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2008-08-21 15:47
by Alex Belth

Yanks face Doc Halladay tonight in Toronto. A formidable task for sure. But who knows? Stranger things have happened. Maybe they get him on an "off" night. Maybe Sir Sidney Ponson has another good outing. Maybe pigs will fly.

Either way, Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2008-08-21 16:05:52
1.   Chyll Will
Question of the Day (repeated from the last thread):
If you could broadcast Pavano's impending start on any channel, which one would you choose and why?
2008-08-21 16:10:25
2.   randym77
1 CBN. Because it's a miracle.

Or maybe God's punishment for the hubris of Yankees fans...

2008-08-21 16:24:27
3.   tommyl
Ah, great outfield defense again!
2008-08-21 16:32:09
4.   tommyl
Great baserunning!
2008-08-21 16:34:41
5.   Max
Doc Halladay pitching...Yankees flailing on offense and defense...late August when everyone's on vacation...this could set a record for fewest comments in a Banter gamethread.
2008-08-21 16:39:39
6.   cult of basebaal
3 more of the great Damon D-saster ...
2008-08-21 16:42:23
7.   OldYanksFan
That's 2 runs now given up by poor defense.
2008-08-21 16:42:27
8.   Jeb
2 to 0 against Doc is virtually game over. He's going to pitch a complete game given the lack of pitches so far.
2008-08-21 16:51:26
9.   tommyl
Ah, more sparkling OF defense.
2008-08-21 16:53:15
10.   OldYanksFan
Man... JD is terrible in CF.
2008-08-21 16:54:49
11.   Biscuit Pants
I'm only watching this on gameday, what am I missing?
2008-08-21 16:55:57
12.   cult of basebaal
well ... at least they're not screwing around and keeping us hanging ...

adaBdaBdaBdaB, that's all folks!

2008-08-21 16:56:32
13.   tommyl
ugh, well there goes this game. 6 back.
2008-08-21 16:57:08
14.   tommyl
11 Nothing, nothing at all to see. Move along, move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.
2008-08-21 16:57:31
15.   cult of basebaal
11 a bad night for johnny damon in the outfield ... bad breaks, bad reads, bad decisions.


2008-08-21 16:58:13
16.   OldYanksFan
Ponson will take shit for tonight... and he has not been good. But with AVERAGE defense, this is a one run game.
2008-08-21 16:58:39
17.   rbj
Ah good. I come in from the back yard to find the Yanks down by 4 already. Now I can watch the Olympics and turn in early. I would have gone to bed early last night, but then they showed the women's beach volleyball final and I just had to ah, er, oh, cheer on the American team.
2008-08-21 16:58:56
18.   cult of basebaal
yeah, it the time of the year when the natives get restless ... from petey:

UPDATE, 7:37 p.m.: 2-0? Yeah, that should about it. They avoided a sweep and remained in third place. That's a successful series for the 2008 Yankees.

That's too negative. Maybe they'll hit Halladay. It could happen. He has nine losses, somebody hit him.

2008-08-21 17:03:00
19.   OldYanksFan
Well, at least when this gets to 8-0, we can look forward to a solo shot from ARod.
2008-08-21 17:03:31
20.   cult of basebaal
16 dude, it's the 2008 yankees, what did you expect?
2008-08-21 17:03:33
21.   Chyll Will
18 Yes, but Sir Sid and Johnny (Oops, I Forgot My) D. are not to be outdone...
2008-08-21 17:04:08
22.   pistolpete
The 2008 Yankees: Our fans get more sleep.
2008-08-21 17:04:48
23.   cult of basebaal
we play today, we get one step closer to a protected draft pick today.
2008-08-21 17:04:53
24.   pistolpete
Hey, an out would be nice.
2008-08-21 17:05:49
25.   OldYanksFan
18 You watching the same team we are?
2008-08-21 17:07:10
26.   cult of basebaal
25 huh?
2008-08-21 17:08:17
27.   Chyll Will
22 They were talking about sheep in the last thread (but not about counting them)... >;)
2008-08-21 17:08:18
28.   cult of basebaal
25 everything after UPDATE is from petey ... i do believe that last line should be read rather sarcastically.
2008-08-21 17:09:12
29.   Chyll Will
26 That was addressed to Pete, vicariously I'm guessing...
2008-08-21 17:10:38
30.   pistolpete
Oh please just make it 9-0 so I'll have ZERO temptation to check in on this disaster later on in the evening...
2008-08-21 17:11:04
31.   randym77
I think that outfield screwup was more on Abreu than Damon. Abreu should have gotten it. He did the same thing with Melky a few times, too.

