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You Gotta Believe
2008-08-20 13:27
by Alex Belth

...The Yanks will serve the Jays up like Stove Top Stuffin' tonight.  And if they don't, if we see Bad Andy, if the Yanks get rocked, well, then I just don't know what.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.


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2008-08-20 13:54:17
1.   tommyl
0 Alex, I think that's the 1000th time one of us has written if they lose this game we don't know what will happen. Then they go out, stink up the joint and we rationalize it somehow. Isn't the human mind amazing?
2008-08-20 13:54:29
2.   pistolpete
0 >> well, then I just don't know what. >>

Then it's Halladay tomorrow. Ugh.

2008-08-20 13:59:27
3.   Alex Belth
Yanks will win tonight and THEN beat Halladay tomorrow...wishful thinking maybe, but what else do we have at this pernt?


2008-08-20 14:03:11
4.   Biscuit Pants
0 Can we just not channel Tug?
2008-08-20 14:05:43
5.   williamnyy23
This is definitely a game the Yankees should win. Of course, they'll likely lose against Halladay and then stumble through Baltimore. I guess it's still nice to suspend reality and hold out hope, but it definitely feels like the Yankees are playing out the string (and certainly looks that way as well).
2008-08-20 14:11:07
6.   Knuckles
They're gonna win 4 out of the next 5, thru Sunday. Only reason I'm not calling for a clean sweep is because I don't know much about this TBA guy who's going against Olson on Saturday.
2008-08-20 14:14:48
7.   cult of basebaal
we play today ... we get 1 step closer to a protected draft pick today!!!
2008-08-20 14:16:53
8.   Raf
4 Would you rather channel Tim?
2008-08-20 14:30:01
9.   cult of basebaal
8 i'd rather channel timmah!


Timmah livin' a lie!

Dah! Duoah!

Ugh Ah Daah Timmy!
And the Lords of the Underworld Darkness fills my heart with pain

And when girls start to sleep with girls
Beelzebub will rise again!

Timmy Livin a Lie!

Pah Yup Pah Dub Dub Timmy

Yeah Duh Doh

And the Lords of the Underworld! Darkness fills my heart with pain


And when girls start to sleep with girls

Diophoysis will rise again

Duh Timmy, Break it Down!


I pledge allegiance to the flag Timmy!…. To the United States of… Timaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Timmah livin a lie!

Dappit Gul Hod Timmy!



And the Lords of the Underworld Darkness fills my heart with pain Timmy!
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Timmah! Timmah Beelzebub will rise again

timmah timmaah!

2008-08-20 14:35:43
10.   Vandelay Industries
The real shame is that it isn't the pitching that is killing us. I could live with that.
2008-08-20 14:53:00
11.   yankster
Come on now... here's something to look forward to: Jeter (2 left) and Cano (2 left) are both really close to setting new personal records for GDP!
2008-08-20 14:55:13
12.   yankster
Abreau actually only has one more GDP before he sets a new personal record! Wow, a lot of personal batting records could fall in the next week or two!
2008-08-20 15:04:36
13.   yankster
Anyone care to speculate what Giambi could get paid for a short (1 or 2 year) deal next year?

Anyone remember a good discussion about this anywhere?

2008-08-20 15:06:29
14.   JL25and3
11 Jeter (2 left)

Is that GIDPs for a personal record...or years on his contract?

2008-08-20 15:11:14
15.   Vandelay Industries
13 I actually like Giambi a lot. He was as honest as he could be about steroids.

What is 30+HR and 90+RBI worth these days?

2008-08-20 15:11:51
16.   Biscuit Pants
I'd rather channel Karim Garcia
2008-08-20 15:12:52
17.   Vandelay Industries
15 Or should I use the completely nonsensical and utterly mathematically unsound morphing of two disctinct measurements, OPS, as the value on Giambi?
2008-08-20 15:13:21
18.   JL25and3
As a person, I love Giambi. I'd be astonished if they re-sign him.
2008-08-20 15:15:43
19.   Vandelay Industries
18 Do you think the Yankees will be the team that offers Tex 10 years? After what has happened with the last round of long term deals, I do not see the Yankees risking it. Otherwise, who plays 1B? And no, it won't be Posada.
2008-08-20 15:17:32
20.   JL25and3
19 I think the Yankees will make a run for Teixeira, and a serious one. I still don't think they're going to re-sign Giambi as an alternative. They'll look for something, but I doubt it will be him.
2008-08-20 15:18:29
21.   weeping for brunnhilde
Any word on who's the starting CF?

