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The Hit Man
2008-09-11 16:27
by Alex Belth
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Equal parts Frank Thomas, Dick Allen and Babe Herman, Manny Ramirez is profiled today by Jay Jaffe over at Baseball Prospectus.

2008-09-11 17:41:26
1.   OldYanksFan
It's a paid article, so we cheapskates are in the dark. Anything bombastic to report? Tell me there's something that will have Cashman keep him off this team.
2008-09-11 19:05:56
2.   Andre
My wishes for next year:

dump Matsui, Giambi, Abreu. Bring in Manny as your full time DH for a 2 year deal (maybe 3 if you have to) (I really don't like him but he should be an interesting trainwreck and I'd rather see him at the plate in the postseason than anyone else currently on the team).

That's essentially swapping 3 old guys for 1 old guy. Manny's production should be consistently better than all 3 (even though he's on a decline). You'll probably get 1 very good year, and 2 mediocre years (if you have to go 3).

Get Tex if you must (personally, I'm indifferent- not thrilled with an 8-10 yr deal.

Get CC if you can, although I think he's been overused this year and will probably be a bust next year. He should rebound for the remainder of his contract.

Your outfield is Damon, some player to be named (may have to be melky or gardner unless you can find another Nady type) and Nady.

You still have to find a 1st baseman if you don't get Tex
You have to hope Po can play at least half time.

Try to get one of Texas' 4 catchers, or re-sign Pudge to a 2 yr deal as the half-time backstop. I think he'll rebound next year to be more productive than Molina in part time action.

Hope that CC, Wang, Mussina, Hughes, Aceves, IPK, Pettitte can establish a sub 4 average ERA.

Hope that Cano can rebound.

Keep trying to find/groom pitchers, catchers, 1st basemen, outfielders (obviously).

Try to build a better bench. Can Betemit be a serviceable infield backup for a full season?

I think we could have made the postseason if we had a few ok starts from Hughes/IPK and if Wang had not gone down for the season. Adding Manny to the lineup should take pressure off AROd and should bring some consistency. Realistically, if you completely blow up the team, there's not enough available to start over again quickly.

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