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Still Not Dead
2008-08-24 08:41
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees are 5-3 since returning from their miserable cross-country road trip, 5-2 since Mariano Rivera lost a game with a wild pitch, and 3-1 since Johnny Damon dropped two fly balls in Toronto. Most of those wins have come against the last place Royals and Orioles, but at this point in the season, wins are wins, and the Yankees need 'em whenever they can get 'em.

Trailing the Red Sox by five games heading into today's action, the Yankees could enter their upcoming three-game set against the Bosox in decent shape if they can pull out a sweep of the O's this afternoon. While Darrell Rasner and Daniel Cabrera face off in Baltimore, the Sox will have to contend with A.J. Burnett, who twirled 7 2/3 shoutout innings against them when he last faced Boston on May 1.

Unlikely inspiration (right)
That's not to say that things will be easier for the Yankees, who are three-time losers against Cabrera this season. The good news is that Cabrera's been shaky since the All-Star break, turning in just two quality starts in seven tries and posting a 7.15 ERA. More good news: Alex Rodriguez, who has three doubles in eight at-bats in this series, owns Cabrera (1.246 OPS and four homers in 34 ABs), and Hideki Matsui, Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi (12 walks in 29 PA), and Ivan Rodriguez all have good numbers against the big Dominican. That's five of the nine Yankees' in today's starting lineup, and Xavier Nady (who is hitting .360/.385/.600 with an active six-game hit streak entering today's game) has never faced Cabrera.

More good news, Rasner has a 3.38 ERA with 11 Ks and just 14 baserunners in 16 innings in his last three games (including one relief appearance). Most recently, he matched Burnett for 6 2/3 innings in Toronto, allowing just three hits over that span and no runs until a solo homer in the seventh.

Heck, if Carl Pavano can come off the DL and deliver a win, which he did yesterday, anything's possible. That just might be the Yankees' rallying cry the rest of this season.

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2008-08-24 09:26:20
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Quick trivia: How many Tommy John surgeries have the three pitchers pictured on that Prospects card had all together?
2008-08-24 09:58:26
2.   Just fair
1 Seems like a trick question. I'll go with same number of blind mice that chased after the farmer's wife. : )
2008-08-24 09:59:48
3.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Still Not Dead."

Well, Cliff, I guess you're just a cock-eyed optimist in the end, huh?

God love you.

2008-08-24 10:10:49
4.   3rd gen yankee fan
Pavano had the WORST eyebrows back then.
2008-08-24 10:15:47
5.   cult of basebaal
Presenting your "not dead yet" 2008 yankees lineup:

1. Damon, CF
2. Jeter, SS
3. Abreu, RF
4. A-Rod, 3B
5. Giambi, 1B
6. Nady, LF
7. Matsui, DH
8. Cano, 2B
9. Pudge, C

2008-08-24 10:17:59
6.   rbj
1 4?
2008-08-24 10:30:10
7.   cult of basebaal
burnett up 2-0 in the 2nd
2008-08-24 10:55:12
8.   rsmith51
The Orioles have all these useful players that they could have traded, Mora, Huff and Roberts?

Why didn't they trade any of them?

Even Millar has some value, doesn't he?