I'm presuming it's Damon, but...

2008-08-20 15:19:31
22.   cult of basebaal
19 who says texeira is going to get 10 years?

yeah, it only takes 1 team, but tex ain't arod ... i'd bet 6 or so years, probably with an option year or two

2008-08-20 15:19:47
23.   cult of basebaal
21 damon
2008-08-20 15:20:57
24.   cult of basebaal
small advances ... from petey:

UPDATE, 5:52 p.m.: For the first time in months, Girardi did not reconfigure the lineup to face a left-hander. "Our lefties have hit lefties," he said.

Kim Jones asked him whether this would be the lineup for the rest of the season.

"We will try," Girardi said.

2008-08-20 15:27:27
25.   Vandelay Industries
22 I live out in LA LA land now, and Tex keeps saying that he wants ten years, as did Boras. He is running out the stability for my family bullshit. As you said, it only takes one team, and Tex aint got what it takes to live and play in NY. So, whatever run we make will have to be better than what he is being offered by the Angels et al.
2008-08-20 15:29:30
26.   Vandelay Industries
22 But then again, I am in favor of signing Giambi. I am also in the crowd that cannot understand why everyone wants to dump Abreu. But then again, .300 hitters do grow on trees. There are people out there who would rather have Nady. So, go figure.
2008-08-20 15:31:11
27.   unmoderated
25 i like tex, he's a nice player.

but i also get the feeling he would melt like a cookie puss in july out here.

...and i don't have any answers or suggestions. if it were easy, he'd be starting tonight against the jays.

2008-08-20 15:33:33
28.   JL25and3
26 I'm with you on Abreu, except that he might well want 3 years or so - and he might well get it somewhere. I wouldn't giv ehim that.
2008-08-20 15:35:27
29.   Vandelay Industries
27 Maybe we'll get lucky and mini-me-Pavano Kennedy with his attitude in tow will pitch well at some point. Then we can trade him and Melky for something. Anything to get that 24 year old who is already a 42 year old Mussina off the club. I'm still amazed people expected him to pitch well at all.
2008-08-20 15:37:15
30.   yankster
14 GIDP's

15 I like Giambi a lot too and hoped he'd have a slightly better year. He is 13th in OPS in the AL, whatever that means.

18 I'd also be astonished if they re-signed him, though if he wants to stay, I bet he could ask for little enough money that the Yanks would keep him.

To recap what most already know: The Yankees have a $22 million option on Giambi that they won't exercise. To get out of the contract there is a $5 million buy-out.

That buy out is a sunk cost but if Cash is slick maybe he can convince Giambi that the $5 million is part of another offer of say a total of $12 million. That would cost the Yanks only an additional $7 and Giambi would still get a total of $12 or whatever he is worth...

2008-08-20 15:38:37
31.   Vandelay Industries
28 Its all about upgrade or break even. If we cannot upgrade or break even on another player, then Abreu gets three years no problem in my book. If folks think Gardner/Christian, Damon, Nady is better, they already drank the cool aid. Please ignore those who actualy think Damon can play CF. Can't we sign Hunter or Beltran, or . . . or . . . . but wait . . . we got to keep Melky and Kennedy . . shew!
2008-08-20 15:38:58
32.   Adrian
Apropos the previous post on the bandwagon, I just wanted to pop by and say I'm still reading and watching. You guys are still tops and, postseason or no postseason, I'll be passing through BB until the end.
2008-08-20 15:43:10
33.   Vandelay Industries
30 OPS has no meaning outside of baseball. No mathematician takes it seriously. Just take any two stats and add them together. Presto: New unscientific stat. How about OBA: BA and OBP? Seems logical.

I agree, maybe Giambi will be a stand up guy and provide the Yankees a little relief for his play the past few seasons. If there is a guy who would do it, maybe its Jason.

