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Detroit Tigers 2.1: May Showers Bring August Flowers Edition
2008-09-01 08:01
by Cliff Corcoran
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Untitled Back on May 11, the conclusion of the Yankees' lone series in Detroit this season got rained out, so the Yanks are stopping off in the Motor City for a Labor Day matinée on their way down to face the first-place Rays. The Yanks are 1-4 against the Tigers thus far this season, the one win coming in Detroit in the last game the two teams played. That was Darrell Rasner's second start of the year, in case you weren't sure just how long ago that was.

Back then, the Tigers were a disappointing team that was hitting a bunch, but not enough to overcome the awful performance of their starting pitchers. Though the Tiger hitting has cooled off a bit and their pitching has improved, the team is still a disappointment, lingering below .500 in a season in which they were expected to crush their division.

Justin Verlander starts for the Bengals this afternoon. He's been wildly inconsistent. In eight second-half starts, he's allowed one run or fewer three times and five runs or more the other five with nothing in between. He'll face Sidney Ponson, who has allowed 11 runs in his last 6 2/3 innings over two starts. Neither pitcher has faced the opposing team this season.

Today is September 1, which means major league teams are allowed to expand their rosters beyond 25 men. With their top two minor league affiliates in the postseason (a good sign for the future of the major league club), the Yankees have started slowly by bringing back Chad Moeller and calling up lefty reliever Phil Coke. That's a pretty wild turnaround for Coke. Barely more than a month ago he was a double-A starter who thought he had been traded to the Pirates in the Xavier Nady deal. Now he's a major league relief pitcher with the Yankees. Not bad.

Coke, who is 26, combines with 25-year-old Alfredo Aceves to give the Yankees a pair of potential long-men in the pen down the stretch, though Aceves' performance yesterday suggests he could emerge as a high-leverage guy with a quickness. Coke posted a 2.51 ERA in 20 starts and three relief outings for double-A Trenton this year, then moved up to triple-A and spent most of his time there pitching out of the pen with superior peripherals (22 K, 5 BB, 0 HR in 17 1/3 IP), but worse results (4.67 ERA). On closer inspection, that ERA is inflated by his adjustment to his new level and his new role, as his ERA over his last ten outings was 2.70.

Word is the bullpen will receive further reinforcement tomorrow when Joba Chamberlain is activated, though if Ponson has a third-straight bad outing today, Joba, Aceves, or even Coke could wind up taking Sir Sidney's next turn in the rotation.

Detroit Tigers

2008 Record: 66-70 (.485)
2008 Pythagorean Record: 68-68 (.497)

Manager: Jim Leyland
General Manager: Dave Dombrowski

Home Ballpark (multi-year Park Factors): Comerica Park (101/101)

Who's Replaced Whom:

Brandon Inge has replaced Ivan Rodriguez in the lineup
Dane Sardinha (minors) has replaced Rodriguez on the roster
Zach Miner has replaced Jeremy Bonderman (DL) in the rotation
Jeff Larish has replaced Bonderman on the roster
Fernando Rodney (DL) has replaced Todd Jones (DL)
Kyle Farnsworth has replaced Francisco Cruceta (minors)
Casey Fossum has replaced Clay Rapada (minors)
Gary Glover has replaced Freddy Dolsi (minors)

25-man Roster:

1B - Miguel Cabrera (R)
2B - Placido Polanco (R)
SS - Edgar Renteria (R)
3B - Carlos Guillen (S)
C - Brandon Inge (R)
RF - Magglio Ordoñez (R)
CF - Curtis Granderson (L)
LF - Matthew Joyce (L)
DH - Gary Sheffield (R)


R - Marcus Thames (OF/1B)
L - Jeff Larish (3B/1B)
R - Ryan Raburn (OF)
R - Ramon Santiago (IF)
C - Dane Sardinha (C)


R - Justin Verlander
R - Zach Miner
L - Kenny Rogers
R - Armando Galarraga
L - Nate Robertson