2008-08-24 10:56:34
9.   pistolpete
7 You were saying?
2008-08-24 10:57:36
10.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-08-24 10:58:12
11.   randym77
Rasner serving up meatballs, I see...
2008-08-24 10:58:27
12.   rsmith51
I guess there is a reason the Orioles are in last place. They have no idea how to build a team and when they have useful players, they don't understand to turn them into something better.
2008-08-24 11:03:13
13.   randym77
I think the Orioles overvalue their players. Especially Brian Roberts. He's reportedly the owner's favorite.
2008-08-24 11:05:50
14.   Bob Timmermann
The Orioles did turn Erik Bedard into something useful, but that's about it.
2008-08-24 11:08:10
15.   Knuckles
c'mon- make cabrera pay for these walks now...
2008-08-24 11:11:07
16.   3rd gen yankee fan
He hit it!
2008-08-24 11:11:58
17.   rbj
Dang, it's hot out there today.
2008-08-24 11:14:40
18.   rbj
I think Matsui would have been out at the plate.
2008-08-24 11:15:15
19.   Just fair
Someone needs to line one off Cabrera's shin for Pete's sake. He's a gd mencace to safety to anyone in the box. 3 run hr's are also good. Sweet.
2008-08-24 11:15:17
20.   3rd gen yankee fan
Cabrera PAYS!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-24 11:23:45
21.   OldYanksFan
TB up 2-0 on a Baldelli bomb. I'm glad Rocco is able to play again.
2008-08-24 11:35:40
22.   3rd gen yankee fan
Looks like Razzler is about to pay too. Oi.
2008-08-24 11:36:52
23.   randym77
Uh-oh. It's only the 2nd inning, and they're going to the pen?
2008-08-24 11:37:23
24.   Just fair
2008-08-24 11:38:07
25.   3rd gen yankee fan
Razner squeeks out of it.

This is going to be one of those 7-Hour Games at Camden Yards.

2008-08-24 11:50:07
26.   cult of basebaal
matsui, giambi and molina race from 1st to 3rd. who wins???
2008-08-24 11:51:47
27.   nick
Pudge's RBI total holding steady (1).
2008-08-24 12:03:58
28.   rbj
26 The dead snail.
2008-08-24 12:10:31
29.   rbj
2008-08-24 12:12:31
30.   Eirias
How do you spell protection? Not G-I-A-M-B-I.
2008-08-24 12:13:52
31.   rbj
Missed it by thatmuch.
2008-08-24 12:15:45
32.   3rd gen yankee fan
go go go go go
2008-08-24 12:16:13
33.   3rd gen yankee fan
Wow I'm cheering for the Yankees! I'm so happy!
2008-08-24 12:16:47
34.   Cliff Corcoran
1 The answer to the trivia question is 2.

Gil Meche had two surgeries in 2001 causing him to miss all of the 2001 season, but they were on his shoulder, not his elbow. For all of the arm problems Kerry Wood has had since returning from his 1999 TJ surgery, he's not had a second one. For all of the injuries Carl Pavano had leading up to his 2007 TJ surgery, he'd not had a previous one.

Still, it's alarming how many arm problems the three pitchers on that card have had in their careers, and thus impressive that all three are on active major league rosters.

2008-08-24 12:28:08
35.   Chyll Will
Man, this game is long...
2008-08-24 12:28:26
36.   OldYanksFan
Toronto Boston tied at 5. TB GOWN by 1.
2008-08-24 12:32:45
37.   OldYanksFan
TB ties it and our defense SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-24 12:43:03
38.   Chyll Will
Is it too much to hope the team gives The RSA a win today?
2008-08-24 12:45:03
39.   Chyll Will
Wait, he's not eligible, is he? Lost track after 2-1/4 hours, thought we'd reached the fifth...
2008-08-24 12:45:54
40.   3rd gen yankee fan
Yay, Sterling almost got hit with a foul ball!
2008-08-24 12:46:36
41.   Chyll Will
Suzyn Waldman just conked some poor soul on the head with a souvenir...
2008-08-24 12:50:11
42.   Jehosephat
Does the strike zone seem somewhat Madduxian in its breadth today (but not all game)? I'm following on MLB Gamecast and... well....How the hell can you be selective when the ump isn't consistent?
2008-08-24 12:52:06
43.   Chyll Will
Kay is talking about his crush on Kim Jones' mom. I'm talking about nearly crushing the mute button.
2008-08-24 13:00:57
44.   OldYanksFan
That was a killer curveball.
2008-08-24 13:02:38
45.   rbj
2008-08-24 13:02:49
46.   Just fair
I hate the Orioles.
2008-08-24 13:04:16
47.   3rd gen yankee fan
This game just got another hour longer.
2008-08-24 13:04:17
48.   Chyll Will
I dunno how much we can blame Girardi for stuff the pitchers do or don't do. Either way, this has gotten really old.
2008-08-24 13:04:56
49.   OldYanksFan
Holy fuck! 2 runs on errors! Shit!
2008-08-24 13:10:19
50.   Jehosephat
46 Would that it were only the Orioles. The problem is that the boys need to win just about every freakin' game to stay in the hunt and every time the start letting one slip away, we despair. .600 ball is pretty darn successful, but Joe Girardi and Co. need to be playing at a .750 or better clip AND hope that the Sox, Twins and Chicago wilt in the next two weeks.

