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Ras v Kaz
2008-09-04 15:31
by Alex Belth
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It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? 


Hey, how about dem Yanks?  Be nice to see them continue to give the Rays troubles, wouldn't it?

C'mon boys, time to spoil all the fun down south.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-09-04 16:01:23
1.   unmoderated
i'm ready, got my pesto pizza, my pomegranate soda, and my vintage barcalounger.

bold prediction:

Kaz: 5 IP 7 H 4 R 109 pitches 5 K 4 BB
Raz: 5 IP 7 H 4 R 88 pitches 1 K 1 BB

New hotness Yankees bullpen: 4 IP 2 H 0 R 6 K
Old and busted Rays pen: 4 IP 6 H 4 R 0 K 3 BB

Matsui! 3-4 HR 2B
A Rod! 1-4 HR BB
Cano! 3-4 2B

We'll be right back with first pitch

2008-09-04 16:05:27
2.   Vandelay Industries
So, seriously. Why can't we win every game until the end of the season? All the Sox have to do is lose what, seven?

Ok, ok, That's ridiculous, but worth a shot. Although I think Ponson is getting another start, meaning Joe doesn't think we can win every game.

2008-09-04 16:17:24
3.   Alex Belth
Pesto Pizza? Mmmm.
2008-09-04 16:20:50
4.   Biscuit Pants
Nice job, Mr. Clutch!!!
2008-09-04 16:24:41
5.   unmoderated
lol guess matsui ain't going 3-4. i should really check the lineups before these bold predictions...

although my kazmir/walk/pitch count theory is looking good

2008-09-04 16:27:56
6.   tommyl
Ok, wow, talk about a good start by the G-men. 11 plays, 84 yards, TD. Sack on the first defensive play.
2008-09-04 16:30:40
7.   unmoderated
yeah, homemade pesto pizza

buy some cheap pizza dough at the local mart (or ask your friendly neighborhood pizzaman, they will usually sell you a ball for a buck or two)

stretch that sucker out and stick it in a cookie sheet with a bit of olive oil. dont bother with extra virgin, it will just burn

spread on your pesto (homemade preferred)
i usually use two tablespoons or so, but that makes it greasy. knock it back if you like it a little cleaner.

pull some mozz threads off the block (about 1/4 lb will do nicely)

throw it in a 425 oven for 6-9 or until golden, brown and delicious.

let cool on a rack for 5 mins before cutting and eating, it lets the flavors come together, and the crust won't get greasy

2008-09-04 16:33:30
8.   unmoderated
oh mr. cano.
2008-09-04 16:34:54
9.   unmoderated
ha ha! nice.
2008-09-04 16:42:55
10.   randym77
Everyone's watching football, aren't they?
2008-09-04 16:47:50
11.   Alex Belth
Football, what's football?
2008-09-04 16:50:36
12.   randym77

So, how about them Giants?

2008-09-04 16:53:03
13.   randym77
We're never getting out of this inning, are we?
2008-09-04 16:55:00
14.   tommyl
10 They are now
2008-09-04 16:56:23
15.   Alex Belth
This am no lookin so swell.
2008-09-04 16:57:08
16.   SF Yanks
Can we please replace Razsone with two other starters? Coke, IPK, Hughes, Aceves, ANYBODY... I dont care who, just not these two anymore!
2008-09-04 16:58:11
17.   SF Yanks
Wow, where did that miss?
2008-09-04 17:00:24
18.   Biscuit Pants
I wish I was watching football . . .
2008-09-04 17:00:57
19.   cult of basebaal
14 their ... ummm, loss?

it is "the mexican gangsta!" after all

2008-09-04 17:04:00
20.   tommyl
19 Gangsteriffic. I flipped over to watch him.
2008-09-04 17:04:50
21.   tommyl
19 That one was less so
2008-09-04 17:04:55
22.   Alex Belth
Not for nothing but the name Arjenis Reyes makes me think of "Our Heinious Anus."
2008-09-04 17:08:35
23.   Emma Span
Ooh, look, the Cyclones are on SNY. Go Brooklyn!
2008-09-04 17:13:41
24.   randym77
Holy crap. It's 18-0 in the Louisville Bats - Durham Bulls game.

Looks like Louisville will be next up for the SWB Yankees, if they get past the Pawtucket Red Sox.

2008-09-04 17:18:14
25.   Biscuit Pants
Go Dunder-Mifflin!!!
2008-09-04 17:20:27
26.   Alex Belth
Okay, so maybe a sweep was aksin too much.
2008-09-04 17:20:40
27.   unmoderated
So much for Rasner's, er, mediocre performance. Good to too Joe get him out of there early, though.
2008-09-04 17:21:34
28.   unmoderated
oh man, has football really started? dernit, it got late early this year.
2008-09-04 17:23:08
29.   Alex Belth
The squeeze fails in Brooklyn!
2008-09-04 17:24:29
30.   randym77
Hey, MiLB.TV is free for the playoffs. Cool!
2008-09-04 17:37:33
31.   Just fair
Just what the '08 Yanks need. To be no-hit. Right, Kazmir? Right?
2008-09-04 17:38:07
32.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ohayo! umm..5 runs in the 2nd? many more times can Ponson and Rasner be sent out there?

Love all the NY Giants stuff Alex B, thanks. How cool was the Polo Grounds?

