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No Point in Steering Now
2008-08-27 13:52
by Alex Belth

Sho nuff, this has been a down year for our boys.  Games like last night just underscore what has been a frustrating season this has been.  Still, there's thirty games left.  Soon enough, fall will be upon us and there will be no more baseball until the spring.  It's looking like there won't be October baseball in the Bronx, which only makes me appreciate what an impressive run the Yanks have enjoyed since 1995.  So even if they team isn't that wunnerful, at least we get to watch baseball for a little while longer.  And that's nothing to sneeze at.

Ponson vs. Byrd tonight.  Can't get any worse.  And even if it does, we're prepared.  Damn the torpedos and let's go Yan-Kees.

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2008-08-27 14:14:41
1.   kylepetterson
What we have to ask ourselves is: What's worse, not making the playoffs or choking in the first round? At least we can blame this on injuries.
2008-08-27 15:36:41
2.   JL25and3
1 That's easy. Not making the playoffs is much worse. It's not even close.

And why do we need to "blame" it on anything?

2008-08-27 15:41:49
3.   Biscuit Pants
2 Because it is the Yankees' god-given right to be in the playoffs every year, of course!

There has to be a reason for this horrific, freakish abomonation of a season.

Maybe we didn't sacrifice a real virgin?

2008-08-27 16:15:43
4.   Eirias
3 She lied!
2008-08-27 16:17:53
5.   OldYanksFan
3 Madonna's not a virgin ? (or just like a virgin?)
2008-08-27 16:20:53
6.   Just fair
Big Papi don't preach. Got home just in time to see a nice 2 out, 2 run double.
2008-08-27 16:21:47
7.   Mattpat11
If the Yankees are going to miss the playoffs anyway, can't we just release this tub? If the season is lost anyway, I want to see little things I can enjoy. The likes of Sidney Ponson and Carl Pavano are insult to injury.
2008-08-27 16:22:26
8.   tommyl
Good to see Ponson picking up where Pettitte left off.
2008-08-27 16:22:38
9.   Eirias
2008-08-27 16:23:27
10.   OldYanksFan
FYI: Postoons has made 10 starts for the Yankees, for an ERA of 4.67. In 3 starts, he was horrible, giving up 7 ERs in 2, 4 and 5 IP. In the other 7 starts, his ERA is around 3.00.

So he has been terrible in 3 starts and 'Acelike' in 7. He is 6-4 in those 10 starts.

2008-08-27 16:23:28
11.   Eirias
9 Or not ding. Much better.
2008-08-27 16:23:42
12.   randym77
Nice throw.

Bay was out by a mile.

2008-08-27 16:25:51
13.   Mattpat11
10 And he has a long history of being a lousy pitcher, so we have every reason to believe that the bloom is overdue to come off the rose.
2008-08-27 16:26:16
14.   Eirias
Outside of obvious, blatant, stupidity, I don't even get the fake science of the Phiten neckbands. Titanium is only paramagnetic.
2008-08-27 16:27:32
15.   Eirias
Byrd throws the fewest pitches per inning in the AL, if memory serves me correct.
2008-08-27 16:27:42
16.   randym77
14 At least they don't look as silly as those Lisa Simpson beads Asdrubal Cabrera wears.
2008-08-27 16:27:46
17.   Mattpat11
14 They're supposed to do something?
2008-08-27 16:28:48
18.   Just fair
15 With strike 3 calls like that, no wonder. Unfrickinbelievable.
2008-08-27 16:29:02
19.   OldYanksFan
That strike 3 was at LEAST a foot outside. Jeez...
2008-08-27 16:31:53
20.   Mattpat11
Timmons is on his game tonight
2008-08-27 16:31:58
21.   Eirias
17 Yes. They are supposed to do things. Check out . Good times.
2008-08-27 16:33:07
22.   Biscuit Pants
Headline on

Time Is Short, So Yanks Ready To Bust A Move

Holy cow, Messer!