2008-08-20 15:57:07
34.   williamnyy23
33 Why should OPS have any meaning outside of baseball? Also, who cares that you are adding two stats. OPS provides a nice snap shot of a hitter's performance by combining two very useful stats into one metric. It isn't perfect, but it's simplicity makes it valuable.
2008-08-20 15:58:24
35.   Vandelay Industries
34 I respectfully disagree. It is its simplicity that makes it misleading.
2008-08-20 15:59:37
36.   Vandelay Industries
Oh, and a metric must be a standard of measurement, and because OPS measures nothing, it is not a metric.
2008-08-20 16:02:19
37.   williamnyy23
The problem with retaining Giambi and Abreu is that they are both essentially DHs on a team that already has Damon, Jeter, Matsui and now potentially Posada. One of the Yankees biggest problems lately has been they have to trade off defense to get offense. When you don't have a strong pitching staff, that can get exposed, especially when you also don't get the offense.

Another problem that I have with Abreu is he is very, very streaky. When he is hot, he is still very good, but Abreu often has long cold spells.

Giambi has also become very streaky, but my bigger concern with bringing him back is I don't think you can count on him for back-to-hback healthy seasons.

2008-08-20 16:03:53
38.   williamnyy23
36 Fair enough, but what do you find misleading?
2008-08-20 16:08:38
39.   williamnyy23
36 Semantics.
2008-08-20 16:11:09
40.   Vandelay Industries
38 I cannot be sure if the player is a great power hitter, a great hitter for average, or both. But by glancling at two stats rather than one, I then can tell. If it were a helpful tool for bringing together several measurements, I might buy into it, but because it requires almost no effort to just look at OBP and SLG seperately, I believe it tricks the reader into believeing they are recieveing some information that is efficacious, when it is not.
2008-08-20 16:13:23
41.   Vandelay Industries
39 Is it really semantics to point out that you used a word that is reserved solely for scientifically efficacious data that can be tested and verified to refer to a figure that is nnot a measurement nor scientific?
2008-08-20 16:15:16
42.   williamnyy23
40 Then I agree...OPS is less useful than its components. Having said that, I think it does allow you to make a quick and easy comparison of two players that might be more complicated if you look at the components. Just because something is imperfect doesn't make it useless, IMHO.
2008-08-20 16:16:08
43.   Vandelay Industries
41 But then again, I blame James. The term Sabermetrics is inherently misleading, because most if not all of his calculations are not measurements at all, nor metrics. And if you call yourself a scientist, as he does, then you shouldn't throw around words that the scientific community would not use to describe such things.
2008-08-20 16:20:46
44.   williamnyy23
41 It is...when we are discussing a baseball stat, I think it is very clear that we are not dealing with the scientific definition of a metric system. Pointing out that OPS is not a "metric" adds nothing to a discussion of its usefulness.
2008-08-20 16:21:28
45.   OldYanksFan
30 I think you are dreaming, but you never know. My guess is Giambi could get 2/$20m from someone plus keep his $5m from the Yanks. I do believe he would like to end his career here. Giambi works on motivation. I'd give his a heavily incentive laden contract but based plate appearances and OPS, not HRs). He productes, he get paid. Injured or bad, not so much.
$6m base.
750-800 OPS +$2m
801-850 OPS +$3m
850-900 OPS +$3m
901-950 OPS +$3m
over 950 OPS +$4m

Over 550 ABs - 100% of above
500 - 550 ABs - 90% of above
400 - 499 ABs - 80% of above
300 - 399 ABs - 70% of above

Giambi is going to get over 500 ABs this year.

2008-08-20 16:21:30
46.   williamnyy23
43 I think a scientist can distinguish context.
2008-08-20 16:21:57
47.   Vandelay Industries
42 I agree completely. And thank you for not taking this discussion down the road many do by yelling at me.

I do not dispute that it has a level of utility. What bothers me is that because of morons like Gammons (sometimes I think he wakes up at night just to shout out "OPS! Look how smart I am" and then goes back to sleep), it is now seen by many to have the same scientific relevancy as a statistic such as OBP or AVG, when it does not. It is listed on Baseball reference for example, and it has no business there without a qualifier. I have no problem with Samermetrics and believe again that it has some usefullness, but those "measurements" should be explained for what they are, and more importantly, what they are not.

2008-08-20 16:23:33
48.   OldYanksFan
Saved by the X-man!
2008-08-20 16:24:07
49.   Vandelay Industries
46 I absolutely agree. But it isn't the scientists I am worried about, it is laypersons and baseball fans who falsely belive that it is in fact science at all.
2008-08-20 16:24:35
50.   DarrenF
47 I don't get it -- two metrics added together equals something that no longer qualifies as a metric?

