corner...
2008-09-13 16:25:07
22.   OldYanksFan
The ESPN website says this game is televised, yet it is NOT on TV or in my onlive TV guide. I can't find it on MLB.YV either.
Is anyone watching the game on ESPN or MLB.TV... or having the same problem I am?
2008-09-13 16:33:03
23.   OldYanksFan
Am I lost in some sort of time warp? Hello? Is this planet Earth?
2008-09-13 16:33:53
24.   randym77
It's on My9 here in upstate NY.
2008-09-13 16:35:23
It's on My 9 (postponed from last night).
2008-09-13 16:38:34
26.   randym77
I got ticked off at MLB.TV (the most incompetent and terrible customer service in the known universe), so I don't have a MLB.TV or MiLB.TV subscription like I usually do. So I can't check.

But have you tried going in through the "front door"? From the front page or scoreboard page? Click on the little TV?

2008-09-13 16:40:48
27.   Raf
sry, as mentioned the game is on UPN 9. They (Cone & Kay) were talking about Girardi being a Gardner fan, and how Girardi felt that Gardner didn't get enough AB's at the ML level and it's too early to write him off.
2008-09-13 16:43:29
28.   randym77
21 Is Melky Cabrera still alive? I don't think he's played once since he was called up.

I actually don't have a problem with Gardner over Melky. Melky's had his shot. Almost three full years as the Yanks' starting CFer. I think we've seen what he can do already. Might as well give Gardner a shot instead.

But wow. I thought Bubba Crosby, Kevin Thompson, and Kevin Reese were buried on the bench. But none of them were buried like Melky is now.

2008-09-13 16:44:46
29.   OldYanksFan
The ESPN site says the game is on TV, but ESPN TV is showing a football game. Can the Yankees be SO boring and inconsequential that the swapped their programming at the last minute?

For some reason MLB.TV shows NO games after 4 PM listed. Nothing. Blank slate.

2008-09-13 16:50:20
30.   Raf
29 I have no baseball listed here;
2008-09-13 16:51:34
31.   randym77
29 It was on ESPN when it was on Friday night. Maybe they didn't bother to change their web site when it was pushed to Saturday. Football usually wins over baseball.

Have you tried ESPN2?

Like I said, I don't have a MLB.TV subscription this year, but when I click on the "video" or MLB.TV option on the scoreboard, the usual screen comes up telling me to log in. What happens when you log in? Is there nothing?

2008-09-13 16:58:20
32.   OldYanksFan
31 I get an MLB.TV screen I've never seen. I had their screen open from the 1PM game, and the 7PM game is listed, but NOT live and no link to click.

I even tried the magic Link which brought up the screen and game box score but no video. I can get audio, but I find Waldman's voice grating and Sterling sounds like he's on a Quaalude drip.

How strange. I know MLB.TV is blacked out for Fox, but ESPN also? The don't have a single game after 4PM that's live. Nobody.

So I have to watch the Sox. Bartolo Lower Intestine gives up 5 in the 2nd. BJs up 5-2.

2008-09-13 17:00:14
33.   rbj
I'm watching it on Directv, with the WOR feed, er the My9 feed. Nah, I'm going to stick with WOR, even though that is weird enough.
2008-09-13 17:04:02
34.   Raf
I guess Ransom replaces Betemit next year?
2008-09-13 17:11:30
35.   randym77
I don't think it's supposed to be blocked out. My guess is MLB.TV screwed up. They do that sometimes, especially when the schedule is screwed up by rain.

I'd tell you to call and complain, but that's probably a useless waste of time.

2008-09-13 17:13:14
36.   OldYanksFan
Wow... we are 2.5 games away from a protected pick, with Florida, Arizona and Texas directly below us. Root for the Marlins and DBacks!