I'm really leaning toward "dump Abreu."

2008-08-21 17:12:46
32.   OldYanksFan
28 OK.... thought you were losing it...
2008-08-21 17:13:12
33.   randym77
30 Looks like you're getting your wish. :-P
2008-08-21 17:13:20
34.   Chyll Will
30 Well, that was good enough for me...
2008-08-21 17:13:40
35.   cult of basebaal
31 he might be the only type A free agent we get, i'm totally on board with letting him walk.
2008-08-21 17:14:21
36.   cult of basebaal
we play today, we suck today ...
2008-08-21 17:16:09
37.   pistolpete
Closing the browser window, off to play some GTA IV.

The first guy I run into on the streets I'm naming "Roy", then bashing his head in with an aluminum bat. ;-)

2008-08-21 17:16:28
38.   cult of basebaal
more good stuff from petey:

UPDATE, 8:01 p.m.: Ponson picked the wrong time to have his worst start of the season. he leaves having allowed eight hits in 2+ innings and five runs (so far). David Robertson inherits two runners with no outs.

Unless a walrus sneaks in from the tundra and attacks Roy Halladay in the dugout sometime in the next few innings, there is no chance the Yankees win this game.

yeah, that's about right ...

2008-08-21 17:18:16
39.   Chyll Will
38 Does anybody know anyone named Wally?
2008-08-21 17:20:56
40.   OldYanksFan
Time for Joe to be realistic. The team has to fly to Baltimore tonight. Pull JD for Brett and either Jeter or ARod, and let those 2 get a little rest.
2008-08-21 17:21:13
41.   Chyll Will
Before I go, I'd like to give my answer to 1 :

If I were a broadcaster and I could choose which channel to broadcast Pavano's start, I'd choose the Weather Channel, because...

2008-08-21 17:22:30
42.   OldYanksFan
Hey, we might see Mo for an inning.
2008-08-21 17:24:08
43.   OldYanksFan
Umps want to go home.
2008-08-21 17:25:36
44.   rbj
My answer to 1 is Channel 1 -- because it doesn't exist. Yet. I'll believe he pitches when I see it. And I'm going to the Mudhens game Saturday night.
2008-08-21 17:26:44
45.   Chyll Will
41 ... you just don't know whether he'll make it to the end of the game without landing on the DL.

(yeah I know, but it's better than this game so far...)

2008-08-21 17:29:53
46.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
45 yo Chyll, i got the "Wiz" link from yesterdays thread, thanks man. Can't believe they went down too!

7-0...think i'll ctach up on some desk cleaning...

2008-08-21 17:33:11
47.   monkeypants
Ha-ha-ha...Girardi playing lefty-righty down 7-0 in the fourth.
2008-08-21 17:35:16
48.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
47 yep...kind of depressing...
btw, anyone hear that Josh Beckett "slept funny" and sprained his elbow?? umm...what??
2008-08-21 17:36:48
49.   monkeypants
{48] Well, he was teammate of Glass Carl, dontchyaknow.
2008-08-21 17:39:52
50.   Chyll Will
48 He either sleeps like Marty McFly or Steven Wright ('Did you sleep well?' 'No, I made a couple of mistakes...')
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2008-08-21 17:41:46
51.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
50 oh man...Marty McFly..that killed me!
think Beckett got a Huey Lewis poster on the wall too? he seems more like a Toby Keith kind of guy..
2008-08-21 17:42:39
52.   OldYanksFan
ALRIGHT! It's RAod time!
2008-08-21 17:44:51
53.   Chyll Will
51 I dunno, but I don't think it's Jack White...
2008-08-21 17:47:22
54.   randym77
30 The Jays see your 9-0, and raise you one.
2008-08-21 17:47:29
55.   Chyll Will
52 I call A-Rod with a 1/2-run homer in the eighth... and Jeter with a 12-run homer in the seventh...
2008-08-21 17:47:53
56.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
well, it's about that time...or, in a silent way if you prefer...
2008-08-21 17:48:02
57.   Biscuit Pants
Karim Garcia!
2008-08-21 17:48:21
58.   Biscuit Pants
Yeah . . . I said it!!
2008-08-21 17:52:43
59.   Chyll Will
58 Yeah. This game has now been officially declared unsafe to our well-being by the Department of Mental Health.
2008-08-21 17:54:39
60.   Biscuit Pants
59 Back to reality . . .