2008-08-27 16:33:31
23.   tommyl
Eh, wasn't with a runner in scoring position...
2008-08-27 16:33:39
24.   Eirias
A-Rod! Aqua Titanium! Titanium Micro-spheres!
2008-08-27 16:34:21
25.   Biscuit Pants
He should've hit a homer . . .
2008-08-27 16:35:23
26.   JL25and3
23 I was thinking the same thing. No RISP, not "close and late," didn't tie the score or put the Yankees ahead. Meaningless.
2008-08-27 16:40:51
27.   Mattpat11
I think there's a crater in the infield after that
2008-08-27 16:42:39
28.   tommyl
Where's Dimelo?
2008-08-27 16:44:22
29.   Just fair
I shoud put the garbage out more often. How come the Yanks are at bat again? : )
2008-08-27 17:05:12
30.   OldYanksFan
"I was thinking the same thing. No RISP, not "close and late," didn't tie the score or put the Yankees ahead. Meaningless."

We all tend to look at RISP but I think RUNNERS ON is a better stat. It covers that last ARod situation and, after all, when we have a guy on first, isn't the next guy up getting a hit, even a double, pretty important?

And Runs Scored doesn't get enough 'play' (except if you're Jeter). If you have back-2-back doubles, the second guy gets RISP 'credit' AND an RBI. The first guy to double? What was his name again?

ARod has a .936 OPS leading off. This is a good thing, yes? So yeah, RISP is indeed important, but it doesn't tell the whole story about how a player contributes to scoring runs.

2008-08-27 17:15:44
31.   rbj
Feh. I've given up already. And last night I went to the Mudhens game. They were down 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth, two outs, a man on second & Hessman (who leads the IL in homers despite having gone to the Olympics with team USA) and the runner gets picked off. Picked off second base to end the game when you're the tying run.

I think I might just be done with baseball for the year. I'll still watch, but the enthusiasm is gone.

2008-08-27 17:19:07
32.   OldYanksFan
And a useless (statless) leadoff double.
2008-08-27 17:19:31
33.   JL25and3
He's the least clutch player there is. Leadoff double in a 2-1 game - and only in the fourth inning? Pfft.
2008-08-27 17:20:24
34.   JL25and3
30 I think this shows: basically, getting a double is good. No one on, runners on, RISP - hitting a double is good.
2008-08-27 17:20:55
35.   rbj
Clutch grounder to move A-Rod to third.
2008-08-27 17:22:01
36.   Biscuit Pants
Doubles Shmoubles . . . can he hit a homer, for cripes sake???
2008-08-27 17:22:16
37.   tommyl
Bah, leadoff double. Not clutch. Trade'm
2008-08-27 17:23:19
38.   tommyl
Somehow, that's A-Rod's fault. Why didn't he steal home?
2008-08-27 17:28:56
39.   Mattpat11
Good enough
2008-08-27 17:32:41
40.   Alex Belth
Hey, so far, so not so bad...Nice couple of abs by Alex, decent stuff from Bonzone after the first...(reverse jinx, knock on everythang)
2008-08-27 17:34:07
41.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
Ohayo Gozaimasu! another wonderful 80% humidity morning least it's a tie game so far!
2008-08-27 17:34:33
42.   Alex Belth
Jeez, nice job falling behind Coco and then coming back to K his jive ass.
2008-08-27 17:38:46
43.   cult of basebaal
i didn't think it was possible, but somehow sutcliffe manages to make me miss joe morgan ... jebus, every time he starts a sentence, "it's just my opinion, but ..." my mind reflexively recoils in horror ...
2008-08-27 17:39:00
44.   Alex Belth
I really did speak too soon didn't I?
2008-08-27 17:43:33
45.   JL25and3
How can they boo Sidney Ponson for being Sidney Ponson?
2008-08-27 17:43:35
46.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
43 ooh..."Sutt" is awful..obsessed with "gamers" and "table-setters"...
2008-08-27 17:43:37
47.   randym77
Throw strikes, lard butt.
2008-08-27 17:45:50
48.   Mattpat11
2008-08-27 17:46:45
49.   Alex Belth
2008-08-27 17:46:51
50.   Mattpat11
43 Has he declared Varitek the AL MVP yet?
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2008-08-27 17:48:07
51.   tommyl
On the positive note, Hughes is dominating right now.
2008-08-27 17:50:50
52.   3rd gen yankee fan
They seem to have some fight in them tonight.
2008-08-27 17:50:58
53.   Mattpat11
I'm gonna watch Bubba's speech in ten minutes. I suspect it will closely resemble the lyrics to "Viva la Vida"
2008-08-27 17:51:38
54.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
is Paul Byrd the guy who talked about finding religion to cure his "adult video" fixation?
2008-08-27 17:53:08
55.   cult of basebaal
hey alex ... you seen this story?