2008-09-04 17:40:14
33.   Biscuit Pants
31 Why can't the Mets develop pitchers like that . . . oh . . .
2008-09-04 17:51:42
34.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
.667 average for Cody Ransom now...sample sixe be damned, he's the new Ty Cobb!
2008-09-04 17:52:35
35.   joe in boston
Whoa ! I get home from school and a Cross Country meet ... and there's 90000 new links, posts, etc. ! Alex, c'mon - save some of this stuff for winter ! (Just kidding)
2008-09-04 17:53:56
36.   williamnyy23
I have to break my silence: what is Gardner's plan at the plate!!

Al Leiter being very funny...

2008-09-04 17:57:03
37.   cult of basebaal
36 you'd figure if he was aware of the fact he was only going to play once every 2 weeks, he'd go up there with the intent to swing away ... yeeesh.
2008-09-04 18:00:06
38.   cult of basebaal
7 trader joe's sells a couple different types of pizza dough, homemade pizza's tits-on-beer good!
2008-09-04 18:24:40
39.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
36 what's Leiter riffing on?

watched highlights of Kuroda's start at Dodger Stadium last night..never been there but looks like a great place to watch a game..anyone been out there before?

2008-09-04 18:28:02
40.   Eirias
39 Well, his explanation for how he got Kazmir traded (he prefers Barry Manilow) was hilarious.
2008-09-04 18:31:54
41.   williamnyy23
With the games meaning less, I have had more time to focus on the quality of the Yankees radio and TV broadcasts. Sadly, they may be more depressing than the play of the team. Waldman grows more insufferable each day and Sterling simply is no longer interested in doing anything by shtick. On TV, Yes has a stable of talented, entertaining analysts, but then limits them by drowning the broadcast with a cackling Kay (who needs a serious lesson the correct meaning of ironic).

How nice would it be if the Yankees added some broadcasters to their free agent wish list?

2008-09-04 18:38:01
42.   williamnyy23
I can do exactly what Gardner is doing, and I'll only charge a pro-rated 200K.
2008-09-04 18:40:24
43.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
41 hee-hee...Kay really has that over-enthusiastic laughter thing going..Singleton for play-by-play and Cone/Leiter would be a great team I think..
2008-09-04 18:42:07
44.   Mattpat11
Gardner is Mark Bellhorn with better hair.
2008-09-04 18:42:19
45.   williamnyy23
Should we be happy that Aceves has pitched so well, or seriously concerned by the logic expressed by Girardi for why he plans on continuing to start Ponson, Rasner and Pavano. As soon as read Girardi talk about needing an experienced starter, by stomach turned. It's ridiciulous that Hughes is pitching in Scranton instead of Seattle this weekend.
2008-09-04 18:44:51
46.   williamnyy23
43 Singleton has that pleasant, summer breeze on the porch voice. I would let him do play-by-play and have Leiter and Flaherty be the main analysts. Coney is pretty good too, but I don't love his voice. You could use him on a more limited basis. Also, if O'Neill wants to do his 15-20 games, I'd make room for him too. It;'s fun to have him in the booth.
2008-09-04 18:45:15
47.   williamnyy23
44 But without the power!
2008-09-04 18:49:04
48.   Mattpat11
47 Bellhorn's hair was AWFUL. It may be a wash
2008-09-04 18:51:01
49.   williamnyy23
48 It also always looked dirty...definitely not a "wash".
2008-09-04 19:02:32
50.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
46 "summer breeze on the porch voice"...perfect! yet another reason why baseball is so much more fun to follow than football...

agree on Hughes as well. starting Ponson and Rasner at this point is mystifying..though Pavano needs to show what he can do..

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2008-09-04 19:08:23
51.   williamnyy23
50 Pavano needs to show who what he can do? The next team he cons into a 4-year deal?
2008-09-04 19:09:01
52.   randym77
Melky's returning tomorrow. Uh, boy.
2008-09-04 19:14:10
53.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
51 He's 32..why not sign him to an incentive-based contract if he shows he can still get MLB hitters out? better to take that chance than sign Darren Dreifort/Denny Neagle types...
2008-09-04 19:17:01
54.   williamnyy23
Hey, the Yankees have taken my advice in 41 and replaced the announcers!!
2008-09-04 19:22:42
55.   williamnyy23
53 Because even when healthy, Pavano's upside is a league average pitcher (career ERA+ of 100). His risk/reward is so out of whack that the Yankees would be crazy to factor him into their plans. If they do, then they deserve their fate.
2008-09-04 19:23:46
56.   OldYanksFan
tying run on double-double-double deck!
2008-09-04 19:27:12
57.   Raf
45 SWB being in the playoffs may have something to do with Hughes being kept in the minors.
2008-09-04 19:27:50
58.   tommyl
Now they start hitting?!
2008-09-04 19:28:34
59.   williamnyy23
57 I hope that's not the case. If so, then the organization's priorities are seriously out of whack. It would be one thing if Hughes played in Scranton all year, but he is only a late season addition. Hughes should have 4 starts this month in the majors.
2008-09-04 19:30:14
60.   williamnyy23
More 9th inning RBIs for Arod!! Hopefully by the end of the week, that stupid stat will be on the ash heep.
2008-09-04 19:30:55
61.   Alex Belth
Wow, what a BOMB by Alex.
2008-09-04 19:31:14
62.   OldYanksFan
Greatest 9th inning comeback in a decade brewing?
2008-09-04 19:32:27
63.   tommyl
Not clutch though, no one on, down by more than a run. Boo Alex!
2008-09-04 19:32:35
64.   tommyl
2008-09-04 19:32:46
65.   williamnyy23
62 Nope...oh well. They played very well in Tampa. As much as I would like that protected pick, it is nice to see they don't plan on folding the tent.
2008-09-04 20:09:28
66.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
still got a shot...but will Boston ever lose at Fenway again??

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