I think Goldman was right. Time to cut bait.

2008-08-21 17:55:35
61.   OldYanksFan
Challenges for the rest of the game:
1) Can we pitch a scoreless inning?
a) If yes, can we not load the bases?
b) Can we pitch a 1-2-3 inning?
2) Can we get another hit
a) If yes, can we get a man to 3rd?
b) Can we actually score a run?
3) Can we not use every RP in the BP?
4) Can we get some ABs for the scrubs, or will Joe 'fight' to the end?
5) Can we see if Brett is even on uniform?
6) Can we drag this out into a 5 hour game and catch a later flight?
7) Will Joe 'tip his hat' to Halladay in the PG show?
2008-08-21 17:56:26
62.   OldYanksFan
8) Can we trade Traber for a bag of balls?
a) Before his arm falls off.
2008-08-21 17:56:37
63.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO we go, Friday morning battle: Iseley Bros or P-Funk? Jimmy Page or Clapton? Salma Hayek or C.Zeta-Jones?
we can't watch this game anymore in the office, so pointless arguing it is..unless anyone wants to play the "let's move Jeter" game again, it went down so well yesterday...
2008-08-21 17:56:40
64.   Biscuit Pants
Is it my imagination or does Scutaro kick our ass on a regular basis.
2008-08-21 17:57:14
65.   randym77
I shoulda gone to the Scranton game tonight to see Kei Igawa battle Tom Shearn, recently returned from Korea. At least it's close...

Melky is batting .500 in Scranton.

2008-08-21 17:58:47
66.   Biscuit Pants
65 IPK was unhittable in Scranton . . .
2008-08-21 18:01:40
67.   Chyll Will
61 +62 : Noooooooooo(of course)oo...
2008-08-21 18:03:04
68.   randym77
66 He wasn't unhittable last night.
2008-08-21 18:07:38
69.   Chyll Will
63 Check out 1

The first two questions depend on what decade you're settled on. The last, unless you're horny and need inspiration, CZ-J has been in better movies and has looser standards for men, so...

2008-08-21 18:10:03
70.   randym77
Holy crap, Tom Shearn gave up three home runs tonight. Two to Juan Miranda, one to Justin Christian.

Melky had a double tonight, which was his first extra-base hit since being sent down.

2008-08-21 18:13:58
71.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
1 well, not sure what network..but i'd think you'd need the announcer from the old ABC Olympics coverage (Voice of God type) to call the game..

69 CZ-J in better movies? Entrapment made me want to lobotomize myself..she looked great of course but...

poor Traber, Mop-n-Glow time going to kill his career stats..

2008-08-21 18:14:24
72.   randym77
This game is never going to end, is it?
2008-08-21 18:16:12
73.   Chyll Will
71 Yeah, but both Zorro movies were worth watching. And poor Salma was in Wild Wild West...
2008-08-21 18:21:51
74.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
73 skipped WWWest and just browsed the publicity photos for Salma...think have seen both of them on comercials here at some point, but then all of Hollywood pads their wallet with ads here..

wow, was that a scoreless inning?!?!