2008-08-27 17:53:49
56.   Mattpat11
54 He's the one that saw nothing abnormal about going to a dentist to gain an online prescription for a thyroid gland problem.
2008-08-27 17:53:49
57.   Mattpat11
54 He's the one that saw nothing abnormal about going to a dentist to gain an online prescription for a thyroid gland problem.
2008-08-27 17:53:55
58.   cult of basebaal
53 thanks for the commentary, let me know when it has something to do with this game, ok?
2008-08-27 17:54:14
59.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
8 pitches and a single...nice job Johnny!
2008-08-27 17:55:44
60.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
57 oh that's right! jeez, one look at him and you don't exacrly think 'roids...
2008-08-27 17:59:03
61.   Alex Belth
I did hear about that story, from Jay Jaffe who linked to it as well. Made me absolutely, 100% sick to my stomach. It's absolutely revolting and I have no reason NOT to believe the dude. That is about as offensive as anything I can imagine.
2008-08-27 18:00:10
62.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
55 man...if that is all true then I will never, ever go to the Stadium again while Steinbrenner is with us..just revolting...
2008-08-27 18:04:52
63.   Mattpat11
58 Well, I could commentate on how the team continues to drift into irrelevancy with another shitty performance against a mediocre pitcher, but apparently that's "negative"

Its a boring game in a string of boring games from a profoundly boring team. They're not even comically bad. That would be something. Instead they just go out there day in and day out and play semi-competitive baseball. I think watching Bill Clinton pretend to like Barack Obama is far more interesting than watching Pudge Rodriguez pop out to second.

2008-08-27 18:04:55
64.   cult of basebaal
61 62 i had no idea, never heard about the "decree" ... i'm just stunned ... if true, i certainly hope the guy decides to press the case ... a public apology and revocation of the policy are the least the yankees owe him ...
2008-08-27 18:07:36
65.   Alex Belth
just ridiculous.
2008-08-27 18:07:58
66.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
63 true..probably see amore skillfull performance from Bill C than the Yank lineup these days!

64 seriously..what is going on with the Yankees admin that they would not see how wrong that is?? and please, replace Kate Smith with Ray Charles "America The Beautiful" if you HAVE to have a song!

2008-08-27 18:13:23
67.   Just fair
The dominating Paul Byrd ladies and gents. Ugh.
2008-08-27 18:14:12
68.   Max
This is the guy Cashman refused to block from getting to the Red Sox, while allowing Rasner to stink up the joint every five days. Unbelievable. That non-move, along with the acquisition of a particularly useless catcher, are signs that Cash may be losing it.
2008-08-27 18:14:25
69.   Mattpat11
Tuned back in. Yankees still refuse to hit career mediocrity Paul Byrd?
2008-08-27 18:16:32
70.   Mattpat11
Tuned back in. Yankees still refuse to hit career mediocrity Paul Byrd?
2008-08-27 18:18:02
71.   cult of basebaal
68 yeah, because acquiring paul byrd would have definitely helped this offense hit mediocre pitching ...
2008-08-27 18:18:12
72.   Alison
Do you think they realize it's Paul Byrd? Maybe the lights are in their eyes and they think it is someone good?
2008-08-27 18:20:02
73.   Max
71 It was more about keeping him from helping someone else in dire straits on the pitching front. I agree our offense is making him look criminally good.
2008-08-27 18:33:53
74.   Raf
I think I am going to have to go to Yankee Stadium and test this new policy...