I'm thinking ESPN nixed the Yankee game at the last minute due to non-interest. Can't guess what's up with MLB.TV

MLB.TV charges around $100/yr. With what, 70 million homes in the USA, they could be making over A BILLION DOLLARS from this. All Internet/Technology money they had no idea existed 10 years ago. Yet the service is expensive and shitty. MLB is getting really greedy. They have a monopoly on baseball and are milking the consumer dry.

2008-09-13 17:16:24
37.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
D'oh! just turned on the tv here for the game, but it's game one with Mussina, already know what happened! oh well, guess Japanese political chat shows will be more exciting...
2008-09-13 17:18:36
38.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
WHY is Ponson starting the second game???
2008-09-13 17:27:57
39.   randym77
Well, you knew Ponson would run out of luck eventually.
2008-09-13 17:28:52
40.   rbj
Sidney, just keep walking. All the way back to Aruba.
2008-09-13 17:28:56
41.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
listening to Rays radio-cast..are the fans booing? it is totally inexplicable that Ponson started this game...
2008-09-13 17:30:48
42.   williamnyy23
I don't think there has ever been a time that I was happy to see the Yankees give up a grandslam. Not only is it poetic justice for a team that has quit and continues to trot out dregs like Ponson, but it sets TB up nicely to win the division.

While this season was not "as bad" as some of those early-90's campaigns, I think this team is actually worse. At least those early 1990s teams were brutal...this team seems to composed of a bunch of quiters. The Yankees need to weed out who is part od the problem here, and in saying that, I don't exclude Girardi.

2008-09-13 17:31:15
43.   williamnyy23
41 Mild one seems to care anymore.
2008-09-13 17:39:17
44.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
42 yeah, i really thought Girardi would bring some Billy Martin-type fire but he's been real tame this year..if more of the same next year then bring on Bobby V in 2010!
2008-09-13 17:41:39
45.   OldYanksFan
I'm watching the Sox game.
Colon throws a pitch and a hard grounder is hit right back at him.
In self defense, he turns totally around, and with his back to the plate, the ball is coming right at him.
And then the ball disappears.
Doesn't go past him.
Doesn't bounce off him.
Where is the ball?
My first thought is that he caught it with his butt cheeks, which would literally mean that Colon caught it with his colon.
But that's not it.
With his back to the plate and his glove arm dangling at his side, the ball hits the heel of his shoe and jumps directly into his glove.
Colon laughs, and throws the runner out at first.
2008-09-13 17:42:23
46.   randym77
Who do you suppose complained to the media that his teammates have given up?
2008-09-13 17:45:05
47.   randym77
Meanwhile, in Arizona, the Big Unit just gave up singles to the catcher and pitcher.
2008-09-13 17:45:55
48.   thelarmis
well, at least jeter has 5 hits so far today. avg at .302. he only needs 5 hits in the next 8.5 games to pass gehrig...
2008-09-13 18:05:44
49.   kdw
46 What was the comment?
2008-09-13 18:12:54
50.   randym77
49 Supposedly an unnamed Yankee player complained to a member of the media that his teammates had given up. They asked Girardi about it, and he said whoever it was should have the 'nads to put his name on the accusation, and that he should get in the faces of the guys who have given up, rather than take it to the press.
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2008-09-13 18:18:36
51.   kdw
50 Thanks. So someone who at least nominally cares, and not likely to be one of the young guys. Maybe Mussina?
2008-09-13 18:20:29
52.   OldYanksFan
45 Wow... not even a snicker? Tough crowd tonight.
2008-09-13 18:23:57
53.   thelarmis
hanley ramirez joined the 30-30 club today...
2008-09-13 18:26:35
54.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
53 amazing player...
52 trying to find a humorous reply, but just can't... this season such a dissapointment..
then again, we could be Royals fans..
2008-09-13 18:26:42
55.   Just fair
Gardner's ab's are embarrasing. Now he's trying to kill fans. Yikes.
2008-09-13 18:27:46
56.   Raf
51 I doubt it to be Moose. Especially when he has called out players in the past.
2008-09-13 18:28:02
57.   randym77
51 Could be. I was wondering if maybe it was Jeter. Not the kind of thing you'd expect of him, but he's got to be incredibly frustrated. This will be the first time in his career he hasn't made the post-season.