R - Fernando Rodney
R - Kyle Farnsworth
L - Bobby Seay
R - Aquilino Lopez
L - Casey Fossum
R - Gary Glover
L - Dontrelle Willis*

15-day DL: R - Jeremy Bonderman, R - Todd Jones, R - Joel Zumaya, R - Vance Wilson (C)

*September call-up

Typical Lineup:

L - Curtis Granderson (CF)
R - Placido Polanco (2B)
R - Magglio Ordoñez (RF)
R - Miguel Cabrera (1B)
S - Carlos Guillen (3B)
R - Gary Sheffield (LF)
L - Matthew Joyce (DH)
R - Edgar Renteria (SS)
R - Brandon Inge (C)

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2008-09-01 08:45:41
1.   williamnyy23
Is it 2009 already? It seems like the Yankees played the Tigers so long ago, it has to be a different season.

This is an interesting match-up on 9/1. If someone told you in March that both the Yankees and Tigers would be playing out the string with a whole month to go, not many would believe you. Back in May, I can remember hoping this game would be rained out so that it would be replayed at a time when the Yankees would be full swing. Sadly, that time never came.

Unfortunately, Girardi and Cashman are not willing to accept the reality (probably more the former), so we will see a few more starts from Ponson, Rasner and Pavano instead of Hughes and even Kennedy, whom I don't think has a big major leageue future.

On my agenda for the final month is seeing the Yankees do everything to help Moose out as he goes for 20 (I would even save Mo for 1+ inning saves for his games); seeing if Cano can play a whole month without a mental lapse; rooting for Jeter to pass the Iron Horse (my all-time Yankee favorite along side Mattingly); seeing if Mo can post his best ERA and ERA+ of his career (he is second in both to 2005); and seeing how far Arod can get to Reggie before the end of the year.

On the MLB front, I am looking forward to seeing the Rays clinch, will be rooting against the Sox and Dodgers in their playoff drive, and will start getting warmed up for Cubbie mania. I'd also like to see no one hit 45 HRs, as MLB power numbers return to sanity.

2008-09-01 09:05:42
2.   ChrisS
You guys enjoy watching Ponson pitch, I'll be watching Hughes work on his curve and change from behind the The Office dugout.

2009 already started for me and it's a beautiful day out.

2008-09-01 09:12:11
3.   ChrisS
I was poking around BR's gamelogs and caught this:

Xavier Nady (last 14 games):
.281/.317/.421 .738 OPS 15K:3BB

Xavier Nady (last 21 games):
.277/.333.458 .791 OPS 23K:5BB

While not terrible, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence for next season with that kind of production in either RF or at 1B.

2008-09-01 09:15:43
4.   Cliff Corcoran
3 Nady is a career .283/.338/.462 hitter, which means that "last 21 games" line is almost exactly what the Yankees should expect from him.
2008-09-01 09:39:51
5.   Just fair
DId anyone catch the "one hit" C.C gave up yesterday? He got completely hosed on that call. How lame. I seriously doubt MLB will change the play to an error, though. We shall see.
2008-09-01 09:56:17
6.   monkeypants
5 Do we really want MLB to interfere with judgment calls that the scorer makes? From a historical perspective, it's too bad that CC loses a no-hitter. But from a competitive perspective, who cares? A no-hitter is just a statistical anomaly which, for whatever reason, we fans pay attention too.

Now, if MLB decides to get involved, then it shouldn't do so only in this case, just because this one play is deemed "important." They should get rid of hometown scorers and employ MLB "neutral" scorers at all games.

My even crazier thought is simply to eliminate "errors" as a scoring category. If you hit the ball and make it on base, you get a hit, no matter how it transpires. Is this unfair? Maybe in some cases. But it would be a much more elegant system than relying on the judgment of team employees to determine what should or should not be an out.

2008-09-01 09:56:54
7.   monkeypants
6 "pay attention to..."