I don't need Steinbrenner to tell me how much I love my country... I don't need any busybody fans to tell me how I should pay my respects and I certainly don't owe them an explanation nor an apology.

2008-08-27 18:40:02
75.   Mattpat11
Back again. Anything of interest happen in the game?
2008-08-27 18:40:06
76.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
74 nice, good luck! the Steinbrenner/Giuliani/Bloomberg axis of security in NYC is really troubling...
2008-08-27 18:40:36
77.   tommyl
Ah, there goes the season...
2008-08-27 18:41:06
78.   Mattpat11
I hate this team.
2008-08-27 18:41:16
79.   OldYanksFan
Man... Abreu is a lousy fielder.
2008-08-27 18:41:26
80.   Chyll Will
G'nite everybody! >;)
2008-08-27 18:42:31
81.   Mattpat11
79 I want to know how the ball got by Damon
2008-08-27 18:46:46
82.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
80 peace out, Chyll. i see Miles' "Bitches Brew" and a Bob Marley cigar on the menu for tonight's wind-down..wait a second, that's for me later today...
2008-08-27 18:47:47
83.   cult of basebaal
79 somebody over at RAB referred to him as the "gun turret" ... immobile and armed with a canon.
2008-08-27 18:48:09
84.   nick
I hope we get swept, Girardi goes, and no options are picked up. As much of a clean slate as possible. This is a dreadfully dull, underachieving ballclub.
2008-08-27 18:49:38
85.   Max
This would be comical if it weren't so excruciating. Or is the other way around?

And it looks like Pudge is the one we should have sent down to the minors while keeping Melky up here. At least we would have maintained some level of competency in the field.

2008-08-27 18:49:42
86.   nick
oh, and that stadium policy is shameful--some kind of demonstation next year would be in order, if I could afford next year's prices....if a bunch of people wore black and all walked out during that song? might be effective....
2008-08-27 18:52:37
87.   Jeb
74 If you decide to test out the policy be sure to wear a diaper know...the cops won't let you use the bathroom. Also, even if you're not thrown out, watching this team may make you have some control issues.
2008-08-27 18:54:34
88.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
have reached the acceptance stage now..i can live with the team being a spoiler..turning to 2009 and the contracts coming off the books..Moose for one or two more years i can see but please no Giambi or Abreau..and NO Tex for 10 years!
2008-08-27 18:55:07
89.   Jeb
I'm not saying that I don't believe the guy, but we've all only read his side of the story, not the cops. Perhaps he's not giving all the facts, ma'am.

Actually, I'd be more interested in what any disinterested witnesses have to say about what happened.

2008-08-27 18:58:23
90.   buffalocharlie

Well, tomorrow, Mussina goes for another win in his quest for 20. That, I will root for.

2008-08-27 18:59:13
91.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
and so Dusty McChoksondik puts an emphatic final nail into the coffin of 2008...sigh...

LET'S Go TAM-PA, clap-clap-clapclapclap

2008-08-27 19:00:05
92.   cult of basebaal
88 they might re-up giambi for 1 year, but abreu's a type A ... don't see them giving him a multi-year offer to match what he'll get on the market ...

ugh. pedroia. it had to be pedroia. lovely.

2008-08-27 19:00:51
93.   Jeb
88 In a sick way, the worse it gets the better it may get next year (and Pedroia hit a grand slam as I wrote that). If the Yanks got lucky and managed to scratch into the playoffs (only to be sent home again after 4 games, while we have to suffer through more Frank Caliendo commercials, and I get banned again after getting frustrated with my team), Hank and Cash might shake hands and congratulate themselves on making the playoffs and further resolving NOT to get any free agents because if it ain't broke why fix it?

That runon sentence being said, I really do not want the Yanks to lose to the Sox tomorrow in the last Yanks/Sox game at the Stadium and I also want the Yanks to win their last game at the Stadium against Baltimore.

2008-08-27 19:01:29
94.   OldYanksFan
I guess this is a fitting end for the Yankees, and with the camera on Girardi, Remy comments "Girardi watching his season go into the toilet".

I'm going to hate October.