If anybody yells at you, tell them to go to yankees message board where trolls are calling the Yankees the "Skankees."

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2008-08-20 16:24:56
51.   williamnyy23
45 I posed this scenario a week or so ago, but could it make sense for the Yankees to pick up the option and then deal Giambi?

The logic works this way...let's say more than a few teams would be willing to sign Giambi to a 1-year deal at $13-14mn per year, but would be reluctant to go for two years. In that case, the Yankees could effectively make him a 1-year player by picking up the option. Because the $5mn buy-out is sunk, the next cost to the Yankees would only be $17mn. Then, if they were able to trade Giambi and throw in $3-4mn, they might be able to get a prospect.

2008-08-20 16:25:39
52.   nick
37 Giambi and Abreu both have to go, for William's reasons: we employ a ridiculous number of guys who are basically DHs.

We need to sign the best available prime (roughly age 26-30) offensive talent and plug it in. That simple, I think. Right now we have Betemit and Nady in that category. If Cano bounces back, that gives us a total of one premium player in his prime. Look at what, eg, Rays and Sox have. Not pretty. We need an offensive core, not the 80s-early 90s treadmill strategy.

2008-08-20 16:26:51
53.   OldYanksFan
It's been discussed before, but many in the 'community' believe OPS is too 'SLG' heavy, and does not credit high OBP with enough value. Since OBP is NOT making out, as opposed to extra bases.
Meaning that OBP/SLG of 450/450 > 400/500.
2008-08-20 16:29:19
54.   williamnyy23
49 We are talking about baseball though...who cares if less mathematically inclined fans overestimate the relevancy of OPS? Baseball stats are supposed to be fun and enhance your enjoyment of the game. I'd much rather deal with imperfection that try to turn baseball statistics into a science. What's more, I am glad that "average fans" and older media types are using OPS…it sure beats Batting Average and RBIs. Give me an unscientific amalgamation any day over an irrelevant measurement.
2008-08-20 16:29:29
55.   nick
runs, and an 8-pitch inning. ok.
2008-08-20 16:31:38
56.   OldYanksFan
19 "Otherwise, who plays 1B? And no, it won't be Posada."
This needs to be Bantered. I myself see Po as an .800-.850 OPS guy. This does NOT carry a 1Bman who looks to be league worst at D (maybe even worse then league worst). At DH, it isn't great, but at least doesn't do damage.

I believe Po's value is almost exclusively as a catcher. He is very show and can't play another position. IMHO, unless he has an OPS of .900 or more, if he CAN'T catch, I would put him on the bench.

2008-08-20 16:31:44
57.   williamnyy23
52 What's so great about what Boston has? Varitek, Lowell, Drew and Papi all fall outside the prime parameters.
2008-08-20 16:33:15
58.   williamnyy23
53 Sure...there are weighted OPS that help to resolve that problem (I think 1.4*OBP is the resoluion), but sometimes you can reduce things to obscurity by making them too complex.
2008-08-20 16:33:30
59.   OldYanksFan
54 What stats do you believe are best for comparing players offensive value? VORP takes position into account, so that's go... although we all do that intuitively.
2008-08-20 16:37:06
60.   williamnyy23
59 But many feel that VORP seriously under-accounts for walks. Also, the definition of replacement level is opent to debate. I don't think any measurement is perfect. I'd rather look at several for an indepth analysis. For a quick and dirty comparison, I prefer to compare OPS+ along side the components.
2008-08-20 16:37:32
61.   nick
so, guys, does Robbie seem to you like the kind of ballplayer who'll maintain focus and take good ABs through September on a non-contender? getting him back on track is key to this team's future....
2008-08-20 16:42:33
62.   nick
57 Mooklis and Bay, two of their three best hitters, currently 29--none of our key bats are in their prime. Or slice it another way: the only over-32 guys they depend on now are Tek and Lowell; we have Jeter, Damon, Abreu, Matsui, Giambi, & Posada.
2008-08-20 16:43:54
63.   Biscuit Pants
There goes the no-no
2008-08-20 16:45:31
64.   nick
yes, Drew and Papi are 32; so is A-Rod....the Sox aren't the Rays, but they're younger.
2008-08-20 16:45:39
65.   Biscuit Pants
62 There's also a guy named Drew and one named Ortiz.
2008-08-20 16:46:39
66.   williamnyy23
62 Bay should be a nice player, but give me a 36-year old Manny any day. As for Youkilis, I think this season is the fluke.