Agree it's not likely to be one of the kids. Moose is a good guess.

2008-09-13 18:30:56
58.   thelarmis
well, jeter hasn't given up. 3 more hits. that's 6 today. 4 to go in the next 8 games for the Stadium record. at this point, it's the little things - not that the accomplishment is little. ah, you know what i mean...
2008-09-13 18:35:44
59.   Raf
57 I doubt that the media would let Jeter get away with making an anonymous quote, much less one saying that the team quit.
2008-09-13 18:37:06
60.   thelarmis
crap, boston tied toronto. will probably go on to win...big. i was hoping minny would catch them. even so, the pale hose would have to do their part. it would be absolutely wonderful for boston to somehow miss the postseason...
2008-09-13 18:37:47
61.   kdw
56 and 57 Not the kind of thing I'd expect of either Jeter or Moose but they both have reason to be really frustrated. Part of the mystery is that it seems like there just aren't that many guys who would care enough to make that comment. I'd say not Damon, he cares but seems like if he's going to say something it's for attribution. Given how he's pitched lately, not Andy. Not Nady, too new. Giambi? Pudge?
2008-09-13 18:37:56
62.   randym77
59 I think they would. It was just one reporter. I think he'd keep it confidential, because if he didn't, he'd never get anything from him again. Reporters protect their sources.
2008-09-13 18:39:35
63.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
60 i am not prepared to deal with the inevitable media adulation when the win the WS...i know it shouldn't matter (and I am childish for caring!) but the ESPN Boston worship is awful..
2008-09-13 18:41:00
64.   williamnyy23
50 I'd have preferred Girardi say I hoppe that player comes to me and I'll deal with the quitters. Then again, maybe that player did go to the General, but he brushed him aside? Instead, Girardi goes with the blue wall of silence mentality and shifts the blame to the whistle blower. To me, that's a lack of leadership.
2008-09-13 18:42:34
65.   williamnyy23
I spend the whole season rooting for 2-out RBIs and they never come. Now, all of sudden I don't want them to come, and of course Nady gets the hit!
2008-09-13 18:43:04
66.   thelarmis
nice AB by the X-man
2008-09-13 18:43:53
67.   randym77
Man, someone up there likes the Yankees tonight.
2008-09-13 18:45:24
68.   thelarmis
63 and boston takes the lead. shocker. i know, espn is brutal. i can't stand all the "nation" references. makes me sick...
2008-09-13 18:45:59
69.   thelarmis
67 "up there," is not bristol, conn! ; )
2008-09-13 18:46:40
70.   Just fair
Another 1st that I've seen. Robbie bangs a ball in the dirt several feet foul near the right handed batter's box and winds up hitting the third base bag for a double. Crazy. : )
2008-09-13 18:49:08
71.   thelarmis
niese really saving the Muts bullpen in the nightcap...
2008-09-13 18:50:17
72.   randym77
Whoa! Melky's alive!
2008-09-13 18:51:19
73.   thelarmis
a leche sighting!
2008-09-13 18:52:30
74.   thelarmis
joba time!
2008-09-13 18:55:08
75.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
music interlude: hey Larmis, a friend just passed me a cd compilation of Roy Buchanan..know much about him? good picker, seems he died very mysteriously..
2008-09-13 18:56:02
76.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a nice little Mariano sequence by Joba, there, how he painted outside and busted inside.

Well done.

2008-09-13 19:00:09
77.   thelarmis
75 i don't know enough about him but have been hearing his name some recently. english maybe? yeah, i hear he was a very good picker. i don't much about him at all. blues related, methinks...

oh, and it's Thelarmis, not The Larmis. i guess it confuses a lot of people! : ) it's been a stage name that was bestowed on me a dozen years ago. i never made the connection with "the" in the beginning until i started posting at this site...

and, of course, boston now leads by 2 w/ paplebitch most likely on his way to the hill...

