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2008-08-23 07:45
by Alex Belth

There has been a lot of talk lately that none of this slumping would have ever happened to Robinson Cano had Larry Bowa still been around. I don't know that I disagree but man, that really doesn't say a whole heck of a lot about Cano, does it? He's not a college athlete after all, he shouldn't need a coach to keep him in line. But as Jack Curry points out in a post over at Bats, Bowa really did have an impact on Cano.

2008-08-23 09:53:08
1.   monkeypants
Maybe Bowa was a particularly positive influence on Cano. That says, this line or argument seems like a bit of horse shit to me.

Cano always has slumped and streaked, before Bowa was here, during his tenure, and now after he has left.

In 2005 Cano got off to a slow start, then ad a few good games to get to .793 OPS on May 16. His numbers then dropped steadily until .631 OPS on June 3. He steadily improved to .823 OPS on July 28, then slumped down to .697 by August 30, then clawed his was back to .770+ by the end of the year.

In 2006 he started hotter and was at .800+ OPS on May 1. Then he dropped like a stone until .700 OPS on May 31, then basically a long steady hot streak until finishing the season near .900. This was, of course, his best season and Bowa was with the team.

In 2007 he was off to a much slower start, and slumped down to < .600 OPS on May 16. Then he steadily improved to .742 on June 9, but followed that with another cold streak down to .701 (July 1), before really taking off to .868 (Aug 12); he leveled off for the rest of the season (.841).

Sure, he never had a prolonged period of slumping like he has seen this season, but his prior seasons witnessed often wild swings in production. And we are not talking about steady variations, rising and falling slightly every few days. These were steady, month(s) long periods of hot and cold.

Maybe Bowa was able to get Cano to finish strong in 2006-2007. But he certainly didn;t prevent him from starting cold. And what about 2005, when Cano also finished strong with Bowa's encouragement?

I don't know. Bowa's alleged influence seems like a bit of a creation, to me anyway.

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