2008-09-01 10:01:52
8.   Chyll Will
5 Saw it, and yeah that was a bullshit call. Not surprising, honestly. MLB has a lot to be accountable for, blankety-blank who cares, etc...
2008-09-01 10:03:09
9.   cult of basebaal
1 define "big major league future." i think that IPK can be an average to slightly below average starter. that has value, especially at the back end of a rotation (as kevin goldstein said over at BP, "people were mad last year when i said IPK was 'only' a 4th starter, now they're mad at me for saying he's 'even' a 4th starter ...")

i think as long as the yankees are happy with the progress IPK is making on the changes and adaptations that they have asked him to work on, he's not going to be traded. FWIW, this is from Chad Jennings after IPK's last start:

"Nardi Contreras sounded very happy with what he saw from Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy in their most recent starts. Contreras said he made a very slight mechanical adjustment with Hughes and it obviously really helped him. Kennedy struck out 11 last night and Contreras made a "whewww" sound when I asked how he looked (it was an impressed kind of whewww, not a relieved kind of whewww). Kennedy just smiled when I asked him about, then said it was a good one, but he didn't go into specifics."

2008-09-01 10:08:07
10.   Chyll Will
9 "i think that IPK can be an average to slightly below average starter. that has value, especially at the back end of a rotation"

Sounds like Ted Lilly to me, but I bet we expected him to be a two and got rid of him because he wasn't.

2008-09-01 10:11:39
11.   Just fair
6 Eliminate errors. Seriously? That is indeed crazy? : )
It's human nature to pay attention to an anomaly. I have seen more weird plays this year than I have ever seen. It makes ya stop and think, "Wow, probably won't see that again anytime soon. If ever. " Keeps things interesting. Whenever I go to a game I hope that I witness something i can talk about forever. Such as a no-hitter.
And if C.C. is a competitive person, I bet he cares about the decision. Whether or not he would admit it is another story.
2008-09-01 10:25:16
12.   monkeypants
11 But if you had attended CC's game, you would have seen the same event whether the league or the scorer or whatever decided to call it a no-hitter or not. Would you not be able to talk about that game forever in either case? Perhaps you could talk about it more, as the one that shoulda-coulda-woulda been a no-no.
2008-09-01 10:38:53
13.   JL25and3
12 That's what I've always said about Harvey Haddix.
2008-09-01 10:39:28
14.   JL25and3
11 "I have seen more weird plays this year than I have ever seen."

I think that's true every year.

2008-09-01 10:45:42
15.   rbj
Dang, completely spaced on the game. Kinda hot outside so I'll just stay in and watch the game.
2008-09-01 10:47:00
16.   weeping for brunnhilde
6 Here we go again, mp. :)

I understand what you mean by "statistical anomaly," but I think to say it's "just" that is to do a grave injustice to pitchers and their performance.

Obviously there may be more or less luck involved in a no-hitter, but come on, surely the pitcher may claim some credit for making his pitches and keeping the ball away from the fat part of the bat, no?

Again, I understand your point, I just think you overstate the case by reducing what may actually be a superior athletic performance to "just a statistical anomaly."

It may literally be that, but this particular anomaly is indicative (or may be) of superior performance.

2008-09-01 10:48:57
17.   weeping for brunnhilde
12 Ok, that I agree with.

Call it what you like, it's smell is no less sweet.

2008-09-01 10:49:32
18.   weeping for brunnhilde
17 its
2008-09-01 10:54:54
19.   Just fair
I read "The Last Real Season: A Hilarious Look Back at 1975" a few months ago. The author was a Rangers beat writer and said that the writers used to take turns as the official scorer of home games. He said he always tried to do his stint early in the season to get it the hell out of the way.
12 If I had to pick to be at a near no-hitter or the real deal, I would most certainly pick the real deal. And I would have a better time talking about it. : )
2008-09-01 10:58:10
20.   rbj
Wow, scoring runs. Me likey.
2008-09-01 11:02:01
21.   rbj
Ok, with Ponson on the mound will 8 runs be enough.
2008-09-01 11:09:43
22.   OldYanksFan
I like Nady, but he appears to be a fair, if not poor fielder. He is very slow in the OF and does not appear to get good jumps. While he may be a better fielder then Bobby, he doesn't have the arm or the speed Bobby does. I'm not saying keep Bobby, but I think Nady in RF would be a downgrade, and we can still count to not-so-great fielding.