2008-09-13 19:04:30
78.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
77 yeah, bluesy style. great stage name, won't break up the "the" from now on!

Papelbon..i can respect and admire Youkilis and Pedroia even when joking about them, but Papelbon is such a weenie..and he can be gotten too mentally methinks...

2008-09-13 19:06:43
79.   williamnyy23
This really sucks.
2008-09-13 19:07:01
80.   weeping for brunnhilde
Jesus, that motherfucker can fly.

Did you see that lightning blur?

2008-09-13 19:09:25
81.   thelarmis
78 nice! the full stage name, is "thelarmis j. younkin" -- quite weird, actually! of course, there's hidden meanings behind each name there and it was given to me by a wise old musician that has handed out many stage names over his years in the biz. so, it was actually quite an honor that i received one when i was young and green and new to touring. i didn't know/think it would stick, but it certainly has over the years. i'm always surprised how many people know me by 'thelarmis'...

i should check out some roy buchanan sometime!

paplebitch closed it out quick... boBBy gunnin' for another 100-rbi season...

2008-09-13 19:10:50
82.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
81 I just got a Freddie King compilation too, it's awesome! he also died too young, only about 40...
2008-09-13 19:17:35
83.   thelarmis
82 now Freddy King is THE MAN!!! he's fantastic! if you got the 20-track greatest hits on Rhino, then yeah, it's an awesome compilation! i've performed at least a half-dozen songs from that one. Clapton pretty much completely modeled himself after freddy - vocally and guitar-wise. freddy was amazing! i didn't know he died sooo young. terrible shame...
2008-09-13 19:18:07
84.   weeping for brunnhilde
When you see how the two hits in the inning were obtained, you have to ask what the hell Iwumura was doing swinging like that.
2008-09-13 19:18:47
85.   thelarmis
mo hasn't pitched much lately. he probably forgot it's a save situation and therefore, he isn't supposed to give up any runs and make it interesting...
2008-09-13 19:22:49
86.   nick
pundits, prognosticators, and pissants can rest easy: a season without progress ends as it begins, with Joba as the "8th-inning guy"...
2008-09-13 19:24:52
87.   JL25and3
Roy Buchanan was a blues guitarist (American, not English), and one of the best there ever was. I suppose you'd call him a guitarist's guitarist, because all his peers put him right at the top, but he was never quite able to break through to the public. He didn't sing, which is a serious drawback if you want to play the blues. He also didn't really have any showmanship, any style - he just stood there and played. But man, could he play.

His other problem was drinking. There's a story that the Rolling Stones wanted to hire him to replace Mick Taylor, a story I've heard in two versions. One is that Buchanan turned them down; the other is that he showed up falling-down drunk for his audition - too drunk for the Stones!

His death has whispers of mystery around it, but I tend to doubt it. He was arrested and thrown in the drunk tank, and in the morning he was found hanging in his cell. His family says it wasn't suicide, but...

This isn't much of a video, but probably his best-known tune, a cover of an old Patsy Cline song. I can listen to it endlessly.

2008-09-13 19:28:01
88.   JL25and3
83 B.B, Freddie, Albert - you can't go wrong with a blues guitarist named King.
2008-09-13 19:30:07
89.   thelarmis
87 thanks for that JL! well, i probably would've liked him -- instrumental, boring on stage, likes alcohol. hmmm, sounds like a certain drummer i know on the banter, haha! ; )

speaking of which, i'm gonna crack my first beer of the night. i promise i won't hang myself later!!!

hey, did you ever pick up Mingus Let My Children Hear Music? the big band, i believe, is playing atlanta next april, or so...

oh, i just found out that some english jazz author wrote a book on my man - Hank Mobley. 175-page hardcover. i can't believe it! it's apparently nothing too exciting, but i had to have it, so i ordered it. should have it in the post in a week or so. hopefully in time to read on my flight up to NY...

