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Felled Former Fish
2008-09-07 07:51
by Alex Belth
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There are two interesting pieces in the Times sports section today: The first, by Tyler Kepner, offers a peek inside Carl Pavano's misbegotten Yankee career; the second story, by Michael Schmidt, profiles Dontrelle Willis who has been pitching in the low minors this season. According to Schmidt's article, Willis is still an upbeat personality, picking up the tab for post-game meals. But the photograph that accompanies the article shows Willis sitting off to the side, looking lonesome. Both articles are a reminder of not only how difficult it is to sustain a big league career but also just how lonely and isolating the game can be.

2008-09-07 09:26:54
1.   Mattpat11
Its been a while since I read Carl Pavano's "woe is me" perpetual victim horseshit.

It has reinvigorated my hate in the man.

2008-09-07 09:27:56
2.   Schteeve
That piece sure casts Pavano in a more sympathetic light than I'm used to seeing from the NY media. It appears that Pavano's treatment and training were mismanaged. Too bad.
2008-09-07 09:29:04
3.   Schteeve
1 Really?? Hate? Because the guy's arm hurt? Seems a bit extreme.
2008-09-07 09:48:05
4.   JL25and3
3 Mattpat? Extreme in his hatred? Never!
2008-09-07 09:55:27
5.   Mattpat11
3 I think its nothing less than absurd to suggest that Carl Pavano's problems have so little to do with Carl Pavano and so much to do with incompetent doctors. What horrible luck poor Carl had.

What a horrible coincidence that a man who had missed the previous year and a half due to minor ailments could have the horrible misfortune of shopping his surgery to three incompetent boobs before FINALLY finding a doctor who was willing to operate on him.

He was real quick to blame this all on Stuart Hershon, who he knew damned well couldn't respond to these claims.

2008-09-07 10:05:53
6.   williamnyy23
The Willis article really points out how unglamorous it can be for most professional baseball players. Except for the bonus babies, a lot of sacrifice goes into the pursuit. People should know that before they begrudge players the salaries that they eventually wind up making.
2008-09-07 10:08:20
7.   OldYanksFan
Mattpatt.... one word: Anger Management.
2008-09-07 10:14:00
8.   williamnyy23
5 While I wouldn't use the word hate, I have to agree with Matt that Pavano comes off looking like a real ass in this article. You would think he wasn't being paid $40mn over these past 4 years of torture. Also, while I know it's natural for Pavano to want what's best for him, you'd think he would realize that the Yankees had an interest as well. Simply getting TJ early on would not have exactly been meeting the Yankees needs. If Pavano felt so strongly, I am sure the Yankees would have let him out of the contract to pursue his surgery.

The most sickening thing about the article is the following quote. With another contract in sight, it's nice to see Pavano so up-beat. He'll have the chance to collect checks from another team so enough. And, for some reason, the Yankees are giving him the chance to audition.

"I haven't gone into an off-season upbeat and feeling good about myself since I've been here," he said. "I want an off-season where I know that when I pick up the ball, I'm going to feel good."

2008-09-07 10:15:08
9.   Mattpat11
7 This is my anger management. I'm very happy in the real world.
2008-09-07 10:22:49
10.   Mattpat11
8 I'm not entirely convinced he won't be back.
2008-09-07 10:23:46
11.   OldYanksFan
5 For someone that wasn't there, and really knows absolutely nothing about the situation (other then what the ALWAYS accurate and insightful mass media says), you sure make a lot of absolute statements.

While being in MLB is hard work, most players love... hell NEED... to play and compete. Is sitting for 3 years with intermitant surgeries, pain and rehabs really more fun then being part of a team and competing on a regular basis?

Is there anyone here who would rather sit around and feel useless while your friends and media make fun of you, then play the game you love?

Pavs gets his $40 if he plays. It's not like he only gets paid if he sits. The money is his either way. Why would anyone choose the path he has ended up with?

He admits to being stupid about the car accident... not reporting his injury. But maybe he didn't want to be injured? Possible? Maybe he wanted to pitch? Possible?

Look.... going to work everyday can be a pain in the ass. So maybe you should break your back and then you can lay around and rest for a few years. That sounds like fun... doesn't it?

Myself, I try not to make judgements because I rarely have enough facts to do so fairly. It's easy and tempting to judge, but I try and stay away from it.

2008-09-07 10:30:51
12.   Just fair
6 I'm a sucker for reading about big leaguers in the minors spending lavishly on the guys who will probably never make it. Dontrelle always appeared to be a good guy.
2008-09-07 10:35:11
13.   Mattpat11
11 Why couldn't the first three doctors find reason to operate?
2008-09-07 10:53:52
14.   Mattpat11
13 Actually, two of three. Reading the article, I know Hershon didn't operate because he's a drooling idiot/has an agenda against Pavano, but what about the other two?
2008-09-07 12:46:57
15.   OldYanksFan
13 You think he was OK but WANTED career threatening surgery so he could 'dog it' for another year? Is surgery and rehab more fun then pitching?

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