What's the average OPS for a RFer? Add in average at best defense and slow foot speed... is this the best we can do?

Wow.... can we give this game back?

2008-09-01 11:16:15
23.   thelarmis
well, if this keeps up, we'll win 36-9! ; )

1 besides a-rod catching & passing mike schmidt and getting closer to reggie, he's only 1 measly extra base hit from 1,000, which i think is amazing at barely 33 years old. looks like his long streak of 35 HR, 100 RBI, 100 Runs,(10 years straight) is likely to end though...

5 yeah, that call was bogus. CC should've had a no-no. 3 walks & an error. total bollocks.

2008-09-01 11:21:25
24.   Alex Belth
Dude, I don't know about you but I think this is a last delight of summer. A beatdown waiting to happen in the third inning. F That. Go for the DOWNS A ROD!
2008-09-01 11:22:56
25.   Alex Belth
I mean, third inning, 9 runs? With more pie to be had? More Rib-Eyes. If this is a season of few, discreet pleasures, why not enjoy the Yankees kicking ass on a day off from work? That'll do for me.
2008-09-01 11:24:19
26.   thelarmis
well, if a-rod can have a hot month, maybe he can get to 35-100-100 this season, even though he missed 20 games. one big swing here surely would help!
2008-09-01 11:26:35
27.   thelarmis
double digits!

c'mon x-man!

2008-09-01 11:29:09
28.   cult of basebaal
22 nady's played about 3 seasons worth of RF. SG has him at average.

2008-09-01 11:33:42
29.   thelarmis
i wish they'd save some of this run support for Moose tomorrow in tampa vs. garza...
2008-09-01 11:34:59
30.   Alex Belth
...Doo Dah, Doo Dah...


Oh Do Dah Day!

2008-09-01 11:35:49
31.   Alex Belth
Oh, beauty play by Robbie, nice hustle Gary...
2008-09-01 11:36:42
32.   Chyll Will
Guess me going to Western Beef gave the team some motivation to play, huh? I'll stay out of this just in case... >;)
2008-09-01 11:38:49
33.   rbj
Wow. I'm getting the Detroit feed. The Aflak question is: Which former Tiger was nicknamed "Pudge". The announcers are having fun with it.
2008-09-01 11:41:16
34.   thelarmis
koby clemens was arrested w/ 2 of his minor league teammates. disorderly conduct at a restaurant. one of the teammates was also charged w/ assault-battery.

hopefully Maddux can win tonight and tie Roger on the career victories list... Big Unit goes for #295 later, as well...

2008-09-01 11:43:00
35.   Chyll Will
33 Denny McLain?
2008-09-01 11:44:51
36.   pistolpete
And Ponson making damn sure Mo will be warming up at some point.
2008-09-01 11:47:35
37.   OldYanksFan
28 Yes... but his numbers in RF are considerably better then in LF (which is a larger sample size). That's why I say average-to-poor.
2008-09-01 11:49:36
38.   williamnyy23
6 MLB has retoractively changed scoring decisions in the past. If it thinks this call was a poor one, then why not change it? I saw the play and think it was absolutely an error. C.C. threw a no-hitter yesterday, so I think baseball should recognize it.
2008-09-01 11:50:06
39.   pistolpete
Hey, it's now becoming Battle of the Trainwreck Seasons!

Who wants to lose this game more, folks?!