Also, add J.D. Drew to your list of Sox at 32.

Finally, I don't think Arod's age matters yet.

2008-08-20 16:49:15
67.   williamnyy23
64 The Sox are much closer to the Yankees in age (30.1 to 31.2) than to the Rays (26.9).
2008-08-20 16:49:39
68.   Biscuit Pants
So far, so Good Andy
2008-08-20 16:52:03
69.   Biscuit Pants
64 I don't think chronological age matters as much as how old physically those guys are. Varitek's bat is old-old.
2008-08-20 16:53:31
70.   OldYanksFan
67 Is that based on the 25 man roster or 40 man roster? ESPN has the Sox at 30.5 and the Yanks 30.1
2008-08-20 17:01:03
71.   OldYanksFan
A LOT of foul territory in this stadium.
2008-08-20 17:07:24
72.   nick
70 I'm only talking about position players, and I'm ultimately making a simple point: way too much of our talent is at the age where steep declines typically begin. If you think Tek and Lowell are as big a problem for them as Matsui Jeter Giambi Abreu Damon Posada are for us, fair enough...

but all of this was originally in the interest of agreeing with william: do not attempt to retain either Abreu or Giambi.

2008-08-20 17:08:15
73.   williamnyy23
70 It is a weighted average of players who have appeared in games this season. So, Giambi's age 37 counts more than Gardner's 24.
2008-08-20 17:09:30
74.   williamnyy23
72 one is disputing that the Yankees are getting old. They just aren't that much older than the Sox. Unfortunately, both teams will have to contend with the Rays for at least the next few seasons.
2008-08-20 17:12:41
75.   Just fair
What's old is new again. Atl least for Jeter in the last week or so. : )
2008-08-20 17:13:00
76.   OldYanksFan
Jeter on fiyah!
2008-08-20 17:19:11
77.   Biscuit Pants
How would you like to have Toronto's pitching . . . along with their hitting?
2008-08-20 17:28:30
78.   Just fair
77 Not as much as I would like to have Hallady and Sabathia in the same rotation. Now that's a well rested bullpen. More good outfield defense. D'oh.
2008-08-20 17:34:29
79.   monkeypants
Lots of work lately, not so much posting. Jeter's little hot streak making me a believer again.

Picking up Giambi for one year is pretty much a low risk high reward move, assuming that the money is no issue (difference of 17 million). The notion that he is "only a DH" has been pretty much blown up this season, no?

Abreu has to go--hello draft picks.

Coming back to Giambi, can the Yankees get draft picks if they buy him out? If not, I would be even more inclined to keep him around for another year. On the other hand, if they can buy him out AND get picks when some other team signs him, I would more willing to cut the cord.


2008-08-20 17:50:50
80.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
bring back Nick Johnson to lpay 1B? He's an OBP machine!
2008-08-20 17:52:29
81.   Mattpat11
Nice to see Jeter with three more hits.

He's a-comin, Babe.

2008-08-20 17:54:21
82.   cult of basebaal
80 yeah, for all 50 games he'll play in a year ...
2008-08-20 17:57:40
83.   cult of basebaal
nice to see arod and giambi's attempt to go O-for-Canada is still alive ...
2008-08-20 17:58:05
84.   tommyl
81 Too little, too late. Sigh.
2008-08-20 17:58:47
85.   tommyl
83 A-Rod has one hit.
2008-08-20 18:05:33
86.   cult of basebaal
85 ah, right ... my mind had attempted to protect me by forgetting the 9th last night ...
2008-08-20 18:06:22
87.   Mattpat11
I enjoy watching Hideki Matsui play
2008-08-20 18:08:48
88.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
87 lots of cliched, fawning reports over here about his "spirit and determination" in rehabbing from injury...I like him too though, even if the covereage is excessive. Smart, clutch ballplayer for sure
2008-08-20 18:09:43
89.   nick
nice to see Buchholz getting bombed again...
2008-08-20 18:11:36
90.   monkeypants
Sooooo...why pull Andy after 83 pitches?
2008-08-20 18:13:17
91.   nick
83 pitches--is he hurt, or is Girardi just hoping to find somebody who isn't pitching well?
2008-08-20 18:21:17
92.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
random idea: how about Jeter to first, A-Rod back to SS and Wilson "K" Betemit at 3rd..??

ok, i'm bored and just making things up...

