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2008-08-23 10:16
by Alex Belth

Erik Wolf has started a website in the name of saving Yankee Stadium:

This irreplaceable stadium can be put to good and profitable public use. Minor league baseball, affordable for the masses can be played here (with admission prices for even the best seats a lot cheaper than the 00 the top priced seat will go for in the new Stadium. And more to the point, just as Mayor Bloomberg has recently announced that a branch of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame will be moving to New York, what about a branch of the Baseball Hall of Fame in the House That Ruth Built?

We cannot stand silent and let this great edifice be destroyed. Save Yankee Stadium. For yourself, for your children, you grandchildren, and all generations to come.

You didn't think the House that Ruth Built was going to go out without someone saying something about it, did you? Head on over to the site and sign the petition to save the Stadium if you are so moved.

2008-08-23 10:43:58
1.   Raf
They already play minor league ball in Staten Island.

Yankee Stadium would be best served as replacement for the parkland that was taken to build the new one.

Had we been talking about pre-renovation YS, maybe we'd have something.

2008-08-23 10:49:33
2.   dianagramr
Is it just a coincidence that the title of the post refers to a band whose big hit is quite apt for the Yanks starting pitcher today.
(not totally safe for work)

Shake (or Strain) that Rump, Pavanomas!

2008-08-23 11:11:09
3.   Chyll Will
2 Rumpofglasskin
He can't pitch cuz he's in pain
Everytime they try to start him
He's always injured again...

"His glassy booty keeps him in-a-slump,
his glassy booty keeps him down..."


2008-08-23 11:34:38
4.   Cliff Corcoran
1 I completely agree with Raf. This petition is about 35 years too late.
2008-08-23 12:22:50
5.   joejoejoe
He could put the cream and the clear on that petition and the stadium is still going down.
2008-08-23 13:15:23
6.   rbj
Aren't they keeping the field? That's the important part, IMO.
2008-08-23 19:19:59
7.   Bagel Boy
WAY too late. There was an effort last year to get the Stadium named a Historical Preservation Site, and even that was too late. Maybe five years ago they could have boxed the Yanks into a restoration rather than a rebuild or another renovation. But after Giuliani offered the sweetheart deal, including the parkland, the old field's fate was sealed.

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