2008-09-01 11:50:45
40.   williamnyy23
Just when I was going to give Cano for playing a strong defensive game, he non-chalantly plays a DP into a single. Oh wait, correct that, he smoothly played a DP in a single. That's what happens when you abet sloppy play.
2008-09-01 11:51:37
41.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-01 11:52:58
42.   williamnyy23
9 IPK looks to me like a 4th or 5th starter that a contending team can live with, but would really prefer not to have. Nardi Contreras and whomever else can talk about all his adjustments, but he simply doesn't look to me to be anything more than bottom league/bottom rotation filler. I wish the Yankees would give him a look, hope he puts up some solid games against teams who are mailing it in, and then trade him for something they can use.
2008-09-01 11:53:47
43.   pistolpete
Good Lord.
2008-09-01 11:54:10
44.   OldYanksFan
2008-09-01 11:55:26
45.   thelarmis
holy crap! we're gonna friggin' lose this damn game and blow the pen out at the same time. pontoon shit the bed yet again. amazing... : /
2008-09-01 11:55:35
46.   randym77
24 I suspect this is why. If they blow a game after scoring 11 runs, it kinda ruins your afternoon. :-P
2008-09-01 11:55:52
47.   rbj
Lordy. I didn't realize the Giants were playing the Lions today.
2008-09-01 11:56:16
48.   williamnyy23
22 I think when all factors are considered, Nady and Abreu are close to a wash. Because one is under control and the other will likely command a 3-year/$40mn type deal, I think the Yankees should simply pencil in Nady for 2009 and use their money elsewhere. Also, as a righthander who hits lefties well, Nady provides more balance than Abreu.
2008-09-01 11:56:54
49.   Bob Timmermann
An 11-8 final in a football game would be really cool.
2008-09-01 11:58:08
50.   pistolpete
I think the shine has worn off the Edwar apple, no?

For every strikeout where he makes someone look silly, there's always a crushing moonshot to serve as the complement.

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2008-09-01 11:58:46
51.   thelarmis
sheffield's homer earlier gave him 494 for his career, passing lou gehrig...
2008-09-01 11:58:51
52.   cult of basebaal
37 but if you're talking about him replacing abreu, it doesn't really matter what his numbers are in left. he'll be playing in right, where there's 3 seasons worth of data saying he's average.
2008-09-01 12:01:04
53.   thelarmis
holy shit, quit walking people! christ almighty. bring in aceves or coke or hoyt wilhelm or my 7-yr old nephew...: /
2008-09-01 12:02:40
54.   williamnyy23
50 I think Edwar is still useful, but you have to try to avoid using him against top slugging right handed batters.
2008-09-01 12:03:30
55.   cult of basebaal
50 command, command, command.
2008-09-01 12:08:16
56.   thelarmis
lopez has gotten 7 outs on 18 pitches. we're gonna need that from someone in our pen today...
2008-09-01 12:09:36
57.   Mattpat11
Can we please release Sidney Ponson?
2008-09-01 12:13:04
58.   cult of basebaal
57 i dunno ... he's proving an integral part of our drive for .500
2008-09-01 12:13:22
59.   Chyll Will
57 Sure, which beach do you want to go to?
2008-09-01 12:14:55
60.   cult of basebaal
59 Free Sidney?
2008-09-01 12:14:57
61.   johnnybobster
59 . Well Played!
2008-09-01 12:16:26
62.   williamnyy23
The YES announcers have a hotel facing the old Tiger Stadium? I've been to the old Tiger Stadium and can't imagine a hotel being in eye's distance.
2008-09-01 12:16:31
63.   OldYanksFan
24 -25 YOU JINXED US!!!!!!!
2008-09-01 12:16:44
64.   Chyll Will
58 2008 T-shirt: "Five on it for fi'hunnit! " >;)
2008-09-01 12:18:55
65.   Mattpat11
This is tedious.
2008-09-01 12:19:22
66.   Chyll Will
60 Well, you get what you pay for...
2008-09-01 12:20:14
67.   Alex Belth
Making me look bad. Eh heh. Nah, it's just that the Yanks suck and it figures they'd make this game close and/or lose. This is like watching the Jets or the Knicks.
2008-09-01 12:23:05
68.   cult of basebaal
2008-09-01 12:24:34
69.   johnnybobster
that tiger roar is really annoying. my guess is we haven't heard the last of that today
2008-09-01 12:25:12
70.   Chyll Will
67 Hey bub, don' yoo be tawkin' bout da Jets like dat! >;)

(As for the Knooks, does anyone with half a brain still watch them?)

