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Jobber Rebelion
2008-09-10 12:16
by Cliff Corcoran
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UntitledThe Angels entered this series with a chance to clinch the AL West and have closer Francisco Rodriguez tie or even break Bobby Thigpen's single-season saves record, but they exchanged blowouts with the Yankees in the first two games, forcing Rodriguez, stuck at 55 saves to Thigpen's 57, to wait to make history against some other team. Meanwhile the second-place Rangers failed to help the Angels out last night, and it's only with a Rangers loss that the Angels could clinch with a win today. The Rangers' game in Seattle starts more than an hour after today's afternoon tilt in Anaheim, so even if the Angels do clinch today, they'll likely be back in their clubhouse when it happens, sparing the Yankees the indignity of watching another team celebrate.

Andy Pettitte, who is now officially in line to start the final game at Yankee Stadium two turns from now, takes the hill for the Bombers. Pete Abe has a story on Pettitte today that blames Andy's recent struggles on the disruption of his usual off-season conditioning caused by his inclusion in the Mitchell Report:

The workout regime that he believes has been the base of his success was not abandoned. But Pettitte did not put in the amount of time he usually does.

"There were times I didn't want to leave the house, much less go work out and focus on baseball," he said last night before the Yankees played the Angels.

Pettitte tried to catch up in spring training, scheduling early-morning workouts and pestering teammates to join him and provide a push. For a while, it appeared to work. Pettitte was 12-7 with a 3.76 ERA through his first 22 starts. Pettitte's history suggested that he would only improve as he season went on.

He has struggled instead. He is 1-5 with a 6.57 ERA over his last eight starts, putting 82 runners on base via hit or walk over 49 1/3 innings. Opponents have hit .325 against him.

"I was very happy with the first half I put together, then I won my first two starts after the break and I thought, 'Here we go.' Personally, it's been frustrating," he said.

Though he doesn't come right out and say it, Pettitte strongly suggested to Abraham that he wants to return to the Yankees next year both to pitch in the new Stadium, and because he believes he can recover his form of a year ago by avoiding any other interruptions to his offseason program. If he does, he stands a very good chance of moving past Lefty Gomez into third place on the franchise's all-time wins list. Gomez isn't quite Babe Ruth, but I'd be all for bringing Andy back next year given the struggles of the team's pitching prospects this season.

In other news, Ivan Rodriguez and Torii Hunter will both serve two-game suspensions starting this afternoon as punishment for their dust-up on Monday night.

2008-09-10 12:33:03
1.   Sliced Bread
sing it with me Bowie stylee:

We could be spoilers... just for one day

2008-09-10 12:48:48
2.   Mattpat11
That was one of the more obvious balks you'll ever see.
2008-09-10 12:50:00
3.   Yankee Fan In Boston
2 indeed. that looked funny to me, and i never pick up on them.
2008-09-10 13:14:27
4.   Shaun P
I love Andy and all, but winning is not going to get this team the 15th worst record in MLB - and a protected draft pick.
2008-09-10 13:15:06
5.   Yankee Fan In Boston
i have been away for a while, so i apologize if this has been covered, but joe posnanski had a great exchange with pete rose regarding the captain's chances of setting a new all-time hits record:

2008-09-10 13:53:13
6.   Shaun P
If the Yanks do sign CC, I really can't see both Pettitte and Moose coming back. To be honest, as much as I love Andy, I'm not sure which one I'd rather have. Moose, if he keeps it up, could win 300 in pinstripes, which would be awesome. But he's probably more likely than Andy to fall off the cliff, performance-wise, given that he's older and his repertoire. But Pettitte has had injury problems, so maybe he's more likely to crash. Tough choice.
2008-09-10 13:54:21
7.   JL25and3
5 For those of us who've loathed Pete Rose for several decades, he's the gift that keeps on giving. Every time he opens his mouth I remember why I detest him - and every time, I discover I detest him just a little bit more.

Kind of like Gary Sheffield.

2008-09-10 14:13:28
8.   Will Carroll
What's not said here is "I miss Brian McNamee." Wacky.
2008-09-10 14:21:52
9.   Shaun P
And I was about to type: "1 run on 8 hits - who are these guys, the Yankees?"


2008-09-10 14:22:06
10.   OldYanksFan
Will we break 10 comments?
We have 2 SP for next year: Wang and Phil/Joba. Unless we sign 2 FAs, we may need Moose and Andy.

Oh shit! Perfect time to tune in. I saw a lead for about 60 seconds.

2008-09-10 14:22:58
11.   randym77
I'm glad I'm not Cashman, because I have no clue how to fix this team.
2008-09-10 14:23:33
12.   OldYanksFan
That was a very expensive bad throw by our LFer. Nady?
2008-09-10 14:28:33
13.   Just fair
That 2-4-2 put out was one of the better executed plays of the season. Ah. It's the little things.
2008-09-10 14:31:09
14.   Shaun P
10 Better to play the kids than sign 2 free agent starters, especially if they don't end up with a protected draft pick. One of Aceves and IPK could fill the 5th starter slot. Add in Wang, Joba, and Hughes, plus CC, and one of Moose/Pettitte, and that's fine.

