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Don't Mess with Mr. Inbetween
2008-09-08 13:51
by Alex Belth
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There is a nice little post on Derek Jeter over at YFSF reminding us to appreciate what we've got, to ac-cen-tuate the positive. Durability sure is a major part in a great career--Jetes, Rivera, Rodriguez. That could go at any moment, and not necessarily in a dramatic Ken Griffey Jr way, but in a nagging Chipper Jones way. Shame to see Tom Brady go down for the season, and it's too bad about Billy Wagner as well.

2008-09-08 15:52:19
1.   Chyll Will
Piffle... I like Johnny Mercer's version better >;)
2008-09-08 17:15:13
2.   randym77
The 250,000th home run in MLB history was hit Gary Sheffield.

2008-09-08 17:30:28
3.   OldYanksFan
Gentlemen: It seems to me that the Banter, the leading Yankees group authority on these Internets, has not worked out a solution for our 2009 first baseman. As much as I like the idea of Tex, I don't think Cashman will go for him. Way too overpriced (makes Beltran look like a discounted steal), and 1st base may need to be a way station for our elderly and infirmed.

While I like Jason, I can't say he's the answer. Might be. But it needs consideration.

However, I will go on record that a one Mr. Posada should not have the position. Po has a carrer OPS of .857. At 37, and recovering from shoulder surgery, I think a .800-.850 OPS is the best we can expect. Truth is, Po's value is behind the plate. If he can't catch, it is a conumdrum.

You cannot complain about a 38 year old slow, plodding, poor defensive Giambi, who at least is quite good at picking the ball, and then replace him with a 37 year old slow, plodding, poor defensive (and with no experience), healing from surgery Posada. Posada can not carry the position with his bat when you consider and expected below average defense.

Posada must catch more then 50% of his games. He can DH some, but he doesn't carry that position that well with the addition of being very slow on the bases. Realistically, DH should be used some to spell JD and Jeter, a few games for ARod (our 9 year investment) and Jason and Bobby if they are still here. And of course there's Matsui, who should only be in LF if there is a nuclear attack.

This may be blasphemy, but if Po can't catch, he may soon be better off in the booth, with the Yankees eating some dollars.

It will be interetsing to see, but my guess is we hold onto IRod, and create the most expensive 74 year old, two headed catcher in decline.

This will not be an easy winter. As tempting as the talents of CC and Tex are (and Manny too), expensive, long term contracts are exactly what has made us currently old and inflexible, and is something to be considered.

It does not seem like there is a 'gotta have him' CFer out there. 1st base and Catcher are difficult issues.

We can exploit the farm and trade for talent, putting Phil, IPK and just about anyone on the table.
We can hold fast on the farm and try to get another 'Nady' or two.
We can blow our wad, get CC and Tex, to keep our $27m 3rd baseman and two-headed $27m catcher company... and hope for the best.

Bobby is a better hitter then Nady, has a better arm and still runs much better (Bobby has been beating DPs all year with hussle). Nady is a better defender, but not much, if, above average. Depending on AJax's growth (and like Phil, Tabata and IPK, we should not assume is a Yankee/MLB ballplayer), I think the Yankees will consider keeping Bobby.

If we get Dunn, Bobby can go. Or does JD go? But will the timing of that work out?

And for 2009, what % is JD a LFer? Can he play the field 130 games?

Phil spitting the bit and Po getting hurt have really, really complicated what this team has to do.

2008-09-08 17:37:06
4.   OldYanksFan
A nice story from PeteAbe:
"UPDATE, 7:44 p.m.: Alfredo Aceves was busy in the clubhouse earlier today making a list of family members who need tickets for the game tomorrow, his first start in the majors. His parents, sister, brother and others are coming up Mexico.

Alfredo Aceves Sr. played first base in the Mexican League. He retired in the early 80s. "Tomorrow will be a big day for my family," Aceves said."

Coincidence that Aceves first start is in LA? Are the Yankees really softies?

2008-09-08 17:44:46
5.   OldYanksFan
An interesting article:
"Gene Michael sent on scouting mission to Japan for Yankees"
2008-09-08 17:52:48
6.   Raf
4 Given the options, they're better off starting Aceves. I'd rather see him than Ponson or Rasner

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