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Top Twenty Five Moments in Yankee Stadium History
2008-09-11 08:28
by Alex Belth
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Over at WFAN's website, the intrepid Sweeny Murti gives us his list of the 25 top Yankee Stadium Moments.  Excellent job by Murti here, as he combines research and reporting to provide a lively and entertaining list.  Part of the fun is seeing if you agree with his take.  Personally, I would have the Louis-Schmeling fight in the top Five, if not top Three.  What do you think?  This is oodles of fun from Murti.  Check it out:

25-21, 20-16, 15-11, 10-6, 5-1

2008-09-11 10:48:24
1.   JL25and3
Louis-Schmeling should definitely be higher, much higher. And lumping it together with Holmes-Norton? That's ridiculous.
2008-09-11 12:25:16
2.   Shaun P
Its an interesting list and I really enjoyed reading it. I would have bumped Giants-Colts down, and Louis-Schmeling up, but that doesn't bother me really. My gripe is that it seems awfully skewed towards more recent history. I know what Doc meant to the City, and I was psyched that day too - but why his no-hitter, or Rags's, over Abbott (a one-handed pitcher fer cryin' out loud!) and/or Allie Reynolds? Reynolds' 2nd no-hitter of '51 was against the Red Sox, and the source of a good story to boot:

The most egregious entry, to me, is the Ceremonial First Pitch of the '01 Serious. I think it should be taken off the list. Note I've never lived in the City, so YMMV.

2008-09-11 19:15:01
3.   williamnyy23
2 That ceremonial first pitch definitely belongs on the list. Unless you simply can't put politics aside, Bush's presence on the mound before the World Series was an important statement. Although I am not a New Yorker who gets carried away with 9/11, that moment definitely had special meaning.
2008-09-11 19:26:49
4.   williamnyy23
This list was a little too recent history focused. Maybe it would have been better to do the top-25 moments in the new Stadium.

Also, I was glad to see the inclusion of the Don Mattingly HR in the 1995 ALDS. I was at that game and it was my greatest moment. Having said that, it really is only a great moment for Yankee fans, not the game of baseball. As the inclusion of other sports indicates, this list seems to be about sport-wide impact, so Mattingly's HR probably doesn't belong.

I was also at the Gooden no-hitter and agree that it doesn't belong either. It was a nice moment, but certainly not top-25 (maybe not even top-50 or 75).

What should definitely be on the list is either the 1st WS game at YS (October 10, 1923) or the first WS victory at YS (October 8, 1927).

What absolutely doesn't belong on the list is the first game of DiMaggio's streak. I know you want to honor that accomplishment, but it doesn't make sense to give hit #1 special significance.

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