2008-08-20 18:23:07
93.   Max
80 82 I was reading through the transcript of an online chat with a Washington Post reporter in Beijing at the Olympics. Despite the subject matter, there were at least 3 jokes riffing on Nick Johnson's inability to stay healthy. Obvious hot button for people following the Nationals (all 5 of them).
2008-08-20 18:27:20
94.   monkeypants
92 Every tiem someone floats a Jeter to first plan, I want to pull my hair out. What would be the advantage of moving him to 1B, where he might hit average for the position (MLB average 1B = 805 OPS, 115 OPS+; starters are better)?

And it makes even less sense talking about it in a season where Jeter's bat has declined and his defense has about about average.

Moreover, what would be the advantage of exposing the defensively and faces-LHP-challenged Betemit to full-time action?

Finally, why do we think that A-Rod can still play SS, or at least play it as well as does 3B.

Wow--it's a plan to weaken the team at 2 get Betemit in the lineup more!

2008-08-20 18:29:34
95.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
94 er..see the last line of 92 ...boring game on Gameday and slow, summer-holiday morning here..just playing with various combinations! but Jeter can't play SS forever..doesn't 1B make more sense than CF?
2008-08-20 18:34:49
96.   Mattpat11
2008-08-20 18:35:04
97.   monkeypants
95 No one can play any position forever. What does that mean? If the only way to keep him on the field is to move him to 1B, then he probably shouldn't be on the team anyway.

And no, CF would be better, assuming he can field the position, because the offensive expectations are lower and he could take advantage of what's left of his strength.

Anyway, the whole notion of moving him makes little sense outside of idle musings on a slow day. So long as he hits like has this season and fields his position averagely or a tick less, then he is an asset at SS. If his defense craps out and his bat stays weak, then he shouldn't be in the league. If his bat improves from this year, then he outhits his poorer defense, so he should stay at SS anyway.

The only way he plays at 1B is if he returns to the .840 OPS version of himself. And even then, they could probably get the same production or better from a real 1B.

2008-08-20 18:35:45
98.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
96 Yayy! now let's have boston move so we can close in and sneak attack them for the Wild Card...
2008-08-20 18:37:56
99.   nick
Jeter for 2009 and parts of 2010, depending on Jackson's development, would make a lot of sense--ain't gonna happen though--I'd still be tempted to play Melky in the late innings and against rhp...
2008-08-20 18:44:31
100.   tommyl
See its games like tonight's that keep me coming back for more. Tonight this team played the way you'd expect them to play, and I regain some hope. Tomorrow we'll get annihilated by Halladay and I'll be depressed again. Argh.
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2008-08-20 18:47:33
101.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wow, we actually won a game.

Nice pitching, Andy (et. al.).

It is nice to have Hideki back; I'm with Mattpat, I like watching the guy (except, of course, when he's busy tapping weak-ass balls to second :).

Robby is the future but I'm starting to wonder whether we might not be better off trading him now. I mean, God knows I'd like to believe in him. His talent on both sides of the baseball is really just awesome, but I don't want to spend the next ten years watching a player be half the player he could be.

I tend to be quite loyal to the players I like and the fact that I'm even thinking about this speaks volumes.

2008-08-20 18:51:54
102.   pistolpete
Wow, only 101 comments in a game we won!
2008-08-20 18:53:09
103.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
102 heat? holidays? fairweather-fans? half-price sale at Crazy Eddie's? locusts?
2008-08-20 18:56:11
104.   pistolpete
103 For me it was a cranky toddler's bath time and a late, quiet dinner with the wife. Usually these games are still going at 9:45 — I completely missed it!
2008-08-20 19:20:16
105.   Just fair
Hey Mr. Jazz T. Here's an idea for Jeter next year. Put him behind the dish. His numbers would be pretty good for a catcher not named Mauer, right? : )
2008-08-20 19:20:53
106.   weeping for brunnhilde
103 We went to the same high school, you know. He was before my time, though.

That was my high school. Our claim to fame was Crazy Eddy.