2008-09-01 12:25:13
71.   thelarmis
watching and rooting for this team is torturous
2008-09-01 12:31:20
72.   rbj
I hope the offense hasn't already decided to take the rest of the day off.
2008-09-01 12:32:06
73.   cult of basebaal
71 that which does not kill you, only makes you stronger ...
2008-09-01 12:33:12
74.   thelarmis
anybody know if ben sheets just got hurt? he was engaged in a pitching duel w/ johan and was winning 1-0. 5 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk and only 54 pitches. he hadn't struck anyone out, which is odd and is now outta the game. i'm guessing it's some kind of injury. anyone know?
2008-09-01 12:34:12
75.   thelarmis
73 dave mustaine line?! ; )

np = bob dylan's Street Legal. braves-marlins on mute...

2008-09-01 12:35:17
76.   Chyll Will
73 New York City Garbagemen motto...
2008-09-01 12:36:52
77.   thelarmis
this is a sloppy ugly game. according to gamecast, ball 2 was right down broadway. huh...
2008-09-01 12:37:26
78.   thelarmis
now's a nice time for the captain's 2nd granny!
2008-09-01 12:38:37
79.   thelarmis
dolsi wasn't in cliff's team report. sept callup for a cup o' joe. c'mon derek, "welcome" him to the bigs. thank you, please!
2008-09-01 12:39:33
80.   cult of basebaal
74 tightness in the groin
2008-09-01 12:40:07
81.   Chyll Will
78 What does she have to do with it?
2008-09-01 12:40:58
82.   thelarmis
80 thanks, cult!

81 eh eh eh! ; )

2008-09-01 12:42:29
83.   Chyll Will
Geez, sounds like a Little League game from the stands...
2008-09-01 12:43:17
84.   rbj
Wow, a two out rally!
2008-09-01 12:43:35
85.   thelarmis
81 alright, no granny. we settled for derek's great aunt! ; )
2008-09-01 12:44:05
86.   Mattpat11
Jeter continues to chase Ruth
2008-09-01 12:44:19
87.   Chyll Will
84 You're the Mudhens guy around here, aren't you? Whaddaya know about this guy?
2008-09-01 12:45:11
88.   thelarmis
boBBy's having a really nice game: 3-4, 2 rbi, 1 run, a walk and a stolen base.

bases loaded - again - for a-rod...

2008-09-01 12:49:35
89.   Chyll Will
A-Rod shines in a big spot once again... wait, what?
2008-09-01 12:50:39
90.   nick
hard to blame A-Rod today, boys...all the same, it seems like he's shattered the single-season record for ground balls to 3rd this year....
2008-09-01 12:51:09
91.   OldYanksFan
Anyone look at the 2010 FA list? Anyone tasty?
2008-09-01 12:52:25
92.   OldYanksFan
90 It appears to me ARod is trying to hook everything. He has been going to RF very little of late.
2008-09-01 12:56:01
93.   Chyll Will
91 I dunno, Coco Crisp?
2008-09-01 12:57:05
94.   rbj
87 Nothing. He may have come up from AA, the name's not familiar.

Ah, he did pitch some here, but I may have missed those games.

2008-09-01 12:57:58
95.   williamnyy23
91 It's a very weak class...Brian Roberts, Victor Martinez, Jason Bay, Carl Crawford. Vlad, Holliday and Lackey are the most intriguing names, and that assumes they aren't signed to extensions.
2008-09-01 12:59:24
96.   dianagramr

2008-09-01 13:00:09
97.   williamnyy23
91 Also, there are no 1B, which I'm sure Boras will use to his advantage. The list below assumes that 2009 club options are picked up, so guys like Delgado and Giambi might not be available if they get multi-year deals.