2008-08-21 18:24:49
75.   randym77
2008-08-21 18:27:29
76.   Chyll Will
74 ,75 Even the batter stood there in disbelief of a scoreless inning (hah!)
2008-08-21 18:29:02
77.   OldYanksFan
2008-08-21 18:29:19
78.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
yeahhhhhh, Boyeeeeeeeeee!!!!! 松井!!!
2008-08-21 18:29:23
79.   randym77
Field goal for NY!
2008-08-21 18:31:08
80.   Chyll Will
Don't tell Pistol, but it won't be a total embarrassment tonight...
2008-08-21 18:40:02
81.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
5 in the 8th and 6 inthe 9th, we can do it! GO TEAM!! wish we had a Teen Wolf or South Park type montage button to cue for "inspirational" music now..i remain optimisitc even if the Banter is in the doldrums this morning..
2008-08-21 18:41:26
82.   Chyll Will
81 How about some P-Funk?
2008-08-21 18:42:09
83.   Chyll Will
82 I suggest "Flashlight"
2008-08-21 18:43:53
84.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
83 go back further, "Funky Dollar Bill"?
2008-08-21 18:47:41
85.   Chyll Will
84 Oh it is, it is...
2008-08-21 18:48:56
86.   Chyll Will
84 How about "Funky Double Play"?
2008-08-21 18:53:11
87.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
yeah, 2008 retrospectice DVD will include all your favorite "Funky Double Plays! Head-first Melky Slides! Billy Traber & his Fun-Kay Windup! only $19.99!"
2008-08-21 18:53:37
88.   Chyll Will
Joey does not want this game to end. Is this some new form of punishment? And whom does this effect?
2008-08-21 19:02:54
89.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
so not even 100 posts this game..well, time to put my hopes with Trinidad&Tobago in the relay, beat dem damn Jamacains!!
2008-08-21 19:05:45
90.   Raf
Time for another team meeting?
2008-08-21 19:08:29
91.   Raf
Have to admit, watching the olympics, I think it's pretty cool that technology allows us all kinds of cool camera angles.
2008-08-21 19:08:47
92.   OldYanksFan
Is it done yet?
2008-08-21 19:10:49
93.   Chyll Will
87 Also included:

"The Johnny Boot-y Affair"
"One Nation Under .500"
"Rumpofglassskin" (debuting Sat.)
"D-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)"
"Give Up The Park (Tear The Roof Off The Suckers)"
"The Electric Spanking of Baby Bombers"
"(Not Just) Knee Deep In ...."
"Up For The Off-Season"
"Maggot Brains"
"Aqua Dookie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquapoopoo)"
"Mothership Cognitive Dissonance"

and bonus track, the new anthem for the 2008 Yanks,
"Atomic Dogs"...


2008-08-21 19:14:09
94.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
93 2nd bonus track: Sir Cano-DvoidofWalks
2008-08-21 19:15:07
95.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
93 man, who you think on the current roster has any P-Funk in their collection at home? Besides Mussina, obviously..
2008-08-21 19:20:16
96.   Chyll Will
95 Third Bonus: "Wild Card"

Jeter has something. Spike would never forgive him if he didn't.

2008-08-21 19:24:25
97.   Chyll Will
95 Hideki might, too. I can't think of anyone else on the entire roster who would. I'm sure Johhny's heard it during his "off-days", but doesn't own anything...
2008-08-21 19:27:03
98.   Chyll Will
Hee-hee, "Rumpofglassskin", we have to work that into the game thread on Saturday somehow >;)
2008-08-21 19:31:30
99.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
95 Hideki would need some grooves int he background for his DVD collection..ahem...

Andy P listening to...what was that Christian Rock band hit it big in the late 90s??

Giambi looks like a Foghat or Eddie Money kind of guy..

2008-08-21 21:05:40
100.   OldYanksFan
Wow.... couldn't even make 100 posts!
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2008-08-21 21:44:16
101.   OldYanksFan
Wow.... couldn't even make 101 posts!
2008-08-21 21:54:27
102.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
hey, some of us still here! (easy with the time difference!)

i reckon they'll be 600 posts for the return of Pavano on Saturday..

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