2008-08-27 19:01:49
95.   Mattpat11
Does it seem like everytime Robertson comes in he gets crushed, and then the next time he shows up, Kay says "his numbers really aren't indicative of how he's pitched!"
2008-08-27 19:06:02
96.   JL25and3
95 That's OK, Kay just said "the Red Sox are going to try to hold on to an 11-2 lead."
2008-08-27 19:06:56
97.   Jeb
91 screw tampa -- I still remember that horseshit in spring training. I want the Brew Crew to win it all.
2008-08-27 19:08:01
98.   buffalocharlie
not quite 13k showed up in St. Petersburg for the Rays-Jays game tonight. wtf?
2008-08-27 19:08:07
99.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
96 (laughing hysterically between the tears..)
2008-08-27 19:08:16
100.   Jeb
under 100 posts for the next to last Yanks/sox game at the stadium.
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2008-08-27 19:08:34
101.   Raf
2008-08-27 19:10:26
102.   Jeb
98 that's another reason not to root for the Rays -- they don't even have bandwagon jumping fair weather fans who have suffered through 30 years of a bad team. Give me the non-threatening Milwaukee Brewers this October. I hope they meet the Chisox or the Twins in the series.
2008-08-27 19:11:53
103.   Mattpat11
I can say something honestly and truthfully.

This is no worse than losing in the playoffs. I was always told that I'd appreciate the embarrassing playoff losses when the Yankees finally missed the playoffs. I feel no real difference.

2008-08-27 19:14:01
104.   cult of basebaal
94 i dunno, this could be one of the most interesting post-seasons in a while ... here's hoping for a rays-brewers world series ... i'd love to see fox try and pretend they were excited about that outcome.

obviously, i'd lock myself in the garage with the car running if it ended up being red sox-cubs ... ugh.

2008-08-27 19:17:06
105.   Jeb
103 I don't know. I certainly don't feel worse tonight than I did that horrible week in October 2004 when I had to watch the Yankees blow a sure world series AND I even had a ticket to the series. But I think that's because the '04 was such a historical choke and it was to Boston. Also, I'm pretty much numb to this season and am ready for the calendar to be March again (when new hope arises). It's going to be a LONG 6 months.

Still, you want your team to make it to the postseason every year because once they're in anything can happen. (EXHIBIT A is the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals).

2008-08-27 19:17:52
106.   buffalocharlie
I think I am going to root for a central division showdown in the world series, enjoy watching all four of those teams
2008-08-27 19:19:02
107.   Jeb
104 I just can't bring myself to root for the Rays...but I hate the Angels and Sox even worse.
2008-08-27 19:19:05
108.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
104 Sox-Cubs would be ok, I'd go all out rooting for Sweet Lou and only though, Fox coverage would be poisonous...
2008-08-27 19:20:01
109.   Mattpat11
104 Till the day I die I'll always remember people pretending to muster enthusiasm for that awful 05 series and acting like the 5 hour shitfest was some great, exciting baseball game.
2008-08-27 19:23:54
110.   Max
108 Sox in the playoffs in any capacity would be a disaster, unless they got pounded or choked away a big series lead (preferably in the first round).

I'm still praying we can play spoiler when we go into Fenway at the end of the season. I'm the biggest Rays/Twins/White Sox for the month of September right now.

2008-08-27 19:32:38
111.   Max
Looks like Dave Dombrowski knew something Cashman didn't, because Pudge has been the Rodriguez worth booing about a thousand times more than that other Rod.

Yes, I'm p***ed right now at our offensive "upgrade". Bring on Moeller. Heck, let's bring back Fasano.

2008-08-27 20:15:21
112.   cult of basebaal
111 yeah, 'cause acquiring a quality defensive catcher with an average OPS+ when you're reduced to playing a career backup is always a terrible idea ...

love those hindsight glasses ... they make those in china?*

ps ... dombrowski's such an acute judge of talent he got rid of rodriguez for farnsworth. man, he sure robbed us blind, didn't he ...

2008-08-27 20:29:14
113.   Jeb
112 you're the hindsight glasses man.

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