It doesn't seem likely, but I'll keep hoping until the Yanks are mathematically eliminated.

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2008-08-24 13:31:04
51.   OldYanksFan
Screw. Lowrie with a HR in the 11th. sox up 6-5.
2008-08-24 13:36:06
52.   3rd gen yankee fan
Will Papsmear come in for the bottom of the 11th?
2008-08-24 13:37:49
53.   3rd gen yankee fan
Nope, it's Delcarmen.
2008-08-24 13:38:22
54.   rbj
Woot, Robbie!
2008-08-24 13:38:32
55.   3rd gen yankee fan
Love for Cano!
2008-08-24 13:49:54
56.   monkeypants
26 They come in third, fourth, and fifth to the pregnant lady.
Wow...sure is quiet here today...
2008-08-24 13:51:00
57.   OldYanksFan
Sox win.
2008-08-24 13:51:35
58.   Just fair
The only game of this series I get to watch and it's this one. Bollocks!
2008-08-24 13:55:51
59.   alittleblackegg
Ugh, I feel all icky whenever I look at the box scores and see that Pap got a win in relief.
2008-08-24 13:57:03
60.   rbj
This situation calls for Goose.
2008-08-24 14:14:06
61.   Just fair
60 Grey Goose? : )
2008-08-24 14:17:06
62.   rbj
61 That too, but I was thinking of Gossage, for the three inning save.

Ayup, it's Mo time.

2008-08-24 14:23:52
63.   OldYanksFan
That last pitch was way inside. Umps stink these days. But.... a Win is a Win is a Win!
2008-08-24 14:23:53
64.   Jeb
Not a lot of posts for such a big game... It sure would've been nice if Bawston had lost to the BJ's today.
2008-08-24 14:26:03
65.   OldYanksFan
Jeez... thought that was the 9th! When did this game start? Saturday?
2008-08-24 14:27:26
66.   OldYanksFan
Another pitch 6" inside called a strike.
2008-08-24 14:36:00
67.   rbj
Roberts is pretty good at stealing. Maybe Molina should be behind the plate.
2008-08-24 14:37:00
68.   Just fair
2008-08-24 14:37:11
69.   tommyl
Oh for the love of G-d. Just win the fucking game. Please.
2008-08-24 14:37:15
70.   3rd gen yankee fan
Ouch. Why did we get Pudge again?
2008-08-24 14:37:51
71.   tommyl
Thank G-d. We love you Mo.
2008-08-24 14:37:53
72.   rbj
2008-08-24 14:38:02
73.   Just fair
Nice work, Mo.
2008-08-24 14:38:05
74.   3rd gen yankee fan
2008-08-24 14:38:20
75.   tommyl
70 We got rid of Farnsworth. Pudge could not play another game this season and its still a great trade to me.
2008-08-24 14:38:33
76.   Jehosephat
Who is this clown of an ump? Cheese and rice!
2008-08-24 14:38:39
77.   3rd gen yankee fan
72 LOL I owe you a root beer.
2008-08-24 14:39:06
78.   3rd gen yankee fan
75 True, true.
2008-08-24 14:39:34
79.   alittleblackegg
Can't believe that last pitch was a strike, but I'll take it! Always nice to win a Rasner start.
2008-08-24 14:41:21
80.   OldYanksFan
That last pitch was way outside. Umps stink these days. But.... a Win is a Win is a Win!
Deja Vu all over again!
(Even when it's to our advantage, I HATE this shitty umpiring).
2008-08-24 14:44:21
81.   Chyll Will
80 Bah! Who takes pride in their work these days? >;)
2008-08-24 14:47:10
82.   cult of basebaal
just remember ... mostly dead is still a little bit alive!

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