Player Club
First Basemen
Carlos Delgado NYM
Jason Giambi NYY
Ross Gload * KC
Wes Helms FLA
Aubrey Huff BAL
Nick Johnson WAS
Adam LaRoche PIT
Robb Quinlan LAA
Matt Stairs TOR

2008-09-01 13:08:30
98.   dianagramr
Who ordered a Coke?
2008-09-01 13:10:48
99.   Chyll Will
93 Love how I just looked at that list 91 and "Voilà!"
2008-09-01 13:11:54
100.   pistolpete
Coke is it!
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2008-09-01 13:11:55
101.   cult of basebaal
damn. 96 for the K. i guess coke ain't billy traber pt. deux.
2008-09-01 13:12:37
102.   Chyll Will
98 Should we like this new Coke?
2008-09-01 13:14:53
103.   dianagramr
This Coke has .... an edge (not a Jeter Edge either)
2008-09-01 13:15:39
104.   dianagramr
Nutritional information on this new Coke

2008-09-01 13:17:14
105.   cult of basebaal
that's a nice slider.
2008-09-01 13:19:02
106.   Chyll Will
That's some good schtuff...
2008-09-01 13:19:39
107.   Bama Yankee
So this Coke looks like the Real Thing...
2008-09-01 13:20:05
108.   ms october
102 yes - and to be corny as hell phil it up.

i pictured him totally differently btw.

the fa classes are not too exciting the next 2 years. i really hope this offseason is not as disapointing as this season.

2008-09-01 13:20:38
109.   Chyll Will
105 Jinx! Now, we already have Coke, so how about some chips this time? I'd be happy if they were blue...
2008-09-01 13:21:35
110.   cult of basebaal
notes on phil hughes from chad jennings:

Top fifth: A lot of playoff preview stuff to write, so I haven't been able to keep the same detailed notes I usually do when Phil Hughes starts. He does look much better than the last time I saw him, though. The gun here in Syracuse is a little tough to read sometimes, but I've generally seen Hughes sitting at 92-93 mph with his fastball, and the curveball and changeup seem much sharper today than the previous two times I saw him (I didn't see his most recent start). Nothing seems especially different, he just seems to be locating his pitches much better. The result is seven strikeouts and one run through five innings.

2008-09-01 13:31:40
111.   Mattpat11
Jeter and Damon each get on five times. I like.
2008-09-01 13:52:49
112.   Chyll Will
Were you all just holding your breaths or something?
2008-09-01 13:53:47
113.   rbj

Oh, and Sidney, the next game is in Toronto. You want to go to Toronto. We'll meet you there. Really.

2008-09-01 14:01:38
114.   Chyll Will
113 (Psst... any beaches on Lake Ontario?)
2008-09-01 14:05:20
115.   rbj
114 Um, yeah. Sure.
2008-09-01 14:12:10
116.   Just fair
114 Yes. But unfortunately they''re usually closed to swimming due to poor water quality. It's a real bone of contension. Several nice beaches but the water in the Great Lakes is turning poor once again.
2008-09-01 14:18:10
117.   Chien Music
Is there any reason why the Yankees wouldn't replace Ponson with Joba? Sterling and Waldman seemed to indicate that it was not a possibility. I would think the Yanks would want to get Joba the innings so he can start next year. Or are they back to thinking that he is going to be a setup man? I hope that is not the case.
2008-09-01 14:40:02
118.   monkeypants
16 I'm back...

Sure he can claim credit for such actions. But which is the better performance, a no-hitter where the pitcher walks four or five men, or the one-hitter where he strikes out 15 and gives up a bleeder or a bloop?

Whether CC gets credit or not for a no-no doesn't make his game any less great.

2008-09-01 17:14:38
119.   ChrisS
110 Phil didn't look bad, he was a little wild in the end - but whatever, he was throwing a bunch of curves, back-to-back a few times. He gave up mostly nubbish groundballs and a few bloops (one flare to no-man's land behind 3rd went for a double off the bat of a very speedy Wayne Lydon - think Gardner-fast). Hughes's very first pitch was smoked to SS, though. Hughes was getting a lot of foul tips. Overall, a decent AAA game to watch, which also included Duncan getting about a 40-foot secondary lead before stealing 2b; I think the pitcher forgot he was there.

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