Oh, that, plus the Secret Service came one day because someone called the White House and threatened the president (Bush I) from a pay phone in the school.

Good old Roosevelt High School.

2008-08-20 19:34:13
107.   Chyll Will
106 Was that the same Crazy Eddie who was convicted of fraud and bankrupted a cool electronics store, or the one Jimmy Carroll, the "bi-polar" pot calling the kettle black? >;)

But your luckier than me, Weep; my HS' claim to fame was one former friend and classmate, Tawana Brawley...

2008-08-20 21:02:31
108.   weeping for brunnhilde
107 Ha ha, wow, get out!

Wow, that's really intense, Will. That must have been an extremely taxing time for the whole community, but you especially. CAn't imagine.

That was like Pound Ridge, or somewhere around there?

Yeah, my Crazy Eddy was the loudmouth, not the capitalist.

2008-08-20 21:30:54
109.   Schteeve
60 I think EQA works nicely.

VORP and WARP are problematic because there is significant disagreement over the definition of "replacement level."

2008-08-20 21:31:24
110.   3rd gen yankee fan
103 Working late?

I know Halladay's pitching tomorrow, but we really really REALLY need to win that game.

2008-08-20 21:36:11
111.   Schteeve
94 I've pulled my hair out a thousand times over various "move him to 1B" scenarios that have been floated.
2008-08-20 21:38:45
112.   Raf
108 Nah, further north, in Dutchess Co.; Wappingers Falls I think. Or was it Newburgh?
2008-08-20 22:00:44
113.   randym77
I went to the Scranton game today. It was a little more crowded than usual. Not sure if it's because it's the last week the team will be at home (for the regular season, anyway), or if it was because Kennedy was pitching.

There were still $8 upper deck tickets available. I ended up not having to buy one. Someone had a handful of them and was giving them away free. (That is actually pretty common at minor league games.)

It was kinda sad. No one was scoreboard-watching. They show the big league scores on a little board above right field, and usually when the Yankees score appears, everyone cheers (if they're winning). Tonight, nothing. And no reaction to the Red Sox score, either.

IPK's line looked okay...but IMO, he's not ready for prime time. I think big leaguers would have beat up on him severely.

Justin Christian is wearing number 13, and fans were jokingly calling him "A-Rod." Someone yelled, "Don't ground into a double play, A-Rod!" And of course, he grounded into a double play.

2008-08-21 00:46:53
114.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
107 Crazy Eddie was convicted of fraud??? damn..what you going to tell me next, that 42nd St has a Disney Store and Brooklyn has become "hip"?? wait a second...

i been gone too long...tell me The Wiz is still open, please!

2008-08-21 00:53:56
115.   Mr OK Jazz TOKYO
107 Hey Chyll, I was at Brooklyn Tech when that happened..remember it well...funny, but watched "Do The Right Thing" last month with the missus, she asked me "Who is Tawana"? during the scene when it's on the brick wall in the background...
2008-08-21 06:27:26
116.   Chyll Will
Wappingers Falls is the correct answer. Some of the alleged events that occurred took place in Newburg. I knew most of the principals involved and was interviewed off-campus by a reporter for the Times (didn't know or say anything interesting enough I guess).

Yeah, extreme internal conflict abound, and to be honest I'm not sure that area has recovered emotionally, except that Wappingers, from the POV of my recent saunter through there a couple of weeks ago, has turned into a weekenders' commmunity. Most of the older families and long-time residents have either moved out or gone deeper into the woods. A lot of that has to due with the fact Dutchess County is no longer IBMville, but still...

It made a bucolic, yet unsettling experience very unpleasant, to say the least. But even that's not the reason I'm not there anymore.

2008-08-21 06:37:35
117.   Chyll Will
114 Sorry Jazz, that's in youth's past as well...

2008-08-21 06:38:43
118.   Chyll Will
116 Newburgh... (hah!)
2008-08-21 08:32:56
119.   yankster
94 Just to pile on. Can't we just ban the next person who proposes moving Jeter to a position with higher offensive expectations?

By several measures, Jeter is having a relatively good defensive year and a relatively soft offensive year (though improving). The logical conclusion is that as long as he's on the team, it'll have to be at SS.

2008-08-21 12:36:14
120.   Raf
119 ~casting bait~

I think Jeter should be moved to CF.

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