2008-09-13 19:38:07
90.   OldYanksFan
Hey... you know who is an AMAZING guitarist? Roy Clark from Hee Haw. Saw him do a flamico number. Amazing. Fastest guitar stumming I've have ecev seen.
2008-09-13 19:38:27
91.   JL25and3
89 I did pick it up on your recommendation, but I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet.

Have you ever read Straight Life, by Art Pepper? Great, great jazz autobiography that doesn't pull any punches. It doesn't hurt that I freakin' love Art Pepper.

2008-09-13 19:41:21
92.   thelarmis
88 it's true on the King's! BB King had an older cousin named Bukka White. he was more of a delta blues type player. Booker T. Washington White, from Pinebluff, Arkansas. he was amazing!!! he wrote the incredible tune Fixin' To Die, that Bob Dylan covered in stunnigly amazing fashion on his debut album. there's a great bukka white comp on Columbia/Legacy (same label as the mingus record). Washboard Sam, ruins some of the tunes however, playing completely outta time. : /

Big Bill Broonzy, was another like that. then there were the "out" delta blues guys, like Son House. i actually got to play with Cedell Davis in Conway, Arkansas. i backed up a cool old bluesman named Drink Small in Macon, GA once, too - he was cool!

2008-09-13 19:44:05
93.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
91 man, Art Pepper was amazing..and indeed, he lived a very very heavy "jazz" life!

90 my Dad always said that abotu Roy Clark and I never believed him..but have seen what you describe, guy can PLAY!
(Hee Haw still sucked though..)

2008-09-13 19:44:14
94.   thelarmis
91 excellent! i know you'll love it, when you get a chance to spin it...

i'm not a big reader of books. that said, i just blazed through the latest Neil Peart book. he is such a talented writer. i have read some jazz books, but it sorta has to be a major hero of mine - like a hank mobley. i'm sure the book is terrific! i have a mobley album w/ Art Farmer & Pepper Adams, but not Art Pepper! ; )

2008-09-13 19:45:09
95.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
92 Skip James always been my favorite old time blues man, really haunting stuff..
2008-09-13 19:45:42
96.   thelarmis
big unit will not march toward 300 today. he's out after 5 innings and it's a tied game...
2008-09-13 19:46:09
97.   Chyll Will
Man, I absolutely LOVE this song... this was my buddy KJ's theme when we were at Howard. I composed a track mixing samples of this with a sample of The Roots for the backpackers. Gotta get some old school up!
2008-09-13 19:48:33
98.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
97 Chyll, check out "Spirit Man" by Weldon Irvine
2008-09-13 19:49:56
99.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-13 19:50:03
100.   JL25and3
As for this whole thing about the Yankees "quitting," who exactly is it that people think have "quit?" I don't see guys who aren't playing hard. Cano, maybe, but he's been so lost all year I'm not sure how I'd tell. Giambi plays hard - he may have fucked up royally in the field, but quit? No. Jeter, Damon, Abreu? No way. Certainly not the pitchers. Oh yeah, I forgot, it must be A-Rod's fault.

I'm with Girardi and others. the problem with that story isn't the "quitters," it's the guy backbiting to the press. That's something we haven't seen in a long time, really since the mid-80's. I blame the guy, but I put some responsibility on Girardi as well. It seems like the wheels are falling off in that clubhouse.

(Not that a clubhouse has wheels, but you get what I mean.)

I'm entirely unimpressed with Girardi. He was supposed to be this rising young star of a manager, but I don't see a single thing about him that suggests it.

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2008-09-13 19:53:51
101.   Chyll Will
98 Will do. You check out "Long Black Train" by Richard Hawley. G'nite all >;)

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