Unless you included, as a free agent starter, Pettitte or Moose, in which case, i agree.

2008-09-10 14:31:34
15.   rbj
11 Bring back:


Beyond that, I've got no clue.

2008-09-10 14:33:20
16.   Raf
2008-09-10 14:37:48
17.   Just fair
16 G'dam Pikies. They can't even settle on what to name their team.
2008-09-10 14:44:16
18.   rufuswashere
(Sarcasm alert.)

Good thing the Yankees can mash bad pitchers like ol' Dustin Moseley.

2008-09-10 14:45:06
19.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Phil Coke...always want to shout out his name like "Steve Holt!" from Arrested Development...
2008-09-10 14:52:44
20.   Shaun P
Phil Coke = piece of evidence # 22 that the Yanks don't need to spend a dime on free agent relievers this offseason.
2008-09-10 15:24:43
21.   rufuswashere
This team's offensive woes are serious indeed. We're 7th in the AL in runs scored, I'm surprised it's that high.
2008-09-10 15:30:24
22.   OldYanksFan
14 That's my feeling (no I don't consider Moose/Andy as FAs) but so many fans are panicing. GET CC! GET SHEETS! GET TEX! GET MANNY! GET AJ! GET PUJOLS! Money don't matter! Long contracts don't matter! Kids are not the answer!

Sheesh. One bad year and everybody is George Steinbrenner circa 2001.

Im OK with the Farm and selected FAs. BUT NOT ALL OF THEM! A 9 or 10 year contract with Tex will end up being worse then Giambi's. We will have an over priced ARod in 6 years. An overpriced Po in 2 or 3 years. Who knows what Jetes will offer in 2010.

I say keep building the farm. We need to e able to bring of 1 or 2 decent kids every year. Maybe not in the next year or 2, but after that, that is the key to winning. A bunch of cheap, talents kids, and a few impact FAs.

2008-09-10 15:31:50
23.   OldYanksFan
Do we have only 3 hits? ONLY THREE HITS????
2008-09-10 15:32:23
24.   OldYanksFan
Do we have only 24 comments?
2008-09-10 15:33:14
25.   Raf
24 Nope
2008-09-10 15:34:12
26.   OldYanksFan
That was so outside!
2008-09-10 15:34:12
27.   Shaun P
24 ONLY 24 COMMENTS!?!?!?

In fairness, this is the dinner hour on the East Coast.

And I know some fans are panicking, but those folks may be the same bandwagon fans who've never suffered through a few losing seasons in a row. Let them panic, it doesn't change the fact that all the free agents in the world won't help the Yanks.

2008-09-10 15:35:28
28.   Shaun P
26 I wonder when MLB will wake up and fix the horrible umpiring we're seen too often this year behind the plate?
2008-09-10 15:38:15
29.   randym77
This was an odd time for a game (on the east coast). I missed the first part because I was at work, then missed more while commuting home. Probably a lot of people in that boat.
2008-09-10 15:43:02
30.   Shaun P
Go Texas! Go Florida! Go D'backs! Go Dodgers!
2008-09-10 15:59:50
31.   ny2ca2dc
I love Andy and all, but he's probably worth more to the Yankees if he's offered arb and leaves - he's a Type A FA. I think they should just offer him arb and if he accepts, hey, hard to complain about getting Andy Pettitte; and if he leaves, spend huge on the draft picks he'll bring. Next draft could be the first in a long while where the Yanks will have a lot of high picks, assuming they play their cards right and the FAs play along.
2008-09-10 16:16:09
32.   Max
24 27 I'm sad the game thread couldn't have been held to less than ten comments. That's what this sorry effort deserved.

Andy's fifth inning pretty much summed up his year -- a few too many pitches, not enough of the good ones, crappy run support and defense behind him.

2008-09-10 16:19:35
33.   rbj
Glad I left after the 7th to go grocery shopping.
2008-09-10 16:37:33
34.   Chyll Will
29 Ahoy!
2008-09-10 17:16:38
35.   Shaun P
31 If Pettitte is willing to pitch elsewhere, that's exactly what they should do with him. However, IIRC, he's got an "option" (not written but a handshake agreement with the Steinbros/Cashman) to return next year, because he said he'll either pitch for the Yanks or retire. Who knows if that's different now or not.
2008-09-10 18:45:28
36.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
35 comments in mid-September...
oh well, at least the Rays & Sox are playing some good games..
2008-09-10 19:02:18
37.   Chyll Will
36 I'm training for off-season banter!
OT:... >;)
2008-09-10 19:16:53
38.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
37 Yes, it will take stamina to get through all the posts on Joba's 2009 rules and whether IPK deserves another shot...

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